APRIL 18 – 28, 2019



1. AIM

a. The 30th Ankara International Film Festival, organized by the World Mass Media Research Foundation, will be held between April 18 – 28 2019, aims to present the artistic qualities of the cinema, to assist the masters and the new creators of the world cinema, to present high quality productions to the audiences and to contribute to the development of Turkish and world cinema industries


a. Feature films, documentaries, experimental, fiction and animation shorts, screened after April 29, 2018 in DCP and other digital formats can apply to the competition.

b. The films submitted to the festival are evaluated by the Festival Executive Board. The results are announced no later than Monday, March 4, 2019.

c. To participate in the festival, the application form in Festival’s webpage (http://www.filmfestankara.org.tr) should be filled until Friday, February 1, 2019 to be printed out, signed, scanned and sent as an e-mail to programmeassistant@filmfestankara.org.tr

d. The screening copies of the films, that are accepted to participate to the competition should be delivered before Friday, April 1, 2019, in the format specified by the Festival Executive Board. The copies should be delivered to World Mass Media Research Foundation, Ankara International Film Festival, Farabi Sokak 29/1, Çankaya 06690, by the legal owner or the sales representative of the film.

e. The films participating to the festival are screened with both English and Turkish subtitles if in a foreign language. If the screening copy of the film does not include Turkish subtitles, the festival prepares electronic subtitles for the film from the English dialogue list provided.

f. The DVD and Blu-ray copies of the films are not to be returned to their owners. They will be kept in Festival’s archives for research purposes.

g. Authenticity of the stated information in the application form and any legal problem that can be encountered, are under the responsibility of the signature holder. All copyright infringement claims that can come from the third parties as a result of the unoriginal content (text, music, image, etc.) in the work submitted are under the responsibility of the applicant (legal owner or sales representative).


Documents needed to be uploaded during the submission:

a.        At least 2 stills from the film (300 dpi)

b.        Photo(s) of the Director(s) (300 dpi)

c.        Poster of the Film (300 dpi)

d.        Turkish/English Dialogue List


a. The Festival Executive Board reserves the right to remove the films that don’t meeting the technical specifications or legal qualifications required and sufficient for public screening, from the screening program. The authority of any resolution concerning subjects not separately established in the regulations belongs to the Ankara International Film Festival Executive Board. Producers, directors, actors, actresses and others contributed to the film are all considered to have accepted these regulations. The legal owner of the film is responsible for informing the film’s contributors about these regulations.