Technology Planning Committee Meeting

April 9, 2019

Attendees:        Ray Birks, Ron Brown, Scott Feil, Diana Haglund, Todd Jensen, Dan Kjobech, Brandon Marsh, Tina Nicpan-Brown, Holly McDonough, Pete Phillips, Mark Woolsey, Dave Yancey


All committee members were welcomed to the meeting and the afternoon’s agenda was reviewed.

Collective Commitments

2019 Technology Levy Proposal Board Presentation Review

C.        The chart has so much on it and the board sits far from the screen; they are always asking the tech to zoom in on things. Prefer to have the slide with the text more than the chart.

C.        Perhaps make that a graph for a better visual impact.

C.        What do you want to express?

A.        That >80% prefer learning with a device; maybe don’t need the graphs.

C.        You may end up spending more time than you want explaining things.

Q.        How to you say how these things are related to technology?

A.        I think that it’s all of them; do we need the original graphs? Or dump them all? I can put them in their packet as a supporting document

C.        Whittle them down to the top 5.

C.        You should simplify the text, eg first bullet point should just say refresh and then use your narrative to explain what that is and your point.


  1. Review today’s meeting notes.
  2. Update slides as was agreed in this meeting.
  3. Let Ron know if you want to speak at the upcoming Board meeting.
  4. Mark your calendars for the upcoming School Board meeting:
  1. May 14, 2019                6:00pm - 9:00pm        District Office MBR

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