SVCS 2018-19 Academic Contest Information (CSL)

1. SVCS Administration conducts annual Academic Contest to promote the learning of Chinese cultural traditions. The 2018 SVCS Academic Contest will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2019 from 1:00PM-5:00PM.

2. SVCS will begin contestant registration from 11/09/2018 through to 12/7/2018. Each class will receive an envelope and blank class list for vice classroom representatives to collect all registration forms and payment. Turn in the envelope on 12/7/2018. Please DO NOT turn in your classroom registration until then; we want to encourage as many contestant registrations as possible!

3. SVCS offer 5 sessions of training/practice for Read Aloud with an assigned Teacher.Sign up

2018-19 SVCS Speech & Read Aloud Training Registration

The 5 sessions are set for: 12/14, 12/21, 1/11 ,1/18, 1/25/2019 @ 6:00PM.

The training/practice fee is $30, separate cash or check payable to SVCS, submitted to SVCS office through 12/7-12/14.

4. Contestant Registration Fees: Please pay by 1 check per class to: SVCS.

$5.00 per student for one contest.

$8.00 per student for two contests.

Each student receives 1 service point for their family after attendance has been calculated, no matter how many categories the student has signed up for.

Student can only choose 1 category to participate in from each period.

5. First Place contestants from last year’s ANCCS academic contest CAN NOT repeat the same contest category group this year. The student could compete in the same category but in a higher age division group.

Contest Categories for CSL students:

Drawing (1st Period)

  1. Age Division listed per table below.
  1. A, B, & C Division  - 90 minutes
  2. D Division – 60 minutes
  1. Each division will be given the “theme” at the beginning of the contest. Students should bring their own art material, no limit to the type of art medium.
  1. Each student is provided with 1 art paper for submission. Do not sign your name or make any mark on the paper.
  2. Adjudication based on creativity, color, theme and structure.

CSL Read Aloud (1st Period)

  1. Age Division per table below. Division A, B, C & D
  2. Students read aloud in Chinese, one mandatory script and choose one from a selection of three sample scripts. SVCS Academic Contest Group will publish the scripts 4 weeks prior to the contest date.
  3. After check-in, students will lotto for their order of performance.
  4. No microphone will be used, must be in student’s natural voice.
  5. Adjudication 60% based on “Expressive Reading” - tone, volume, pitch (correct accent placement), phrasing and etiquette. 40% based on “Aesthetics” – appearance, composure and eye contact.

Chinese Pencil Calligraphy (2nd Period)

  1. Age Division per table below.

60 min total time given to copy scripts given:

Division A: 100 words

Division B: 72 words

Division C: 56 words

Division D: 48 words

CSL Chinese Pencil Calligraphy, pending on the final number of participants, Age Division might combine, and final characters ratio will be announced after registration close.

  1. SVCS will provide papers for draft, but only 1 could be submitted.
  2. Students must prepare their own pencils, erasers and sharpeners.
  3. Adjudication based on aesthetics (40%), cleanness (30%), stroke order and correction (30%).

Age Division for SVCS Academic Contest


Age Range

Birthday (year/month/date)

Year of birth


 13- year-old (included) or older

2005/12/31 and before



 10-year-old (included) –13 year-old

2006/01/01 ─ 2008/12/31



 7 -year-older (included)- 10-year-old

2009/01/01 ─ 2011/12/31



 7-year-old (excluded) and younger

2012/01/01 and after



 10-year-old (excluded) and younger

2009/01/01 and after


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