Quick 16 Information

When entering the Quick 16 race,  you purchases a Quick 16 tech card.  This card enters you into the Quick 16 race and makes you eligible to win the Quick 16 purse. 

If you do not qualify, your entry fee will be given back to you. 

If you do qualify, you will race in each round until being eliminated.

Once eliminated, your chances of winning the Quick 16 purse are over.


Quick 16 and Single Entry Super Prof you would also like to enter the Su

If you purchased one super pro entry and a Quick 16 entry, you will automatically advance in every round of Super Pro that you advance in Quick 16.

Once eliminated from the Quick 16 race, you must race the current round of Super Pro to continue to be eligible for the Super Pro purse.  You are eligible for buy back during first or second round.


Quick 16  and Double-Entry Super Pro

If you would like to double-enter in Super Pro, you must purchase two Super-Pro cards and your Quick 16 card.  This will give you a second chance at the Super Pro purse.  Entries are eligible for buy-back, but only in first or second rounds.


If you have any further questions about policies, please find Scott or see Leigh in the tower.