DT Preps   2018-19   9A

Handing in the prep

Books should be handed in (room 21) on the day after the prep is set.

Alternatively, write and submit the prep using Google Classroom.

If there is a problem, please let JC know.

Summer Term 2019

Week 7        (10-14 Jun)

Draw your final lamp design in your book, label it and explain the steps to follow to make it.

Week 5        (20-24 May)

Make revision notes on how to solder together the LED lamp module.  

Revise ways of making an adjustable lamp.

Week 2        (29 Apr - 3 May)

Week 1        (24-26 Apr)

Add loads more detail to your lamp product analysis table.  

Explain each statement in each box.

Lent Term 2019

Week 10        (18-22 Mar)

Practise drawing the flipper mechanism and the firing mechanism.  It will be in the exam next term.

Week 9        (11-15 Mar)

Gillian likes music.  Draw a design of a suitable pin-ball machine for her.

Do the Week 6 prep!

Week 8        (4-8 Mar)

Make sure that you are up to date with all the preps below.

Week 6        (11-15)

Graham has made 2 flippers at the bottom of his board, but they don’t work.

Explain 3 likely problems and how he could fix them.

Week 5        (4-8 Feb)

Graham needs a firing mechanism at the side of his pinball machine.

Draw a diagram and explain how he could do this using a spring.

Week 4        (28 Jan - 1 Feb)

Week 3        (21-25 Jan)

Pinball machines need methods of scoring points so that they can be added up at the end.

Design three possible ways of doing this.

Week 2        (14-18 Jan)

Your pinball machine needs interesting, themed obstacles.

Sketch and explain 2 possible static obstacles and one that could rotate.

Week 1        (8-11 Jan)

Think about how you will need to construct your pinball machine.

Write numbered steps covering the main stages and explain each one.

Michaelmas Term 2018

Week 13        (3-7 Dec)

On the A3 sheet, complete your design for your pinball machine ready to transfer to the wood next lesson.  Make sure you have included ways of scoring points.

Week 11        (19-23 Nov)

Complete your revision by making notes about finishing techniques and review the details about making the joint that I went over in the lesson.

DO NOT HAND IN YOUR BOOKS.  Keep them to prepare for next week’s exam.

Week 9        (5-9 Nov)

Make revision notes on how to mark out and cut the tenons for a tenon joint.  

Focus on the techniques, not the actual measurements we used.

DO NOT HAND IN YOUR BOOKS.  Show me the notes next lesson.

Week 8        (29 Oct - 2 Nov)

Use the whole A3 sheet to draw an initial pinball machine design.

Week 6        (8-12 Oct)

Find examples of three kinds of hardwood and three kinds of softwood.  

Describe where they come from, what they are like and what they are used for.

Week 5        (1-5 Oct)

Brian wants to make a bookend in the shape of a snail for his little sister.

Week 4        (24-28 Sep)

Week 3        (17-21 Sep)

Explain how to use the tenon saw, chisel and mallet, also a bench hook, to remove the waste wood from between the tenons.

Week 2        (10-14 Sep)

Explain (numbered steps) how we measure, mark and cut the wood and mark the tenon measurements.

Define: tolerance and allowance (technical terms)

Week 1        (3-7 Sep)

Draw two possible designs for objects that you could make using two pieces of wood held together with a tenon joint.