Should you make a gift to the EHS All Classes Alumni Legacy Fund?

Yes, of course! The experience of attending Eureka High School was special and unique. Eureka High School reflected the values of our wonderful communities and sought to bring out the best in each of us. Our EHS All Classes Legacy Fund is just that – A Legacy. It represents our belief in and affirmation of what we’ve experienced and what we’ve been part of. It is the past brought forward into the present and extended into the future, for the benefit of our children, our grandchildren, and future generations. (Also, a gift of $25.00 or more helps your Class in the Alumni Class Spirit Award competition.)

What is the All Classes Alumni Legacy Fund?

It is a conservative Mutual Fund, investing in a mix of Stocks, Bonds, and Cash--as of 10/24/2017 worth over $68,000. It is owned by the Unit District 140 Educational Foundation. An amount equal to 5% of the balance of the Fund as determined each June 30 is withdrawn and distributed. The distribution amount is given to one of the High School Departments or Areas listed as follows:  Agriculture, Athletics, Music, National Honor Society/ Scholastic Bowl, and "any need PreK-12". Over a five-year period, each area will receive one distribution.

In 2017, Unit 140 will get to apply funds for “any need PreK-12” at its the discretion.

How has the All Classes Alumni Legacy Fund done?

One word--great!!! In 2006, the Fund began with $3,800 of Contributions. On October 24, 2017, 2017, the Fund was worth over $68,000. And, this in spite of the 2008 market downturn--the worst since the Great Depression. Support of the Fund by EHS Alums has been outstanding. Each year money is withdrawn and given to one of the EHS Programs which we Alums enjoyed and which have enriched our lives. Over $13,000 in total has been distributed so far.

Does anyone from EHS “make money” on the Alumni Legacy Fund in any way?

No! The Alumni Legacy Fund has been purchased directly from a “no-load” Mutual Fund sponsor by Unit District 140 Educational Foundation using Alumni contributions. There are no commissions of any sort payable. Also, additional contributions can be made at any time as indicated below.

Who manages the distributions from the Fund each year?

Each year the Unit District 140 Educational Foundation Board of Trustees is responsible.

Are Contributions Tax-Deductible?

Yes! You will receive a confirmation of your gift from Unit District 140.

Mail to:        The EHS Legacy Fund

Unit 140 Office

109 W. Cruger Ave, Eureka, IL 61530

Checks payable to: Unit 140 Educ Foundation (Legacy)

Please note on your check: Your EHS Class Year (i.e. Class of 1966)