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LiveGood Fast Start
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LiveGood Fast Start Guide

Welcome to LiveGood and our Team!  We’re so excited that you have the opportunity to be part of a company that absolutely wants to benefit everyone!  This Fast Start guide is to help you get started quickly and share our healthy wholesale club with your friends, family, and those in your network.  

Be sure to share this fast start guide with each person you enroll into LiveGood! You’re their sponsor and it’s your responsibility to help them duplicate and grow with you.

Current Team Contest

Be First to rank GOLD (30 personals or 3 silver personally sponsored)

You will be given a web domain specifically to be used for your team build

Let’s Get Started!!


Desktop View

Mobile View

How To Login

  1. Go To
  2. Select “Login”
  3. Enter Your Username & Password
  4. Allow Browser to Save Username & Password (For Ease of Access)

Find YOUR Websites

  1.  Select “My Website”
  2. You Will See “Corporate Site”, “Retail Site”, & “Powerline Landing Page”
  3. Copy & Paste Links As Needed

The Powerline Landing Page is the “Tour Page”

The Tour Website

You will be using the Powerline Landing Page the most to gain referrals.

Video Trainings:

Powerline Training with Ben Glinsky CEO

LiveGood Powerline Compensation Training With CEO Ben Glinsky

  Compensation Plan Explanation 

Join the Facebook Team Page:

Join our FaceBook Group, LiveGood Team Diamond: and also work closely with your sponsor.  Weekly Zoom Calls will be announced to invite your prospects to so they can see a Short Compensation Plan Presentation.

Very Direct

More Personal

Scripts to message people:

I can't stress this enough, do not EVER send your link in the original message..

1. Ask if they're open to learning about what you're excited about

2. Let them know you have a 5 min video, and ask when would they have time to watch

3. Send them the link ONLY after they confirm

4. Follow up multiple times

5. Add them to the team

I just witnessed a person join a home based business, not enroll 1 person, not buy or sell any product and now have a residual income... In 5 days!!

Listen, hundreds are joining per hour… and you could be getting paid off the powerline members who join after you.  People are getting paid THOUSANDS of dollars and never enrolling a person!

You want to watch this quick video and lock in a position.. If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, THIS IS IT…

Hey there, I've attempted to help people make extra income on social media for a long time... In travel, health and wellness, even marketing.

Nothing is blowing me away like this wholesale membership... a friend on Friday,  she has more than doubled her $40 purchase IN  TWO DAYS, and she hasn't recruited anyone or sold anything.

I'm reaching out to IMPLORE YOU, lock in a spot with us and watch the money roll in... It's $40, really what would you have to lose?

Let me know if you want more info!

Script to follow pre-enroll

Congrats on pre-enrolling dont miss out on the members who join after you, secure it with the $40 so you can earn off the matrix...

Create a Facebook post

📣I found it... I'm now making a residual income without 🚫Selling or 🚫Recruiting, who's needing extra money 💰💰

I absolutely found a way to earn $2000 per month without recruiting or selling overpriced products... pm me asap