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Trinity Anglican Church

A Mission Parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church

Pagosa Springs, Colorado


We are a congregation of 20 adults located in the town of Pagosa Spring in southwest Colorado. Due to the recent retirement of our Vicar, our church family is now engaged in the search and calling of a man to become our new priest and Vicar.  Our church is a mission parish within  the Diocese of Mid-America of the Reformed Episcopal Church of the United States, with the Presiding Bishop of the REC, the Most Rev Ray R. Sutton, serving as the diocese Bishop Ordinary.

 The Diocese of Mid-America has never lost its heritage nor its purpose of mission. With its roots as a Missionary Diocese, the Diocese has continued to seek opportunities to provide tools and resources to help support the growth of Christ’s kingdom and ministry in the world through the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America.

The excerpt above, sourced from the Diocese of Mid-America website, is included in this profile because we believe our calling is grounded in mission: A unique opportunity to energize a devoted base of congregation members to go out into the community to draw others to Christ and His kingdom.  The calling of a new priest is the cornerstone of our parish’s desire to revitalize the congregation, to grow our fellowship, love and spiritual life with one another as well as our larger community.


Known locally as “the little gray church in Harman Park,” our church was founded in 2003 when a small group of conservative Christians left the local Episcopal church due to conflicts with that church’s increasingly liberal theology.  Trinity’s humble beginnings as a Bible-based, orthodox fellowship continued to blossom, and in 2005 Trinity was accepted into affiliation with the Reformed Episcopal Church and renamed The Anglican Fellowship Church.  A few years later, one of the founding families, the Harmans, donated the land where our church now sits.  Funds were raised, and during the summer of 2009 our church building was constructed with many members  of the church family providing labor and support.  Our church building was consecrated as Trinity Anglican Church on August 7, 2010 by then Bishop Royal U. Grote.  Our property today includes the church building, a columbarium, small maintenance shed, and vacant land envisioned for future expansion. All our property is owned debt-free.


Trinity Anglican Church is located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Pagosa Springs is the county seat of Archuleta County, situated high in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.  Archuleta County has a full-time resident population of around 14,000.  The town of Pagosa Springs has a full-time resident population of just under 2,000, but the town sees a large influx of part-time residents and vacationers due to the abundance of outdoor recreation nearby.  The median family income in Archuleta County is just over $63,000, with employment concentrated in education/healthcare, hospitality/tourism, construction, mining and agriculture.  The county unemployment rate hovers around 3%.

The town sits along the banks of the San Juan River at an elevation of just over 7,000 feet.  Pagosa Springs enjoys a true four-season climate and sees more than 300 days of sunshine annually, and is surrounded by more than 3 million acres of national forest.  Pagosa Springs is a renowned hub for world-class trout fishing and trophy elk hunting; boasts the world’s deepest natural hot springs, and is just 18 miles west of Wolf Creek Pass and the namesake ski area.  A one-hour drive west is Durango, Colorado, and a three and one-half hour drive south is the closest large metropolitan area, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Although a small, rural town by population and location, Pagosa Springs lives much larger. We have two grocery stores, a Walmart, numerous restaurants and a variety of locally owned shops and specialty stores.  The Pagosa Springs Medical Center is an 11-bed critical access hospital and trauma center with a 24/7 emergency room.  There are multiple primary care clinics in town, and two large hospitals in Durango.

In addition to the Archuleta County public schools (K-12), there are several options for private education, including Our Saviour Lutheran School (K-8); Valor Academy, a K-12 UMSI certified and Cognia accredited school; and several home-school support groups. Pagosa is a “kids friendly” place.  The local parks department sponsors numerous activities including baseball, soccer and basketball; the 4-H is a thriving organization for kids from ages six and above; and Archuleta County has active scouting programs for both boys and girls.

There are 24 churches and religious fellowships in Pagosa Springs.  Trinity Anglican is the only conservative, traditional sacramental church in town that offers open communion to all baptized Christians.

Pagosa Springs is truly the best of places: A wonderful, small-town environment with abundant recreational, dining and shopping opportunities, and with services available to satisfy most every need.  It is indeed a joy to live in this community.


 Trinity Anglican is a small congregation of 20 individuals whose ages range from the early 50s to 80s.  We have one teen-age member.  Because Pagosa Springs is a popular vacation and tourist destination, we frequently have visitors from other churches in the Anglican communion on any given Sunday.

Currently we have a retired REC priest, Fr. Joe Fockler, who  travels to our church on alternating Sundays to celebrate Holy Communion.  Fr. Joe also provides pastoral care as needed to our parish members.  On the other Sundays, our Sr. Warden and lay readers lead us in a Morning Prayer service, including a homily. We are blessed with a talented musician to lead our worship music with organ and vocals, as well as directing occasional ensemble  performances on special worship days.

We hold our regular Sunday services at 10:00 am, services at appointed times during special events on the Church calendar (e.g., Christmas Eve, Good Friday, etc.), and we have recently begun a Wednesday evening corporate prayer service.

Our church building is only used for services and meetings of our congregation.  The building is in good repair, and diligently maintained.

We are blessed that although small in numbers, most everyone in our congregation takes an active role in church activities.  We are grateful to be a functioning church and we are looking forward to welcoming a new priest as we move into the future.


We are:

And a congregation faithful to Christ, that celebrates respectful and God-centered worship in genuine communion with one another.

Our prayerful desire is to be a welcoming refuge for people of all ages, serving and encouraging one another in Christ, and to be active in our community sharing the treasures God has given us, and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.



We are eager and faithful as we embark on this next chapter on the history of our parish.  Our new Vicar should be ready to match our eagerness for renewal and revitalization and be prepared to lead us as pastor and teacher.

Our vision for the future of this church is primarily rooted in the recognition that we need renewal: stronger fellowship among our church family; leadership to help us see how we can individually and corporately use our God-given gifts to magnify God’s Word;  help in discerning ways we can  grow our presence in the community and grow our parish size;  and  continued, faithful devotion to the Liturgy and Sacramental worship.

We are seeking a full-time priest.

Accordingly, the qualifications of our new Vicar should include:

The most important responsibilities of our new Vicar will include:

Please reply with a submittal letter, resume or CV  (email submittal is preferred) to:

Trinity Anglican Church

P.O. Box 3217

Pagosa Springs, CO  81147