#263 - The Angry Chicken: “Half Life”


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Dills’ is out visiting friends and family back in his hometown. Next week Garrett will be out. Full trio will return on the 29th!


Upcoming Balance Changes - May 2018


Iksar on the tournament feature

HyzerFlip posted to r/hearthstone to vent some frustrations with Whalen’s answers to our tournament beta questions from last week.

Replying to a comment saying “It boggles my mind why they insist on keeping everything as barebones as possible. Constantly pretending they are a team of 5 with a game that barely keeps them afloat.”

Iksar said that “Features take time. Tournaments are a long requested game mode and we want to put something in the hands of the community as soon as possible. When we first announced tournaments as a beta, we meant that as a true beta. There might be some bugs, and there might be some features missing from it you thought were really important. We still think it will be really cool. Because tournaments mean so many different things to different people, it made sense to get together the pieces of a tournament that are absolutely necessary, then build on it one piece at a time as we gathered community feedback.”

Playoff Swiss Stage

Dog, KillinAllDay, Rase, and Nalguidan qualify for the Summer Championship.

Poor fibonacci went 7-0 in the swiss stage but dropped to killinallday twice in Group A.


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Tempo Mage

Most games played Tempo Mage on HSreplay: 180k Games / 55% WR


In short: Great against Warlock and Taunt Druids. Struggles against Spiteful Druid and Paladin. Beware weapon hate.


Pretty standard. Look for those cheap cards. We’re back to hoping for Mana Wyrm.

Standard Safe Bets

Wyrm > Arcanologist > Kirin Tor Mage > Apprentice

It Depends

Decks we haven’t done

Stats from 5/15/18

Crazy Game Stories

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Hello Cross Capons!

My crazy game story starts off ever so normal. I queue up my burn mage and see that my opponent is a paladin. "I've seen plenty of this", I note to myself, until I realize that no Baku or Genn graces the screen with its presence. "What the hell am I going against?!", I then think until my opponent drops secret keeper turn one. Thus begins a battle of the secrets.

His little men, weapons and question marks get the better of me. He beats my face in until I only have one health left. At this point I can only hope for the best as I call my friends Vex Crow and Mana Worm. They sing a duet of spells - arcane missiles and mirror image. At this point I'm sitting on 3 taunts, Vex Crow, Pyros and Mana Worm. "Can he deal one damage to me?", I ponder. Just then, he throws down a Knife Juggler...oh no...he then throws in his twin brother, Knife Juggler 2 - A miss. Then, my worst nightmare. My opponent played the 4 mana card called Win the Game (Call to Arms). One after another knives go flying. I cringe every time the effects get triggered. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss..."Am I still alive?", I say as I open one eye nervously. Not only did I not die, but all my minions survived as well. I then proceeded to smash him in the face and send my gratitude to the Great Brode, who watches over our RNG even when he doesn't work at Blizzard.

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Hey TAC. I was watching HCT Europe this weekend and during one of the matches a player rolled an 8/8 off their Spiteful Summoner on turn 6. The casters made a pretty big deal about how the summoned minion was a "low roll" and "wasn't what the player was looking for". Chat had a field day with this comment but the casters where spot on.

How have we gotten to the point putting a 4/4 and an 8/8 into play on turn 6 is a disappointing play? This is concerning to say the least. Where does Hearthstone go from here?



Greetings my Furious Feathery Fowls,

It seems to me that Wild does still not get the attention it deserves. It naturally does not welcome new players with it having a bigger pool of cards. I have two things I would like to see implemented to make Wild more relevant. The first is obvious, let us buy Wild packs in client. The second is introduce new cards exclusive to Wild. They do this all the time in card games like Magic: The Gathering, and I feel it would inject some life into the format. I don't know how Team 5 would exactly implement this into Hearthstone, but I think it should be a topic of discussion. They have done this already in The Arena, where there are Arena specific cards, so why not Wild? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Clickity cluckity clucking cluckers,

I was curious if I am the only person who wishes that you could get the Monster Hunt quests out of your queue. I am a semi free to play player so missing out on the possible gold from the 2 quest slots this hot garbage takes up aggravates me. If I have time to play hearthstone I want to ladder, not play a mode that in my opinion is a waste of time with no significant reward. Anyway, love the show and keep up the good work. The salt is real!


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