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San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers’ Association

Constitution and By-Laws I

Article 1(Rev.2/2020)


This organization shall be known as the San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers’ Association, also a Section of the San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association.


To the Communities of San Diego County:  We, the members of the fire service, will provide effective, timely and responsive service delivery by remaining informed and employing a prudent use of resources.  We further pledge to conduct ourselves in a professional and innovative manner while recognizing that compassion and equality shall be central to our goal.

To the Members of the Association:  We will join together to promote fire and life safety, fire and explosion investigation, hazardous materials, public information, and the uniform application of fire prevention practices by providing purpose, planning and direction, thereby creating a spirit of cooperation.

To the Fire Service Members of San Diego County:  The Association, as the fire service role model for the county, will be a progressive and productive organization that will provide leadership and develop innovative concepts, which treats all with respect and dignity.

To All Governmental Agencies:  The Association will interact in a professional and ethical manner with all government agencies on issues that promote excellence in fire and life safety.

To Related Professional Organizations:  The Association, through cooperation, involvement, and communication with related professional organizations, will maximize the utilization of all available resources and technology.


The objective and purpose of this association is to further the professional advancement of the fire service to ensure and maintain greater protection of life and property from fire, natural and man-made disaster or other sudden emergencies.  To affect these objectives and this purpose the Association shall:

A.        Bring together, once per month, persons interested of fire and life safety, fire and explosion investigation, hazardous materials, and public information to discuss ways and means for betterment of the fire service, and reducing loss of life and property; to develop a bond of friendship and understanding among members of the fire service of this County.

B.        Encourage the exchange of ideas, information, knowledge and experiences in the area affecting fire prevention.

C.        Cooperate with all organizations to promote educational and other programs that further the goals and objectives of the fire service.

D.        To conduct that business which promotes the cooperative efforts of the County’s fire departments.

F.        To foster and support the goals and objectives of the San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association and the State of California’s Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Article II


The membership of the Association shall be of three classes:  active, associate, life and honorary.

A.        Active Membership

Active members shall be entitled to all privileges and benefits provided by the Association, and all elective and appointive officers shall be selected from this group.  Those eligible for active membership shall be as follows:

1.        Any active fire prevention officer or equivalent, either paid or volunteer, of any public, military, tribal or private regularly organized fire department located in San Diego County

B.        Associate Membership

Any person(s) or organization(s) promoting and supporting the aims, goals and objectives of the San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers’ Association may become Associate Members and shall be entitled to attend all open meetings of the Association and shall have the privilege of the floor subject to the will of the Chair, but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

C.        Honorary Membership

A member having held or holding an active membership at the time of retirement from the fire service may be considered for life membership.  Such life membership shall be recommended for approval by a majority of the Board of Directors.        

Member Benefits

Benefits of membership (paid) are reduced cost for training or no cost.

A non-member (non-paid) will pay the fair share cost of the training benefit.

Voting Rights

Only an active member or in their absence, their designee, shall be allowed to vote on official San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers’ Association matters. A simple majority of the members present at a Regular Meeting shall be required to approve matters requiring a vote. Votes can be cast as determined by the board.

Rules of Eligibility

The active voting members of the Association shall be the final authority in the determination of persons or organizations eligible for the various classifications of membership.

Closure of Meetings

The San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers’ Association President, or in the absence of the President, the Acting President may at any time close an official meeting to all members of the public or to San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers’ Association members, except active voting members, at any time the President deems appropriate.

Article III

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of the following officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.  Each shall be nominated and elected at the regular meeting in May and take office in July. Members of the Board of Directors shall be at the Fire Prevention Officer or equivalent level in their member organization.

Article IV

Duties of Officers

A.        President

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association, appoint such committees as may be needed and perform such other duties as may be required of the office.  The term for President will be one year.

B.        Vice President

The Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President and shall assist the President in every way possible to further the aims of the Association. In addition; the Vice President will coordinate the activities for the committees of the Association.  The term for Vice President shall be one year.

C.        Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings, and coordinate meetings and other activities.  In the absence of the President, Vice President and Immediate Past President, the Secretary will preside.  The term for Secretary will be one year.

D.        Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep a record of all receiving and disbursal of funds of the Association and keep accurate accounts of such funds.  Expenditure of funds for routine operation of the Association may be made on order of the President provided such expenditures are reported at the next regular meeting and coordinate meetings and other activities in the absence of the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President and Secretary, the Treasurer will preside.  The term for Treasurer will be one year.

E.        Immediate Past President

In the absence of the President and Vice President, the Immediate Past President will preside over SDCFPOA regularly scheduled meetings.

F.        The officers shall rotate from Treasurer to Secretary to Vice President to President to Past President unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.

Article V


A.        Regular Meetings

This Association shall meet once each month unless otherwise agreed to by the active members.  The meeting place shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

B.        Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held as needed at a time and place agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

Article VI


All members shall pay annual dues as approved by the active membership by the July meeting.    

Article VII


The Constitution and By-laws of this Association may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a regular meeting.  Proposals for such amendments shall be presented in writing and read to the Association at one regular meeting and the vote taken at the next regular meeting.

Ad Hoc Committees

The President, as necessary may appoint committees.          

A.        Examples of current standing committees are:

                1.        Training Committee

Nominations Committee

The Nominating Committee will be made up of the President, the Past President and one other member of the Board, appointed by the president.

Additionally, any voting member may nominate a candidate for the Board for voting consideration at the May meeting.


Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority on all matters not herein provided for.

Any part of this Constitution and Bylaws that is in conflict with any federal, state, county, or local law or regulation shall be null and void.