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Pong Club Reopen
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Hello Pong Club members,

Pong Club September report

Hello everyone!

Pong Club just wrapped up a terrific Table Tennis summer considering the Covid scenario and a scaled-back opening. We’ve had some returning Pong Club members as well as some new members join us. We want to thank everyone for your continued support, responses to surveys, interest in coaching, and general feedback. Pong Club is truly fortunate to have dedicated members and supporters to help keep the club open during these tough times for all.

We have received significant inquiries as to the status of the club with respect to the Covid situation. We are taking  this  opportunity to provide everyone with a club status report regarding safety and operations.


Coaching at Pong Club is still available!

We are still taking all precautions mentioned in our previous announcement. There will be additional supplies available such as,  hand sanitizer, gloves, and cleaners.

All new members are encouraged to review the Coaching Intro Pack.

Please contact coach Cesar T. Serna with any questions/inquiries.   210-857-4992


Our highest priority is to make sure all players and spectators feel safe and comfortable with the Pong Club environment. The Soccer Zone and Pong Club have implemented safety protocols and measures in light of the COVID -19 environment.


2020 COVID-19 Protocol effective until further notice



In order to adhere to social distancing and COVID protocols we are temporarily moving to a reservation system of daily play.



Protocol to help reduce risk and contact




General playing protocol



Please use general good common sense when visiting the Soccer Zone and participating at Pong Club ATX. Note that we cannot control the general population at soccer zone but if you notice unsafe behavior please report it to us and we’ll bring it up with soccer zone management. General safe practices available at the CDC.



Contact Pong Club coach Cesar T. Serna ( for any reservation issues or inquiries.




Pong Club


Table Tennis nationwide appears to be making a steady reintroduction into the community. The United States Association of Table Tennis once again is holding sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments. The San Antonio Table Tennis club has already begun to hold tournaments with international level players. This is likely due to the socially distant nature of Table Tennis and effective protocols that can be implemented within most Table Tennis clubs, including Pong Club.

Our objective of this September report is to provide current members, prospective members, and any other individual interested in visiting Pong Club, with the most current information about the club in order to make the best possible decision for your return to the club or to visit for the first time.

Personal note from Coach Cesar T. Serna

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a persuasion report to get you to go to the club. This is an informatory piece for anyone considering attending Pong Club again or for the first time. Everyone has to make their own best decision.

We want you to have a complete picture of the club status which includes the most up to date  information about Pong Club in order for you to make the best possible decision regarding attending. While, we would love to have you play at Pong Club, please always think about yourself, loved ones, and anyone else you might encounter in your perseverance throughout  these COVID times. Do what you feel is safe/best/correct for yourself, friends, and family.

See you at the table soon!


Full club/facility view

Individual court view