Chapter 6: Gridlock

        During the past few months, the Lord of Tachyon  has been at work to fix as much as possible with the crumbling Order, gaining trust from many of the anti-Tachyean communities. The only problem that he’s been experiencing is an issue as to the actual assignment that the Elders desire him to do. As the first route was discussed as something that the Elders needed to understand for if he had no choice in the route, then Neoum would have to have an even longer prep period for having no background to the situation as well as not being in the mindset to focus on the task. Sulfern had made great effort for the first one to be in Neoum’s terms, but sadly with him not always able to attend the meetings in person, neoum is stuck to the agenda of the Elders.

 If the Elders proposals weren’t so general to the major problems the Order is experiencing. I think that by doing the little things, the end goal will result to a form of trickle effect that would allow more progress to the overall goal. They only want to have the big picture handled, like the massive development of a galactic corporation that’s going around taking advantage of many of the systems without the Tachyium chargers, or have abandoned the Tachyeans completely. The corporation pollutes every system that it takes into its reach. The problems that have been developing are that  the chargers takes a while to be constructed for the fact that there are a lot of the Elites that have been trapped into many areas that have been having large  problems with Tachyean relations as well as overall conflict between the systems or planets amongst them. The biggest issue is to then haul them through the galaxy to each area that needs to replenish their Tachyium supply, and it’s because the longer it takes to establish each one, another system is going to be captured by the corporation that’s been dubbed as the Shadow Makers. The worst part of all of this is the fact that we haven’t been able to find their motives as to what their end goal shall be. They are just the tip of the iceberg though when it comes to problems the Order and I have to deal with.

The latest meeting was called to order as usual by Jelnorelus, which was a bit out of it today from the fact that the meeting was scheduled by Neoum last second for everyone to attend, even Sulfern would have to do it. {Before we start today, I just need to make sure that everyone is prepared for whatever this established meeting will be about. Also I would like to make sure that no one is absent to this serious meeting up ahead} As the others started to prep for this meeting, Neoum went over to Sulfern, who was pouting from the fact that he had to cancel the newest episode of the Universe Showdown. {Thank you for coming all this way Sulfern, I really appreciate it. You did make it here rather fast, were you behind because of the show stuff you had to do or…} {Neoum, comrade, I would just like to get this over with so that I can just call everyone back to the studio, unless you want this to be a big thing?} neoum felt a bit of sass from that, Sulfern was giving everyone a distasteful look. {Sulfern, this is going to be very important, and I just want you to be able to understand my side of the case at hand okay. I need to chat with Jelnorelus about this as well, so don’t get to upset if this takes days to finish.} Neoum started off towards Jelnorelus with Sulfern getting upset fairly quick. (Neoum, are you serious, I shan't be so swift to your aid in this one!)

Neoum confronted Jelnorelus mid-call as he knew that this would be more important than any call that could be transmitted. {Sorry to interrupt your call Jelnory, but I need you to understand this will be… who are you chatting with Jelnory?} Jelnorelus was happier from a moment ago when she was presenting to the Elders. She was quite not there from the call, and Neoum could tell that look she was having, though he has only seen it once back in the flashback quite some time ago during their first battle. {Oh, I, um, sorry Neoum, I’m a bit twisted with my thoughts at the moment. What were you trying to discuss?} { like I was trying to convey to you, I need you to help me out with this challenge as of the moment. I want to make sure that you will be support me in the coming decision as I know this will be the right path for the Order and the known universe as a whole. You and Sulfern may be my only support out of the Elders, so I just wanted to thank both of you for the kindness, and wisdom you have shown me, but it’s time I make a proper decision for my people.} {Neoum, I understand that this could be very important, but as you said, if this really as big of a choice as you’re making it to be, then you will have to earn the respect of at least four other Elders. I also wouldn’t trust Sulfern, he is quite the wild card at times. He could take the entire room to his opinion with ease if you don’t watch him.} {Well, I beat him before right, and I trust that he will behave himself, or at least that’s the plan. I need to get to the podium, hype myself up and what not.}

Neoum never thought of Sulfern as a problem in this situation. He figured that if anything, he would just need to worry about the other Elders for they have been a bit selfish in recent times, but Sulfern has no loyalties except his own. He wants to have the most fun with whatever game he ends playing, and todays will be politics, and the structure of the entire Order of Tachyon. I must be ready for this. Neoum knew that everything needed to go perfectly with this or else he wouldn’t be able to free up more ways to assist the issues the Order has developed.

Jelnorelus went to the Master Elder podium, ready for whatever Neoum was planning. She had faith that Neoum would have the good of the Universe in mind when it comes down to the matter. {Attention everyone, the meeting will start in five minutes! Get the last of your preparations for the meeting wrapped up, and be ready to make an important stances to today’s topic for it may affect the very workings of the entire Order of Tachyon!} Jelnorelus felt the pressure building up, as she wasn’t prepared to properly defend Neoum if needed. This will be all up to him to figure out this mess. I just hope that rotten Sulfern doesn’t meddle in this more than he has to. Neoum felt that this will be able to work itself out if anything would go erey, so he just decided the best thing to do would be to just get to his position.Then, just as Neoum went toward the podium, he received a message from nono other than Jacen.


        “Hello my Lord, I see you’re a bit busy at the moment, how wonderful, if only I was there…. Any ways, I have important information for you to hear.” Neoum ported out of the building faster than pro-spd twelve, with no one noticing his leave. (Why are you contacting me here, I told you not to message me for the next week for the fact I have thi very important meeting that I’m attending. You’re lucky that it hadn’t started, besides that though, what’s this important message of yours?) The transmitter only could send messages about pro-spd hundred at best, and so it took another seventeen seconds for it to travel to this location from where he was. Neoum was a bit freaked out that this was happening on the one day that he would need to not have interrupts, as Jacen has been rather active with him since there first meet up. He has been lowering overall activity from the black market activities on the bridge, but only has been demanding more from Neoum to keep such peace as he needed to have a day every other week with the Lord of Tachyon. They tend to do lots of things that Neoum insisted for Jacen to stop only for him to think out it then continue for he knew that Neoum had no true power over him. Even if Neoum tried to kill him, which Jacen knew Neoum could for multiple reason, he would be replaced or a power vacuum would develop making a stronger threat to the Order. Then if the Order were to try prevent it by taking that role, then it would lead to the Order becoming the image of the totalitarian that the people are already starting to fear is in development. Jacen essentially held all the cards while Neoum only had the jokers. The message was finally coming in. “Oh, sorry my oh so great Lord of Tachyon, I must say you should realize that I intend to only give important messages to the highest of the Order. I just wanted to let you know that you might have some unexpected visitors to your little court hearing or whatever it is that you’re doing. Your mask assailant wanted me to inform you of such. I would have waited to tell you afterward thinking the threat was only a joke, but after seeing that half of my facility was butchered by this guy and his staff, I was a bit scared for you my lord. Make sure you get as many of your elites defending the area as soon as possible. I will update you on more if I get another message. Good luck Neoum, I don’t know who you angered, but this one is going to be something that even I won’t be able to save you from.” The message ended.

Neoum went to handle his fluids towards  the end of reading the end of that message. That mad man kill thousands of people, possibly more. I don’t care if they were all a bunch of murderers, this is one of the largest attacks the Order has seen… The Order hasn’t seen this attack, this is out of there power to observe. I need to cancel this meeting as soon as poss…  Oh my, you really are a lord of tachyon aren’t you, communicating with the most powerful crime boss to ever exist within the Order. I’m rather impressed with that to say the least. Neoum jumped as soon as he realized that someone's thoughts were in his head other than his own. (Sulfern how are you..) ...In your head. I must say it’s one of my greatest feats as the greatest Tachyean of the Order, also how else do you think that moron of a crime boss got his thought detection technology. I was the most devious and diabolical person there was before you came along Neoum. I was the one who gave this Order a little extra push toward the chaos of it all. I haven’t shown you as of yet my abilities, but I used to rule the Order without ever saying a word to the other Elders. My telepathy was so much greater than any could have thought of. We used to have such open minds Neoum, I use to play the best games as the Order went more towards disaster, but I didn’t care for the fact that I could fix it when I had the time, this universe was all mine. There was only one problem with it all, and that was my depression after losing worth towards my purpose. My books, my findings, my title, vanished from the minds of the people. I use to be popular for your father gave great support to finding knowledge, and understanding the inner workings of the great existence that we were born in. I actually was admired by my colleges, but once he passed on, the people only cared for survival. We, as an entire species gave up our goal, our purpose, our dream in an instant as if all our work was thrown away by the death of a single entity. I figured that such would happen when I was a younger man, the idea that the fall of the Lord of Tachyon would end with the collapse of the entire Order of Tachyon, but the result had came so much faster than I could have ever predicted. This entire turn of events led to the very downfall of my entire career, my purpose, my dream. Neoum, I can’t ask you to understand my pain in the regards of how much I have lost in the pursuit of revenge on this lack-luster universe, all I do ask is that you understand that if I don’t go for the more realistic choice in whatever this decision you want us to make, it’s nothing personal. That will be all for now my lord. Oh, and one more thing, don’t consider me the same as that girl Wendel, I’m not that out of control, unless I feel like I want to be.

Neoum felt attacked from that exchange from Sulfern. Realising that Sulfern could intrude on any idea that he could think of, Neoum would have to cloud his mind in order to block out any mental attacks that Sulfern come inflict upon him. After cluttering his mind with previous thoughts of the other Lords of Tachyon, he was able to have his personal thoughts to himself. I really hope he wasn’t threatening me with that, it’s the last thing I need right now. And to regard Wendel with such disrespect. He must know the situation to even mention her name with the context of what he was discussing. Now with him as a possible threat, and the assailant coming to this meeting may just be the biggest problem as of the moment. Then there’s the possibility that Sulfern could tell the other Elders that attack is coming, ending the meeting and ruining the goals that I was planning to accomplish. Or worse, he could just not tell anyone about it until after the fact of the attack so I take the blame for the attack if it gets out of hand. I can’t believe myself, Sulfern is probably not even trying to get back into my mind because he would have guessed that I would become this paranoid by his first attempt to enter my head. I need to just relax, and focus on the situation at hand, if the assailant comes around, then I will deal with it then. If Sulfern reveals anything to the others, then I will just have to take it all without complaint. Neoum realized that the key to success in this battle would be to keep a solid and strong mind, develop defenses for his thoughts without having to clog them with problematic memories of the past. He needed to go back to the meeting before he becomes late. With that he transport to the area of his podium, ready for whatever would come his way.


(Welcome all Elders to this meeting that our beloved Lord of Tachyon has assembled. As I don’t know exactly what this meeting’s going to be focusing on, I suggest that the Lord of Tachyon would start us off.) Neoum rose from his seat, ready to begin. (I know that I’ve barely have had the job as the Lord of Tachyon for more than a couple of years now, and when I come to this meeting with the first thing said of me is ‘our beloved,’ I truly get sick to my stomach, for I have done nothing of true honorary interest to you, the supreme Order of the universe. I regard you so for you have earned the right to be supreme in regards to any other ruling authority in the Order and beyond for you have worked for endlessly for this Order. I have only work a couple of years, with little to say toward the amount you all have done for everyone. I want to make change to that welcome so that it may regard myself, and future beings that are known as the Lords of Tachyon to be regarded as just their title.)

The room was at first confused by why Neoum said what he said. They almost felt that that was a waste of their time to hear such a thing, until after a minute or so realized what Neoum had just stated. The Elders started to all demand explanation. (Why would you dare suggest that any other being that isn’t Tachyean to rule over the Order?) (How could you allow such ideas enter our precious Order of Tachyon?) (Why the nerve, you dare challenge the traditions of the Order of Tachyon, I’m disappointed!) As the mess only continued to develop, Sulfern seemed to be silent the whole time, while Jelnorelus was confused beyond any form of understanding (You want to give other species the ability to rule over the Order? How can that even work. They would take forever to even start comprehending the job , and by that time they would have to retire and we would have to find a brand new Lord of Tachyon. Though the idea would be a good fail safe that if established earlier would have possibly prevented such a crisis as the one when your father died, but we can’t have anyone being the Lord of Tachyon. I understand that you just want a way to keep the Order long term, but this will take time to properly establish. I hope you could understand our reactions.) Neoum was rather shocked by the large response of the Elders to that simple idea. (Well, I guess the next part may be a bit more difficult for all of you then if that was hard to accepted. The major topic I wanted to discuss was simple that I would have the ability to make the Order needed when the Elders have to focus their attentions to different topics. I hope you understand where I’m coming from when regarding this, for I hope you can trust my decisions enough to not get a bit out of hand with this major decision.) The elders were even more upset, but they already knew that the Lord of Tachyon understood what they were going to complain about.

Sulfern, the only one of the bunch who hadn’t had their opinion heard as of yet, got up from his spot, walked over to the Neoum, then make a Tachyium line with a dark purple shade of Tachyium that the other Elders were rather impressed by. (Alright then, everyone get on the line, it should be long enough for everyone except the Lord of Tachyon. This is a major decision for us to make, right?} Everyone agreed with that. {Good , then it’s time to see how the Lord of Tachyon does in this little game here. We begin with the rules, each person can only choose one side, and once that side has been chosen, they cannot move from that side. We can be here all week if you all don’t listen, okay. With that in mind, it will be the Lord of Tachyon and anyone who decides to go to his side to convince you as to why he needs supreme control over the workings of the Order, and the other side will also try to convince the remaining Elders to go to their side. I only like to play games that have obvious visuals, so this will be the best way of doing things. Now it’s time to decide who most disagrees with Neoum’s, I mean, “the Lord of Tachyon.” Who’s willing to be the opposing side, if you are then go to the other side of the line.} Jadsender immediately rose, and glided over to the ground of the other side of the wall. {Thank you Jadsender, though I must warn you, if you are the losing side of this game, you will be remembered as the one that opposed the mighty Lord of Tachyon, and nothing will ever be more popular than that decision. My with that in mind, the rest of the rules follow, at the end of each hour after we start some one must leave the platform, if one fails to do so, then they will fall out of the wall into the endless abyss beneath us. By the end of today, there should be one side with more than the other, the larger side will win this and their decision will be final. I hope you’re all prepared, for I know this will be fun.}

(Thank you Sulfern with a very creative way of handling the situation in front of us. I will hope that this will be the most fair way of doing things, and if anyone opposes the idea, object to it now.} None of the Elders responded to that. {Okay then, let us begin then shall we.)

(Well for starters, I believe that simply the idea of changing the tradition of the many great Lords of Tachyon before Neoum would be disrespectful in the highest degree.} Sulfern then silenced the room. {Oh, and did I forget to tell you, you each only have one opinion at a time, so once you finish one idea, the next person goes.} {Wait what? I can’t believe you would do such a thing you filthy trickster.} {Only making the rules fair for both sides, also I don’t like your attitude.} {okay fine then, your turn Neoum.}

{To begin with, I believe that be defining new Order to our systems would allow the people to properly understand that we are truly aiming for the better intentions of the universe for we are directing  them to new ideas that they can understand that we aim for change. If we can do that then we can change our image for the better from the leaders that abandoned them to the protectors that will lead them to a hopeful new future. I do believe that you are now to go, Jadsender.) Jadsender was a tad surprised by his statement. (Oh, I see that you believe that we aren’t capable with leading our people as of now. I think that we have been doing a fine job recovering from the incident that occurred those thousands of years ago. We’ve been working hard to aid the people in their time of need, but you only can see our efforts as efforts of negative effects. We may have left the people at their time of need, but they should have realized that we couldn’t do anything without our leader. All of our policy had relied on the very existence of the Lord of Tachyon. Without our Lord, we were nothing but a bunch of old tachyeans ruling the people blindly. I hope our efforts weren’t a waste for I believe that we had to do what was needed for our Order to grow. I know you weren’t around for understanding what exactly the goal we had established during that time period, but it was a simple one, to keep the Order intact. Now I want to know what exactly do you have to say about all the work that we did that wronged the good people of the Order of Tachyon. Neoum how do you respond?)  Neoum had to think for a bit as he knew that the Order along with the Elders and Elites were working hard since the events of his father’s passing, but at the same time, the people didn’t view it the same as the Order did. They saw the results of a seemingly weak system of government that ended the very way it intended to ruler, with a singularity of such would lead to the very end of their empire. Neoum knew what he needed to do for the others to understand.

(I do understand the efforts were great when it comes to the acts that you have done in order to keep order within the Order. I really want you to understand the people, and how they feel in regards to the shift that happened when my father died. We were in harmony, the Order was doing the best it had ever been, people were happy to see their Tachyeans patrolling the skies of their worlds, monitoring how their world was fairing in comparison to the others of that system. They felt that we were constantly working to protect them as well as guarantee their peaceful future. They were satisfied with how their lives were doing, and knew we would never let them down, no matter what would happen, until Legalacy died of his tragic illness, taking a whole solar system with him. The people assumed us as a liability to their lives, their societies, their entire base of belief and safety was shattered by this one event, they can no longer trust that Tachyeans will be their rightful protectors. I want to re-establish our relations so that all the work that we have been doing doesn’t go to waste. I don’t want to be the one to highlight the mistakes that we as the grand Order of Tachyon have done, but their are major problems with how we are currently interacting with the other people of our beloved Order, and this won’t allow advancement of any kind to the other galaxies if we can’t even manage our current conditions.) (And that’s time on that one my Lord, I believe you had enough on that subject, let’s throw it back to Jadsender.) (Alright, I can appreciate that statement, but you must understand that we are the Elders for reason, why else would we have our positions if they weren’t important. I think this is just an excuse for you to create your position as the Lord of Tachyon even more great. We can’t run an Order by one person, and if you think that the people will simply allow you to just come out of nowhere and start taken control of entire societies, you will definitely see quite the response.) (I know what you’re getting at with the idea that the people my not be very accepting with my authority over the Order, but they have been against the ideas of the Order for a long time, this won’t change things enough to make any significant difference with how the general public is viewing the Order. I believe that you all will still have significant roles within the Order as each of you have developed your own mastery of certain trades, and I believe that if you don’t focus all of your efforts at the Order as a whole you’ll each be able to achieve so much more. We can finally start getting the Objectives we’ve been setting for ourselves done, and free up the Elites to start getting more jobs done on their end.) Neoum was actually starting to feel real understanding being achieved through what he was saying.

Some time passed as Neoum and Jadsender had been in the middle of what priority was most important when regarding the people’s concerns. (Okay Elders, who’s going to be the first to choose a side? Remember, you want to be sure that this will be your final decision!) The first to choose a side was the Elder Perfenter, the environmental specialist of the Elders as she remembered the effective clean up that Neoum had chosen to do during his first month of missions. The two continued to discuss the issues of the Order as they moved on to the Galactic Bridge with Jadsender winning over Hertacor at the time of the second hour. Even though Noeum has helped with the economic growth of the Bridge by reducing the amount of black market trade through the bridge, Hertacor didn’t see that as much benefit for he didn’t think Neoum contribution was really there. Of course Neoum had to constantly work with the crime lord every week or so to make sure he doesn’t flip the switch and starts back up on his control over the Bridge. Fragnet on the other hand did feel as though that initial attempt at the Bridge was in fact effectively protecting the citizens of the bridge while also making it clear that with the activity lowering, the Order can now focus on expansion of the bridge for there are many holes that are thousands of miles wide not being taken advantage of. At the fourth hour Neoum and jadsender had gotten to the focus of creating more of the Tachyium chargers, and while Neoum had the idea of pushing more out to every system for the fact that even if every system could get a Tachyean to recharge their Tachyium, the people of some of the systems are anti-Tachyean, thus would only lead to frustration that they have to have them in their system. Jadsender on the other hand went with the idea that the Lord of Tachyon should be responsible to restoring the relations with the people, so that they will be accepting of other Tachyean presence. The Elder of Tachyean Relations went to Jadsender’s side for knowing that his point would be for the best, while at the sixth hour, the Elder of Energized Repair and Resources went with Neoum with the intent that keeping up the Tachyium would be both easier to manage as well as faster to get properly setup.

I can’t believe that I already have four people on my side. all I need now is to wait for Jelnory and Sulfern to come to my side . Then again, this is Sulfern’s game, he could decide that he would like to aim for the opposing side just to have some fun, so maybe I shouldn’t get too cheery about this yet. I need to stay vigilant for any surprises that might through me off the right course, especially the assailant and the posible band of mercenaries that destroyed Jacen’s place. How could so much damage be done? When Neoum started to focus on the debate again for they had gone over a lot of the major topics, Neoum hoped to be able to take advantage by seeing Jadsender’s personal opinions on some of the more specific issues that were occurring. The discussion seemed to be getting nowhere fast with the views from Jadsender being rather vague to keep his true ideas under wraps. Neoum mind continued to wander with the present problem of the assailant potentially coming any minute to assault their meeting.

Sulfern started to snore, waiting for the end result to come about, even though he knew that he would be the last one to move from his position. I can’t believe that this could be so long to finish, I have been here four hours already, why can’t they just side with Neoum and get it over with already. Well, might as well make things interesting with what I got. Sulfern went through each of the last debating participants thoughts to see if anything interesting was coming about through all of the discussion. I had better expectation, I truly wanted them to learn something, but the contest has been in Neoum’s favor for a bit now, I mean, I know the rest are more toward Jadsender’s side, but are to fearful of losing. I wish they had a little back bone and just go against the kid, I know I would if I wasn’t so nice. In fact, I think it’s about time I start doing what I do best, cause some cha… Sulfern thought was stopped by something in the area. He felt something strange enter the discussion chamber. Well well well, I must say, this was unexpected. I think my crazed ideas will have to take a break for now. Let’s see just how well the Lord of Tachyon handles this one? Oh what fun this will be.

Neoum noticed that Sulfern was stirring from the corner of Neoum’s eye. He realised that if something was catching his attention must mean that something was going to happen. (I’m rather impressed that you have been so concentrated on pushing with your idea of pleasing the standards, but if we continue these ideas in the modern state of the Order, we will only be pushed further away.) (Neoum, we have been doing this for thousands of years. I don’t see how you could simply start deciding what is, or isn’t effient to the modern makeup of the grand Order of Tachyon.) Neoum wasn’t very focused to the conversation anymore, he was able to start thinking of the best way to prevent mass casualties from occurring, yet without exposing the fact that he had involvement. ) Maybe if I were to use my reserves on the podiums so that it will be able to spread fast enough to block or possibly deflect the attack. Wait, maybe the best thing to do would be to let them all know before things get out of hand. I know I should be more open with them, but with the fact that they don’t even know me like how they know one another, I feel that they will see the fact of the origins of the report to be a slap in the face. I shouldn’t let this become worse than it needs to be. (Before we continue the topic of universal exploration, I think you all should know that something is wrong, very wrong with the state of this meeting. Just remember that you should be ready to defend the Order at all cost, and be the protectors the Universe demands.) (Neoum, what are you going on about, we need to establish that you need to go back to the fourth galaxy to advance the efforts of bringing the Universe together.) (Hey now Jadsender, I would take a moment to understand what it was that Neoum  was trying to past on. I think he might just be saving you from a lot of trouble later.) (Sulfern, I don’t care what it is that Neoum wants, this is bigger than simple wants, so if we can just focus at the task at hand , and just get the rest of this degenerate activity that you wanted us to do so I can go back to the important projects that I need to finish! I believe that it’s….) A loud crackling was coming from the nearby rooms.

(Who dares to interrupt our meeting with such displeasing noise. I demand that we have one of the guards bring a halt to the noise so that we can get back to the issue at hand. Neoum, how many elites are here to guard the facility? I would like to know how long it will take for them to accomplish the task.) (Well, the thing is that we couldn’t afford to allow the Elites leave their post for the fact that they were all needed in one way or another, and so we have just a couple of the Tachyeans that work these grounds as our muscle if you will. Sorry if that isn’t what you wanted to hear, but I can’t say there’s a better answer than that.) The noises were getting louder, and the ground that made up the conference room was starting to glitch apart. The Elders were upset with the fact that they didn’t have proper protection that would be necessary for the Lord of Tachyon. (Why did you allow this to happen Neoum, I was hoping that you would actually care for us, but I guess that you wanted us to suffer just like you would. I hope your happy because now an unexpected guest has decided to ruin our meeting.) (I know that I have failed to have the guarantee of our protection, but I will tell you that I was informed by an outside source that the assailant that has been after me will be the same entity as the one that is coming our way. I wanted to inform you all sooner, but the source that provided the information wouldn’t be the exact person you would want to obtain such messages from. I will reveal who did later, but we need to prepare to defend our Order in any means necessary.) (how dare you not inform us sooner, I don’t care if even Sulfern was the one who gave you the information, I demand an explanation!) (I have found no way of creating a just reason, but I shouldn’t have been so selfish with my knowledge. Let me make it up to you by protecting us as my role should be doing.)

 Neoum left the room to confront the coming enemies. He knew that this would most likely cost him a great deal of judgement.He only cared for their protection, and yet he allow them to be in harm's way for a tedious meeting. How could I let this get so out of hand, I should have been up front with the reality of the situation, but I know exactly why I did it. I feared that they would think of me being in communication with the Crime himself, feared the result of failing to protect them from attacks like this, I feared the failure of not being able to have my agenda followed  properly, but most of all I feared that I was losing my power over the situation. I wanted to be able to have full access to help everyone faster, I know that there’s too much for my abilities to handle. I just wanted to fix the problem, but I seem that for however much good I try to do, someone suffers from my decisions. The ball was the time for my first impression on them, but I failed for the fact of the lives taken that night , I failed to protect Wendel at her time of need, I failed to help jelnory to have my arrival so late, and for the fact that she has to bare seeing the child of the man that she desired most in this universe. I have only another failure from this experience to remember, along with the other memories of every Lord of Tachyon before me, except my father. He could have prevented all of this., yet I couldn’t. What matters now though is to prevent what I can from this assailant.

Neoum had approached the door emitting the most noise. He was ready for anything. He entered the room only  to fine on of the servers that was going to have the meal ready at the end of the hour. (Have you been making all the racket young Tachyean.) (No my lord, I simply have been hiding from the person that’s been coming through in a hostile manner. I don’t feel that he knows where he…) The next moment the Tachyean server felt to the ground, had seemed to been put into a state of shock. Neoum was able to see in the corner of his eye that there was a shard in the side of the server’s tal. He then moved just in time to dodge the attack. Neoum was able to see that there was only the one assailant, the person was cloaked, thus he couldn’t tell what species he was. The assailant drew forth a Tachyium blade, very narrow and had little detail to i. Neoum drew his sword ready to battle, then the assailant slashed at the ceiling causing sparks off the Tachyium interior. Neoum prepared to defend from an incoming attack only to see the assailant flying directly over his head as it started to run toward the direction of the other Elders. Neoum went to catch up to him, but the assailant throw similar shards to the one that incapacitated the server, thus Neoum had to defend. When Neoum started to defend the shards, he noticed that when it hit the blade of his sword, the energy of the sword was decreasing. Neoum started to try using his shield  from his reserve supply, but the shield was even weakening from the shards, thus Neoum knew they were absorbing the energy from the Tachyium. Neoum went head to then avoid each wave of shards that came at him until Neoum was able to reach the assailant. Neoum went for an attack directly at the assailant’s back, but the assailant caused more sparks after stopping to let Neoum fly over. Neoum then went for the finishing blow only to see that the assailant had already disappeared from the cloak nd te area. Neoum stopped his swing, but was only confused as to why they left their cloak like that.  Neoum was disappointed by the result, but knew there was things to finish.

Neoum took the cloak back to the Elders and explained that he couldn’t catch the assailant, and about the shards that stole the energy from the Tachyium. Sulfern then interrupted,( why are we just standing around here, we have to finish what we started please. I know you all have “busy” schedules, and so do I, so can we just get this over with.) The others Elders were a bit irritated by his comment, but realized he was right, and that if the assailant left then they could finish with haste.

 As the last hours of the meeting went on, not one person went to Neoum’s side other than Jelnory, but she seemed to not be very happy with how things had turned out. Neoum tried as much as he could to get the attention of the last remaining Elders, but it seemed that with the result of the earlier situation, it has become useless to try to obtain their trust. Jadsender was rather satisfied with how the turnaround was going. By the time of the last hour, Sulfern was the last person to have to go to a side, and each side  was now tied in terms of representation. Neoum had at this point knew that he would have to try his all in order to convince Sulfern to go to his side. The problem would only be the fact that Sulfern has seen the results of the mistakes that Neoum has made. Neoum figured that he had already lost, but went to release what was needed to at least try to convince the Mighty Sulfern.

Neoum prepared his ideas for one more push, but Sulfern decided that he wanted to jump into the air from the platform that he made earlier into Neoum’s side of the wall. The meeting was over, Neoum had won, and then Jelnorlus went to the Master Elder’s podium. {Okay, everyone back to their seats, I will call an end to this meeting with on last statement.} The rest of the Elders hurried to their locations to hear the final decision. {In the results of Sulfern’s game, it seems that the winner will be the Lord of Tachyon, I hope you all have a fair rest for this month, until the time we all gather again. Neoum felt that was no real satisfaction from the results of the meeting, but realized that there might have be a change that will help the others, as well as trust issues developing. Neoum then went over to Sulfern, a bit confused. {Thank you Sulfern, you gave me the winning vote.} {Neoum, I tell you that this little game the Elders have been playing needs to end before things got out of hands. I’m proud to say that you were the best option when it came to what I needed to vote for, but don’t expect me to just roll over for you anymore, okay. I wouldn’t very much appreciated if you have these garbage expectations like that. Anyways, I could hear your thoughts still, took long enough by the way. I would say that you have hidden the truth of your mind better than any other that I’ve seen. I just hope  that you didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to breach your mind, for no matter how much stronger than me you are, I have the key to your brain Neoum, just remember that.} {Okay then Sulfern, I will be better, and just reveal the truth once I see the opportunity of doing such.} Neoum hoped that Sulfern could trust him enough to not get upset by the next statement. {Neoum, don’t bother, I already know. One day you to will understand just how important I am.} with that, Sulfern flew off, towards the abyss.


        Neoum had found Jelnorlus by herself in one of the hallways, a bit gloomy from earlier it seemed. {I know I didn’t let you all know what I was doing with Jacen. I regret not telling all of you before hand, but I knew that would create its own problems that we wouldn’t have been able to focus on the task of defending from the assailant. I want you to know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt the order of our universe. I let you and the rest of the Elders down, and I feel that if you all feel that your roles would contribute better to the Universe than mine would, I will be glad to give up my power over to you. Just remember to tell me when, in fact, you should just have things go back to how they were before I caused this horrid mess.} Jelnory stared at him for a while. She seemed empty of porper input, like she wanted to have someone else handle this, but then she began. {I know all you were aiming for was a successful meeting. I realize that you required this result for your goals of having proper control of the Order so that we can move on. The only problem, and unfortunately being the greater problem we could have, is that you would have allowed the assailant to come here, and deal with it when it did. You don’t understand what was wrong with that decision for the fact that you don’t care of your safety, but all of us do, for how we may disagree with you from time to time and control your role as the Lord of Tachyon, we desperately need you to continue to survive. Your survival is what keeps this Order going, if you die, the rest of our control would be lost. There would no longer be hope that the Order can defend the rights, and goals of the people, leading to the Tachyeans, the Order, the peace, the dream that Eletruthez has been aiming for since our creation. I know you just want to help the people, and we tried to let you do so, but putting your life at risk is just too much for all of us to handle, except maybe Sulfern, but you know where I’m going with this.} {I understand . I just need some way to end this, and with the assailant in the way, it’s hard to actually help with the major problems that we are facing. I feel so defeated right now Jelnorlus, and I don’t have the answer to fix this.} Neoum fell to the ground, his radiating glow coming to a slight gleam of light with less transparency. He had stayed in that state for the rest of the evening, with Jelnorlus checking on him every once in a while. The last time she look upon him that night, she only could think.

He hasn’t fix anything today, in his eyes . He will come to learn that someone cares more than he thinks, but that’s just for speculation. I on the other hand will need more out of him than he will ever know. Please my young Lord, understand that you have so much, and that we all have noticed. I will make sure that you are able to get through this, one way or another.