Wed 26th June

Find out about the life of Olaudah Equiano -

Who was he?

Where was he from?

What is different about his story?

Wed 5th May

Revise for your exam - complete your booklets to help you with this.

Wednesday 22th May 2019 for Tuesday 4th June - You must remember your revision booklets for the lesson

Complete your revision booklets up to and including question 6

Continue with revision

Wednesday 15th May 2019 for Tuesday

1 - Fill in the sheets for each picture  source. You should answer the questions for both sources in the boxes next to the picture. You can write in bullet points but make it clear which question is being answered for each bullet point. For example - Source A - Custer is portrayed as being very heroic.

2 - Make sure all of your loose sheets are glued into your books.

Wednesday 8th May 2019 for Tuesday 14th May 2019

Revise for Y8 exams -

1 - You should print the revision topic sheet that was emailed to you and check in your book that you have all of the work in your books from each topic. If you have missed any lessons it is your responsibility to catch up/arrange to photocopy the work from someone else's book.

2 - Revise Native Americans - How did contact with the Europeans affect them? Use the Box Diagrams you created.

3 - Stick in any loose sheets, make sure all titles and dates are underlined and any unfinished work is completed.

Wed 1st May 2019 - for Tuesday 7th May

1 - Revise for your history exam using the topic list you have been given (emailed).

2 - Check through your book, finish off any unfinished work and glue in any loose sheets.

Wed 27th March - for Wed 24th April

  1. Finish your notes on warfare

  1. Write your paragraph on bravery using this outline

The Native Americans and the white Americans had very different views on bravery. Write a paragraph to explain what their views were and why they were so different.

The Native Americans believed that if you could not win a battle, it was brave to run away and fight another day. The American army believed that it was brave to…..

Their views were different because…….(explain about the tribe and how their family would be looked after)

3. Finish your totem pole and be ready to explain it

4.Start revising from the French revolution onwards. You could make some flashcards or write yourself a 20 question quiz (with answers) on the French Revolution and another on the Native American Indians.

Due to the high levels of ill health in the class I have extended the totem pole prep so that you can complete it over Easter. It is now due in on Wed 24th April. You can leave it in my room if you finish earlier.

Wed 13th March

Finish classwork on the tipi - exam questions

Wed 6th March - for Tuesday 26th March

Design your own totem pole - use the information sheet to help you

Bring it to the lesson on Tues 26th March and be ready to talk about what it shows you about your family

Wed 13th Feb - For 9 am Thur 14th Feb

Finish your writing on Robespierre - Remember to use the structure and to include specific points and explain in detail for each point you make. Remember to make it your very best work and I will mark it as an assessment.

 Wed 6th Feb for Tues 12th Feb

How should Robespierre be remembered? Write a more balanced citation for Robespierre’s plaque.

The current citation says:

‘Here lived Maximilien Robespierre 1758 – 1794.

Supporter of the Revolution

Patriot of the People

And a friend to ALL in France

May his soul rest in peace’

Maximum of 50 words

Wed 30th Jan - for Tues 6th Feb

Complete the question on the Declaration of Rights.

Use the outline sheet to help you.

You can use computer if you prefer.

Remember to use examples in your answer.

This work will be assessed and graded.

The information below may help you too.

Women - Olympe De Gouges wrote what she thought of the Declaration of Rights. She called it ;

‘The Declaration of the Rights of Woman.’

She complained that men still had authority over women and that too much inequality still existed. She was guillotined.

Slaves - Slavery was abolished in France on 18 September 1791, but it was kept in her colonies, like Martinique.


The rich farmers who lived on Martinique wanted to keep the slaves and had friends in the assembly, who said they could.

Wed 23rd Jan - for Tues 29th Jan 19

France is not the only country to have had a revolution. Find out about another revolution that has taken place in the world. Find out the following;

1)Where it happened.

2)When it happened.

3)Why it happened.

4)What were the results.

5)One other interesting fact.

Wed 16th Jan - for Tues 22nd Jan 19

In your books, list 4 long term causes of the French revolution:

        1 Social reason

        1 political reason

        1 economic reason

        1 reason to do with ideas

Use the cards, and write one sentence in your own words to explain each and why it caused a revolution.

Example - 1 economic reason - unfair taxes on the third estate. This is where the third estate paid all of the taxes even though they were the poorest. This contributed to a revolution because the people in the third estate were so unhappy and desperate for change.

Wed 9th Jan - for Tues 15th Jan 19

Write a modern day ‘cahier de doleance’. Make a list of 5 complaints you have about the way things work at school.

Here is a template you can use - remember you need to make a copy: cahier de doleance

Wed 28th Nov - for Tues 4th Dec

Look again at the picture and the description of the execution of Charles I.

  1. Bullet point at least three things in the description that you can see in the picture.
  2. Bullet point at least three things in the description that you cannot see in the picture.

Wednesday - 13th November 2018 - Due in Tuesday 20th November

Complete your 2 paragraphs explaining the causes of the English Civil War.

Don’t forget:

Point                What is the point of the sentence? Is the cause about Power/Religion/Money?

Evidence        What evidence do you have? Example - Divine Right of Kings you should use at least 3 pieces of evidence per paragraph.

Explanation        Explain what the evidence means

Link                        Link back to the first sentence

Checklist - Have You:

Proofread your work?

Included 2 causes?

Given at least 3 pieces of evidence for each paragraph?

Explained each cause/piece of evidence in detail?

Linked back to the first sentence on each paragraph?

Wednesday - 7th November - No written history prep this week, please use the time to revise for other subject assessments.

Wednesday - 31/10/18 - Due in Tuesday 6th November 18

Look at the following words and write them in your book with a definition for each word, you should spend 30 minutes on this:

Example - Parliament - this is the legislative body of government some of their role is to make laws and control taxation.

1 - Tyranny

2 - Civil War

3 - Monarchy

4 - Archbishop

5 - Reform

6 - Puritan

7 - Commonwealth

8 - Divine Right

9 - Grand Remonstrance

Don’t worry if you don’t get them all done. These will not be tested as a spelling test but you will need to be able to use them throughout this half term.

Wed 10th Oct - for Tues 16th Oct

Spend 30 mins writing your assessment on Elizabeth I. Write the question at the top - How successfully did Elizabeth tackle the problems of her reign?

Aim to get the introduction and the first paragraph done and use your planning sheets to help you.

If you can, use a computer and use google docs because we will be using lessons next week to finish writing up your answer and I have the chromebooks.

You can hand write it if you prefer.

Wed 3rd October - for Tues 9th Oct

Write a newspaper report in your own words about the Spanish Armada.

Write it from one point of view (Spanish or English).


Correct facts / details

Headline and date

You can use the template here if needed (make a copy first!): Newspaper Template

Here are the sources you used, in chronological order: The Spanish Armada

You can use a computer (please print it out) or hand write it.

Stretch - How well did Elizabeth deal with the Spanish Threat?

Wed 26th Sept - for next lesson (Wed)

Complete the question on Elizabeth. Use the outline to help you, but write it in your book.

Do you think that Elizabeth was right not to marry?

Yes she was right not to marry because..

But she was wrong because…..

Overall, I think that…..

Wed 19th Sept - for Tues 25th Sept

Learn these spellings for a test on Tuesday 25th Sept.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember all of them, as long as you spend 30 mins trying to learn them.


1.           Catholic

2.          Tudors

3.          armada

4.          soldier

5.          Protestant

6.          parliament

7.          government

8.          civil war

9.          Stuarts

10.       reign

Extra – write a definition for each word

Wed 12th Sept - due Tues 13th Sept - bring it to the lesson

Answer the question on the Poor Law - use the outline sheet that is glued into your book.

I will grade this piece of work, so try and explain your views clearly.

At least a paragraph (7-8 lines).

Wed 5th Sept - due Tues 11th Sept - bring it to the lesson

Complete your portrait design for Elizabeth I. Use the small instruction sheet to help you. Remember that you don’t have to draw it. You can just plan it out or you can describe the images that you would include.

For example you could draw the above and next to the boxes write - ‘A sun would go here to show Elizabeth was ….’

You can use a computer and then stick the work into your book or do it straight into your book.