1.        Purpose

Maintenance of professional staff appropriate to effectively continue the District's educational program is a Board responsibility. The purpose of this policy is to establish the manner in which the necessary reductions of that staff shall be accomplished.

2.        Authority

        SC 524, 1124,


Consistent with law and the collective bargaining agreement, the Board has the authority and responsibility to determine when suspensions and furloughs shall be made.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

        SC 1125.1

The Superintendent or designee shall develop administrative procedures for reduction of staff in accordance with this policy and applicable law.

The efficiency and effectiveness of District organization and staffing patterns shall be under continuing review, and recommendations for abolishing positions and reallocating duties shall be presented for Board consideration when the Superintendent considers such actions to be in the best interests of the District.

4.        Guidelines

        SC 1123

        Pol. 412, 413

Data necessary for the computation of each professional staff member's rating shall comply with state requirements, and his/her seniority status shall be recorded and maintained.

        SC 1124, 1125.1

Professional employees shall be suspended for causes consistent with law in inverse order of seniority within the District.

Professional employees shall be suspended by the procedure established in the collective bargaining agreement.

        SC 1125.1

        2 Pa. C.S.A.

        Sec. 551 et seq

Tenured professional employees have the right to a Local Agency Law hearing, and the decision to suspend shall be considered an adjudication for the purposes of that hearing.

        2 Pa. C.S.A.

        Sec. 551 et seq

Temporary professional employees are entitled to a Local Agency Law hearing at the request of the employee prior to suspension or furlough.

        SC 1125.1

Reinstatements from a list of suspended professional employees shall be made on the basis of their seniority within the District.

        SC 1125.1

To be considered available for reinstatement, a suspended professional employee must annually report in writing to the Board his/her current address and intent to accept the same or a similar position when offered.

If the employee fails to appear for reinstatement, s/he shall be dropped from the list of suspended employees.

School Code

524, 1123, 1124, 1125.1

PA Statute

2 Pa. C.S.A.

Sec. 551 et seq

Board Policy

412, 413

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