Unit Title

Reading to win



Designed by

Mike Leyland

Time Frame

8 weeks

Stage 1- Desired Results

Establish Goals


Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.

Learners develop and satisfy personal curiosity by: 1. Reading widely and deeply in multiple formats and write and create for a variety of purposes. 2. Reflecting and questioning assumptions and possible misconceptions. 3. Engaging in inquiry-based processes for personal growth.

Learners develop through experience and reflection by: 1. Iteratively responding to challenges. 2. Recognizing capabilities and skills that can be developed, improved, and expanded. 3. Open-mindedly accepting feedback for positive and constructive growth.


Learners will be able to....

Reflect, using different tools, mediums and formats

Critique their peers, using critical thinking skills

Communicate their thoughts clearly

Share their thoughts clearly and openly

Use technology to identify their goals



Learners will understand that...

  • Their choices can influence their peer’s choices
  • Exploring different opinions, genres, and formats will help open their minds

Essential Questions

Learners will keep considering...

  • Why is it important to explore different kinds of literature?
  • What characteristics define a genre of literature
  • How can we share what we read with others?
  • How can we give valuable feedback to peers?


Learners  will know…

They can influence each other

The library can be more than just a place to get books.

Learners will be skilled at...

Reflecting on books they’ve read

Writing, drawing their thoughts

Critiquing each others work and giving valibale constructive feedback

Stage 2- Evidence


Learners will show that they understand by evidence of…

GRASPS Task written in student-friendly language:


Be a risk taker - read something new and different


Knowledge Seeker - “Knowledge begins when we don’t understand something” The more different kinds of stories and information you expose yourself to, the more knowledge you’ll receive.


Classmates and teachers


Read, reflect, and share…. Help a friend …. Repeat


The choice is their… Products could include  drawings, book reports, podcasts, video responses


Learners  will show they have achieved Stage 1 goals by demonstrating their understanding through the Six Facets of Understanding...


Students will explain why they picked a specific genre and book.


Students will interpret whether or not they a book was worth reading.


They will share their interpretation with others.  

Have perspective


They will give feedback to other students based, making suggestions and commendations.

Have self-knowledge

They’ll consider the feedback from their peers and make the changes, if they think it’s necessary to make their product  better.

Stage 3- Learning Plan

Time Frame

Learning Events

Progress Monitoring

1 week

Week 2

Week 3-8

Week 4-8

Launch the project. Watch the video. Get kids hooked. Explain the purpose of the project

Give students time to discuss with other students about which badges they will take on.

Students should have read at least 1 genre and chosen a way to share.

Students give feedback toe each other

Resources / Materials:

  • Books, computers, badge craft APP,