Life Groups 

Spring Session 2019-Week 8 (3/24/19) 

Give Life to Your Dreams

WELCOME - Greet your friends and welcome them to your gathering.


Stepping forward on a path or dream different than what we would have chosen is intimidating. Often the way seems impossible to us. The Lord calls us to believe that he will provide and make the impossible possible.  What impossible thing have you seen God turn possible in your life?

Growing to be like Christ

  1.  A) Read 1 Samuel 1:10-Hannah gave her broken dreams over to God. Hannah asked God to look upon her sorrow and He did. What does it mean to you that the Creator of the universe cares about you enough to answer your prayers?

  2. Read 1 Samuel 1:11-Feeding a dream takes faith to bring it to life. Before God answered her prayer, Hannah dedicated her life and her child’s life to God. What stands out to you about the details of Hannah’s prayer? What attributes of God does she specifically mention?

  3.  Read 1 Samuel 1:22-Hannah’s confidence in God not only gave her hope in her desperate situation, but also created in her a desire to sacrifice to God. Think about the gifts you give to God. Do they cost you a little or are they true sacrifices? Why is sacrifice important in a relationship with God?

  4. Read 1 Samuel 25-28-Hannah’s prayer was answered and she gave the answer to her prayer back to God. What avenues do we sometimes take instead of taking our heartbreak and desperation to the Lord? Why turn to God first?

  5. Faithfulness and obedience to God meant Hannah had to give back to Him what she wanted most-her child. In other words Hannah gave her God dream back to God. Do you still have some God dreams? Share a God dream or desire that you have yet to see come to pass. Remember if you can control your dream it’s not big enough.

-Conclude in prayer

“God dreams will always direct you to Him.”