S2 Capital Background
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   Welcome to S2 Capital!

Our backgrounds:

We (Samvit Ramadurgam and Sohail Prasad) are Y Combinator alumni and repeat founders. Most recently, we founded Forge (forgeglobal.com): the operating system for the private market. Today, Forge transacts billions in pre-IPO stock, has over $10B in assets under custody, and has raised over $100M in financing from institutions, including our partners: TD Ameritrade, Deutsche Borse, BNP Paribas, and Munich Re. We also recently acquired SharesPost for $160M, and an alternative asset custodian for $55M, to accelerate our expansion into new verticals.

We have also been active seed investors for the last 6 years. We work diligently to help our portfolio companies at their key inflection points. Over the past years we have helped companies with navigating legal battles, sourcing and interviewing executives, international expansions, growth strategies, and even with orchestrating and negotiating acquisitions.

The way we see it, we have a tremendous amount of scar tissue built up from our years doing startups, and that allows us to be empathetic and uniquely helpful to the companies we work with when they call upon us.

Image: Sohail and Samvit pose for the camera as they make their Series B announcement.

Our seed portfolio highlights:

Rappi: Commerce app for Latin America. Last valued at $2.5B. https://www.rappi.com/

Rippling: Salesforce for HR data. Last valued at $1.35B. https://www.rippling.com/

Notion: Digital workspace for teams. Last valued at $2B. https://www.notion.so/

Retool: No-code internal tool platform. Last valued at almost $1B. https://retool.com/

Zenefits: Enterprise HR. Once valued at $4.5B. https://www.zenefits.com/

Some of our emerging seed portfolio companies:

Lambda School: ISA-based software school. Raised $48M from GGV, Google Ventures, Bedrock.

Astranis: Small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Raised $90M Series B from Venrock and Andreessen Horowitz.

Mux: Stripe for video. Raised $37m Series C from Andreessen Horowitz.

PayFazz: Payments for Indonesia. Raised $53M Series B from B Capital, Tiger Global, and YC,

Vise.ai: Tech for Wealth Advisors. Raised Series A from Sequoia.

Superhuman: Blazing fast email experience. Raised $33M from Andreessen Horowitz.

Mattermost: High trust messaging for enterprises. Raised $50M Series B from YC.

Nurx: Telemedicine for women's health. Raised $91M.

Zeus: Tech-enabled property manager focused on corporate rentals. Raised $55M Series B from Airbnb.

Mercury: Banking for startups. Raised $20M.

Clearbit: Business Intelligence APIs. Raised $15m @ $205m valuation.

Eligible: Powerful APIs for the healthcare industry. Eligible.com

Numerai: AI tournament to predict the stock market (crypto). Raised $11m from Paradigm, Placeholder.

Second Measure: Insights from consumer spending data. Raised $20M from BVP, Goldman, JP Morgan, Citi Ventures.

Our growth portfolio (opportunistic private investments made at late stage, $500M+ valuations):

SpaceX, Flexport, Brex, Slack, Airbnb, Lyft, Impossible Foods, Stripe, EquipmentShare.

Image: Samvit & Sohail visit Simón Borrero (Founder of Rappi) in Bogota, Colombia, to catch up after Rappi’s Series D led by DST Global, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia.