What is Central Europe? Where is it? Shouldn’t it be somewhere in the centre of Europe? Sounds so obvious. However, still not too many people can define it easily nor even use the term. The place, where people consider themselves Central Europeans, the place that actually, geographically is in the centre of this beautiful continent has long been a bit forgotten. Being behind the Berlin Wall for decades it used to be called Eastern Europe and not recognized as separate with all its unique history, culture and people. Then, in 2004, the Central European countries joined the European Union. Borders were opened, people started travelling here more often. The travellers could easily pop in to Prague, Budapest, Kraków, Bratislava... There is already a plethora of visitors in these large cities and everyone knows those places nowadays.

  In the meantime, also the backpackers discovered Central Europe for themselves. That’s why the guys from Volens Foundation decided to start 3Bros’ Hostel in Cieszyn/Český Těšín for those travellers who want to escape the big metropolis’ noise. What they had realized was that too many people didn’t really know what’s there to see, where to go. And this is how the idea of the ‘Visegrad Hostels’ network appeared. They talked to their friends from the most exceptional, diverse and charming towns in the countries of the Visegrad group (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and started working together.

  The fruit of this amazing cooperation are four promotional movies about those outstanding places that are best described by a quote from the famous Czech writer Milan Kundera: ‘maximum diversity in minimum space’. The cities are: Cieszyn/Český Těšín, Olomouc, Pécs and Košice. And there is a cool hostel in each of them – respectively: 3Bros’, Cosy Corner, Ananas and Hostel Košice. These videos are only the first step towards building a big, strong network of Central European hostels in theVisegrad group. It’s main purpose is to promote and to create positive image of the so called ‘off beaten track’ destinations – amazing places to see for those, who seek for a bit more than just the mainstream, big cities attractions.

  The network will continue and it is planned to be expanded. More and more gorgeous, unparalleled towns and hostels will join. The next one in the queue is the lovely Kaleidoszkóp hostel from Esztergom – a quiet, but beautiful, little border town in Hungary. So, as the guys responsible for the project say: ‘come to Central Europe and discover the undiscovered!’.