CCC 2019- Presentation Guidelines

We seek cooperation from our esteemed invited faculty and speakers for maintaining the schedule for each session and we thank you in anticipation for the same.

All presentations must be submitted the day prior to your talk.


  1. The version of presentation suite used for this conference will be MS Office 2016 (Powerpoint 2016). This is compatible with all versions of MS Office released before 2016.
  2. The screen used for this conference will be a P3.9mm LED wall. This will be configured to run PPT made in 4:3 ratio. This setting is the standard setting for Microsoft Office and Powerpoint Presentations.
  3. As a best practice we recommend you to send your ppt to the conference secretariat ( by the 15th of Nov, 2019 so that the AV team can check you ppt and recommend technical changes (if any).
  4. There will be a preview laptop with technicians provided at the venue should you require it.
  5. Apple devices will be available in the halls and will be on macOS High Sierra with mac Keynote application.
  6. To ensure an adherence to time, PPT’s will be switched off at the end of the allotted time for each speaker. There will be 2 reminders before the end of the PPT. Reminder 1 will be at 2 mins prior to end and the last 10 seconds will be in countdown mode.  
  7. PPT Over 500 MB will not be accepted at the preview room. Personal laptops may be used from the spare podium in such cases.

Note for Presentations with Video/ Audio/ External Animations

Please note that if videos are used in the presentation, they should be embedded into the presentation. A link to the presentation will not work as the computers will be changed on the day of the conference.


The best way to embed a video is:

  1. Make a new folder on your desktop
  2. Place all your videos in that folder
  3. Create your presentation and embed videos from the new folder you have created on your desktop
  4. Save your presentation in the same folder on your desktop
  5. Copy the folder on- to your memory stick/ Pendrive/ USB Hard Drive


In any case, Kindly carry a back-up of all necessary videos on your memory stick/ Pendrive/ USB Hard Drive.

Some Suggestions….


  1. Keep it simple- Fancy designs or color shifts can make the important material hard to read. Less is more.
  2. Use at least a 24-point font so everyone in the room can read your material. NEVER use a photocopy of a standard printed page as a display
  3. Try to limit the material to eight lines per slide, and keep the number of words to a minimum.
  4. Try and Limit the tables to four rows/columns for readability. Sacrifice content for legibility. Many large tables can be displayed more effectively as a graph than as a table.
  5. Don't put a lot of curves on a graphical display - busy graphical displays are hard to read. Also, label your graphs clearly with BIG, READABLE TYPE.
  6. Use easily read fonts. Simple fonts like Sans Serif, Calibri, Arial and Helvetica are easier to read than fancier ones like Century Gothic or Monotype Corsiva. Don't use italic fonts.
  7. For content heavy slides (MORE TEXT THAN IMAGES), it is preferred to use dark fonts on a very light/ white background
  8. For content light slides, it is preferred to use light fonts on a dark background.
  9. As a best practice- Light letters (Light yellow or white) on a dark background (e.g., dark blue) often will be easier to read when the material is displayed on LCD projectors.
  10. Don't fill up the slide - the peripheral material may not make it onto the display screen - especially the material on the bottom.
  11. Always scan your pendrive for viruses before copying the PPT. Computers at the AV desk will quarantine the PPT and delete it if viruses are found. You may also consider formatting the pendrive before copying your presentation

CCC 2019 preview rooms will be scanning all pen-drives/ external storage devices for VIRUS. Please carry additional copies as the ANTI VIRUS Software will immediately quarantine the infected areas of the pen-drives/ external storage device. Kindly bear with this protocol as it is for the benefit of smooth running of the conference and your presentation as well