Spanish Class Guest Speaker: Officer Irizarry

The Importance of a Bilingual Education

Middle School Spanish classes received a special visit from Officer Pat -Pascual Irizzary. Officer Pat is  valued Pitman Middle School parent, community member and police officer for the City of Camden. He spoke with the Middle School Spanish classes about the benefit  of being Bilingual on the job. Officer Pat Irizarry is the top CSI technician in Camden and has been on the force for over 20 years. He says he enjoys helping people and feels that being bilingual is  100% beneficial to him at work and in the neighborhood.  

Officer Pat works with the  Food Bank and Mission Hope and participates yearly in Camden Community Day. He says that being bilingual helps him to meet more people and develop working relationships with them. He told us that he “enjoys being an all around integral part of the community where he works.” He noted  that “police officers go into this line of work to serve others.” He explained to the classes  that “being bilingual helps him do his job even better because he can work with twice as many people by speaking two languages fluently.

Officer Pat  also told us to study and work hard to be successful in whatever career students are looking towards. He explained how  begin to pursue a career in Law Enforcement and shared with us a wonderful buffet of Puerto Rican style food which was donated by Freddy’s Restaurant in Camden.

Thanks Officer Pat for taking time out to encourage the Spanish classes to keep learning a second language!. Thank you, too,  Freddy’s Restaurant on Westfield Avenue in Camden