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2020 VeeRG FV Rules
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2020 VeeRG FV Challenge Series

Vehicle Specifications and Rules

For questions regarding eligibility, please contact:

Sam Ryan (570) 233-6485

NEW:  Rules violations penalties

Any car found not to be compliant may have their lap count deducted from the total points earned for each event.

The VeeRG Formula Vee series is comprised of 2 distinct Formula Vee classes for single seat, open wheel race cars.

These classes are:

  1. FV Vintage (FVv):  
  1. Formula Vee through 1970 with Z-Bar rear suspension

  1. FV Historic (FVh): 
  1. Formula Vee 1970-1975 with Z-bar or zero-roll suspension comprised of dual shock/spring units (coil overs).


Formula Vee is a restricted class. Therefore, any allowable modifications, changes or additions are as stated herein. There are no exceptions.


Vintage Formula Vee is a class for single seat racing cars based on components from the standard Volkswagen 1200 series Type l, U.S. model sedan, as originally manufactured and imported by VW in 1961. Any Formula Vee manufactured prior to January 1, 1976, is eligible provided it complies with the following rules:

A. No component of the engine, power train, front suspension, or brakes shall be altered, modified or changed, nor be of other than VW manufacture, unless specifically authorized herein.

B. The bodywork is the original bodywork, or is substantially identical to the bodywork installed when the car was originally manufactured.

C. The car must originally have been manufactured two springs and two shocks as the supporting devices for the rear suspension.


Wheels shall be standard VW 4 or 4.5 inch slotted or solid wheels.

Approved Tires:

  1. Hoosier or Dunlop Vintage treaded Formula Vee tires or
  2. Any type and size of tire [radial, bias-ply or factory treaded racing] that may be safely fitted to the above specified rims
  3. Slicks, hand-grooved, special wet racing tires, or recapped tires are NOT allowed.
  4. Minimum overall rear tire diameter is 24 inches.


The engine shall be a standard VW 1200 power plant with an 1192 cc displacement.  Engine specifications are defined as those included in the 2018 Monoposto FV rules ( with the exceptions of:

  1. External oil cooler and remote oil filter are allowed.
  2. Either a 6 volt or 12 volt electrical system may be used.
  3. All cars must have working fan for cooling which includes a fan shroud and fan powered by a belt driven from a generator and stand.
  4. The generator, armature, brushes, and voltage regulator must all be in place and functioning. Nothing must be done to interfere with the normal battery charging function of the generator.  Gutted, non-functioning generators are not allowed.


Brake drums, backing plates, brake shoes, and wheel cylinders shall be standard 1192 VW sedan or exact replacement parts. Ribbed-type rear brake drums may be used and any type lining material may be used on the brake shoes. The car shall be equipped with a dual braking system operated by a single control. A separate hand brake is not required. Brake lines may be of any suitable material, including steel braided lines.


Specifications are defined as those included in the 2017 Monoposto FV rules with the exceptions of:

  1. Mounting the front shock absorbers behind the vertical shock mounting fixture is not permitted.  No front shock extenders allowed.
  2. Cars with the later “mono-spring” type zero-roll suspensions are not eligible for this series.
  3. The rear suspension shall be of the "single trailing arm" type, with two coil springs and two telescopic shock absorbers. Z-bar or zero-roll camber control devices may be used.
  4. Not allowed to use computer or digital aids for suspension tuning.
  5. The body may be made of metal, aluminum, fiberglass, or any original material.  Kevlar or carbon fiber are not allowable for body panels other than for reinforcement for driver protection.