Interspecies Conversations

17-18 July 2020

Launching with the 2013 TED talk ‘An Interspecies Internet? An Idea In Progress’ and 2019 Interspecies Internet Workshop co-hosted by MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, Google, and the Coller Foundation, we are pleased to announce the Interspecies Conversations Workshop & Event 2020.

The 2020 event will consist of a closed-door workshop on 17 July followed by a public online event 18 July. The Interspecies Conversations workshop will launch the Coller Prize and Hall of Fame for interspecies conversation and feature leading contributors in the field of interspecies communication, highlighting both the importance of this work, as well as furthering the mission of advancing research through global collaboration.

The potential for deeper understanding of possible relationships with other species using the Internet, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other interactive interfaces for interspecies communication will be explored, with the ultimate aim being to positively impact species conservation, welfare, enrichment, sustainability, and understanding.

This vision is particularly relevant in the context of the current pandemic, and the loss of connection with the natural world and ‘other animals’, as a key driver for both humanity’s latest crisis and the broader challenges we face as a planet.

Interspecies Conversations Workshop

Friday 17 July 2020

Invitation only

The Interspecies workshop will bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers in the fields of animal cognition and communication, neuroscience, anthropology, AI and computer sciences, philosophers, artists and musicians.  Each will present their current research and ideas about interspecies communication and approaches to deciphering the signals of non-human animals.  

The day will include short 10 minute presentations during the morning, with afternoon workshops on both subject areas; the goal being to inspire and encourage new collaborative efforts and strengthen existing partnerships in these important areas of research. Invitees will include previous attendees from the initial Interspecies Internet meeting held at MIT in July 2019, along with new participants.

Agenda to be published shortly

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Interspecies Conversations

Public online event

Saturday 18 July 2020

The public event will announce the Coller Prize for Interspecies Conversation and Hall of Fame to celebrate and champion pioneering past research. This year’s inductees will be those who inspired and conducted the first interspecies communication studies.The day will seek to highlight the importance of interspecies communication, furthering the understanding of those key concepts that make it possible. It will be an opportunity to explore current studies that are advancing the field, through a lively programme of keynote speakers and panel discussions, alongside interactive visuals to engage with the audience on a deeper more personal level.

Agenda to be published shortly

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