Google I/O extended rochester

“Technology is awesome, trendy and empowering for all.” - Mango Developers


I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to every mango person, who enabled me to make this event such a huge one.

This is a thank you! note, to everyone who could come yesterday and enjoyed it especially the Core Team of I/O extended 2018 Rochester.

Cheers to TEAM Program, AIN Center for Entrepreneurship and Rochester Community.

To conclude we as students at University of Rochester,NY did an amazing job at creating awareness among Rochester community.

Please find attached the link to the Intro ppt that I presented and the photo I love the most as it’s the as diverse as I like everything.

And the only thing that makes me sad is that the “white Google official google T-shirt” was s-size and I couldn’t wear and I am still keeping it as an souvenir. 😝

I would definitely up for any questions and suggestions you had for the event.

This is where you can share more photos of your experience of the event or just message me on +1(585)451-6989.


Intro Slide:

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Event Concluded on 10th March 4pm.



Date: 10th May, 2018.

Time: Breakfast starts at 9:30am

Event Location: Dewey 4-162, University of Rochester, NY. [4th floor Dewey]

Contact us at (585) 451-6989 or

Come join us for

The Google I/O extended event allows developers and technology lovers from all over to take part in the Google I/O experience.

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google.

Google I/O showcases in-depth sessions focused on creating web and mobile apps using a variety of mediums including Android, Chrome OS, Google Web Toolkit, and much more!

The conference brings together developers from around the world to both get hands-on learning with experts from Google and to get a peek at the latest developer products Google is churning out.

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We all love:

Google Technology: Google drive, Google Slides, Google Doc, Google Calendar, Google Plus, Google Keep, Google Hangouts.

Events: Google I/O, I/O extended 2018 Rochester, Google Science Fair


Science Fair:

Media and Blog: Youtube

Technical and Coding related - GitHub, Git,

Tech and Student groups:,

Some assorted links about kids/science, etc.

Learning portals: Udacity etc.

Analytics: Google Analytics

Competition: Google Code Jam

Assorted links:


Google I/O 2018 extended,

AIN Center for Entrepreneurship,

M.S. T.E.A.M. program,

Rochester India Association

Our Team

  1. Andrea Barrett - Program Coordinator [T.E.A.M]
  2. Kathleen Driscoll - Rochester Community Advisor 
  3. Asst. Prof. Huang Pingjie - Workshop on Optics and Google //Tentative
  4. Aman Tugnawat - Technical Head - Workshop on Android
  5. Sarat Kant - Organizing Supervisor
  6. Rahima Bah - Public Relation Head 
  7. Abby Chen - Creative Head
  8. Bear - 404 Not found

Before Android Workshop:

AR app demo:

Download Android Studio:

We will create an Android App:

To raise money for rochester community and give it to Rochester Global Connections.


Google Pay Api

We would build upon an Async Task Sample app.

And you just have to change one line of code not make it for. :P

That simple enough anyone can do it.

But only if we work as a team.