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Read&Write for Google - Check It Tech Guide
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Check It

Last Updated May 11, 2023

What is Read&Write for Google (RWG)?

Read&Write Google is a product developed by texthelp. 

It has many tools. Check It is one of them. Hyde Park Day School uses the RWG Chrome extension.  

On a Google doc

What is Check It?

Check It checks for spelling or grammar errors as well as phonetic spelling, homophones or other confusable words.

How does it help students?

How do I use Check It on the Read&Write for Google toolbar?

On a Google doc

After finishing with a piece of writing, select the Check It icon.

How much does it cost (after transition)?

Read&Write for Google Chrome extension is a texthelp.PNGproduct. The cost for HPDS students is rolled into the tuition fee. It requires that we use our domain under our Google Apps for Education account (which is free). Our domain is When a student transitions, there are other options if the district does not have a site license.

Here is the pricing  information to know when a student transitions:

        For schools with a Google Apps for Education account:

1.  Individual student license:  $145 per student per year.  This is for schools who are only looking for a handful of licenses.  Let's say you wanted to provide Read&Write to five students the cost would be 5 x $145 = $725.

2.  Group license: (A group license is any subset of your total student enrollment.  For example, all students with an IEP or all 7th grade students, etc.) Please contact TextHelp for group pricing here -

3.  District license:  This license is a true Universal Design for Learning (UDL) solution and is based on total student enrollment in the district. Please contact TextHelp for group pricing here -

For schools without a Google Apps for Education account

A single license cost is $145 per person per year.

This license supports multiple devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Office 365, iPad, and Android.  You have the option of getting them all at no additional cost.  This gives our customers  more flexibility to use the literacy support they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Parents can order a subscription based license directly from our website using a credit card at

Does it work on other devices?

Yes, it does! It works on Windows and Mac computers, iPads and Android tablets, and comes as an extension in the Chrome browser.

What do I need to know when my student transitions?

  1. Find out the main word processing tools your student will be using and make sure spell check is turned on and available. Customize as needed.
  2. While spell check can catch many spelling mistakes it often does not catch errors relating to subject & verb agreement, run on sentences, improper verb tense, usage (their, they’re, there), or the use of double negatives. More robust and in depth editing software would be required for those corrections, such as Grammarly or Ginger
  1. Grammarly -
  2. Ginger -
  1. Communicate with your student’s teachers, so they know what the student is using, when, why and work out any processes.
  2. Chrome extensions do affect computer processing speed.  (8GB RAM or higher and a SATA Drive are recommended). It is also recommended to keep only the tools that a student needs enabled in the toolbar. If one is needed temporarily, it can be enabled, then disabled after use.

What else is good to know about using the dictionary on the Read&Write for Google Chrome Extension toolbar?

Where can I find more information?

How Various Learning and Attention Issues Can Cause Trouble With Spelling

Read&Write for Google - -

Learning Technologies Lab -

*Please note that technology and pricing is always changing. This document reflects the most recent known information as indicated by the Last Updated Date at the top of the page.