NLGAMES 2020 Bay Roberts

Technical Packages for the NLGames are developed by the Provincial Sport Organization governing each respective sport. Questions should be directed to the Technical Chairperson as noted in Section 1 below, or to the SportNL Games Coordinator Stephanie Fowler by email or phone 709-576-3397.


John Hancock

Director of Competitive Cycling

Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador (BNL)

Para Cycling

Mel Fitzgerald

2.        CONVENER

Andy Poole

Director of Youth Cycling

Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador (BNL)


All team members and staff must be registered members of BNL as of July 26, 2020.


Male:                 Age 11 – 18 as of 31 December 2020

Female:                 Age 11 – 18 as of 31 December 2020

Paracyclists:         Age 11 – 18 as of 31 December 2020


5.1        ATHLETES

Female Team

8 Athletes (4 MTB / 4 Road) + 2 Para Athletes

Male Team

8 Athletes (4 MTB / 4 Road) + 2 Para Athletes


Regional Teams are permitted to carry a maximum of four staff; at least one of whom is designated as a Coach with NCCP certification, Sprockids Leader Training Certification or the UCI equivalent.

There must be at least one female staff member per region for the female athletes.

Each Special Olympic or Para Athlete is permitted to have an attendant. The attendant will be the same gender as the athlete, although exceptions will be considered upon request and based on the ability of the Host to accommodate.


All coaches, managers and attendants must be at least 19 years of age as of 31 December 2020.  

Staff designated as coaches must be trained to at least NCCP Sport Coach or UCI equivalent. BNL will determine the process for the selection of coaches and managers. This will be communicated to the Regional Coordinator for each region prior to the regional qualifier.

Attendants are subject to approval by the governing body (Special Olympics or Para), the PSO, and SportNL.


For information please contact the Convener as per Section 2.

8.        REGIONAL CONTACTS (Subject to change)

  1. St. John’s North – Ted Correa:
  2. Mount Pearl South – Mick Cutler:
  3. Avalon - Chris Boyce:
  4. Eastern – Andy Poole:
  5. Central – Mark Pinhorn:
  6. Western – Timothy MacKenzie:
  7. Labrador – Eric Skoglund:
  8. Host - TBA


Each regional team must be registered with the Host by 25 July 2020 through an online registration system that will be provided by the Host.


One coach or staff representative from each region and each sport is required to attend the following meetings in the Host region at the commencement of the NLGames:

  1. Coach / Manager General Meeting - date, time and location to be confirmed

Chaired by SportNL and including brief presentations from the Host Committee - will cover logistical information on transportation, accommodations, food services, entertainment, venues, etc.

  1. Sport Technical Meeting - date, time and location to be confirmed

Chaired by the Technical Chair of your sport - will cover sport-specific technical information for your competition.

11.        SANCTION

The cycling events will be sanctioned by Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador (BNL). The rules for this competition will be governed by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), Cycling Canada and BNL and overseen by the Race Commissaire for the event.

12.        SCHEDULE

Final schedules will be posted on in early August after regional teams are selected and registration is completed.

13.        VENUE

To be confirmed following further discussions with Host.

14.        MEDALS

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented in each event to the first, second and third place individual finishers and Para Cyclists. The MTB events will have a five-person podium as per UCI norms.


15.1  Competition Categories

  1. Under 15 on 31 December 2020
  2. Under 19 on 31 December 2020
  3. Para Cyclists

Note final competition categories’ are dependent on overall athlete participation. Athletes, may request to race in alternative category, subject to BNL / Race Commissaire approval.

15.2  Competition Events


  1.  Short-Track MTB Race approx. 1.5km in length (20 minute duration) run as a heat series to determine the final podium;
  2.  Cross-country Race approx. 4-6km per lap (1 hour duration)


  1.  Individual Time Trial approx. 15km in length, ridden individually against the clock;
  2.  Road Race approx. 75km total length and 5 laps (subject to final verification of the race route). Group start, which may be neutralised for a few km’s, depending on start location, with individual chip timing.

Note: Athletes may compete in more than one event.

15.3  Compulsory Equipment


Sport policies are under review and will be available at when complete.


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BICYCLE Technical Package 2020 Bay Roberts