Devin Ronneberg

242 E Ave 41

Los Angeles, CA


Job Specific Skills:

  • Fabrication, tool, and tech skills
  • Rapid prototyping and development of objects, systems, and code
  • Electrical
  • 3D printing and modeling
  • File management and organization
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Software expertise:

Education |

California Institute of the Arts |

BFA Music Technology |

Digital Arts Minor |

Valencia, CA | 2015

Musicians Institute |

AA Recording Engineering |

Hollywood, CA | 2012

Alexander Hamilton High School Academy of Music |

Los Angeles, CA | 2010

Current Employment |

Lead Engineer & Fabricator | 2015 - current

Berkut Engineering and Design |

Design and fabrication of custom aircraft, parts, assemblies, and systems. Job requires knowledge and execution of highly specialized carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrication processes, refined tool and general shop skills in addition to applicable knowledge about aircraft maintenance, structural requirements, and electrical systems.  

Live Sound |

The Circuitry of Life| 2015

A large scale interactive, multimedia performance & installation sponsored by Redbull at Night and produced by Heather Shaw and Vita Motus Design Studio. Worked with John Baffa to help realize the unique, complicated audio challenges presented by the space.

Private Selection Presents | 2011 - current

Self Produced and performed at dozens of events including finding spaces, booking artists, setting  up and troubleshooting sound and media installations in very short time spans for audiences between 100 and 2000 people.

Front Of House Engineer | 2012-2015

Worked as FoH engineer and technical director for CalArts’ Roy O. Disney

Concert Hall and Wild Beast Performance Space, mixing live performances and overcoming complex technical challenges multiple times a week for 3 years.

Teaching |

Teaching Assistant | 2013-2015

TA for Advanced Production Techniques and Advanced Concert Production in CalArts music tech department assisting Grammy award winning recording engineer John Baffa with development and execution of lesson plans and practical recording situations.

Private Production Lessons | 2013 -  current

Lessons covering a wide range of audio production techniques from DAW basics, to advanced recording, mixing, and mastering techniques.

Sound/Media Art Installations |

Searching | 2015

Installation for interaction with

spatialized speakers and proximity sensors, that explores our relationship to the ever increasing amount of information presented to us and our ability to filter signal from noise.

Innerspace | 2016

Multimedia installation featuring digital works by 3d visual Artists Crash Override and Raycast Future Fantasy and sculptures and installation pieces fabricated by Devin Ronneberg.

Multimedia Production |

Suzanne Kite | 2014 - 2018

Technical Director, Producer, and Fabricator for several of Suzanne Kite's performances, productions, and installations. Skills included: sound and video production and installation, custom software design, interface design, event production, composite sculpture design, execution of complex setup and performance interactions in very short time frames, prepatorial installation, event production and precise execution.

Audio Engineering |

Gin Wigmore Sessions | 2014

Second Engineer, recording for Gin Wigmore's album Blood to Bone at Blakeslee Recording,assisting Steve Rusch as lead engineer

Dizzy Gilespie Digital Recording Studio | 2012-2015

Audio Engineer for hundreds of recordings in wide range of instruments and genres: jazz, folk, experimental, world music, indie, acoustic, electric, electronic, classical, vocal and voiceover.

Assistant Engineer / Studio Manager|

Blakeslee Recording 2015-16|

Studio and Recording Assistant at Blakeslee Recording owned by Raphael Saadiq. Assisting with sessions from setup to breakdown and everything in between. Running Protools / Tape Machine, designing and executing mic setups for all recording situations, to interfacing with Artists in a pleasing and comfortable manner.

Mixing / Mastering | 2013 - current

Mixing and mastering engineer for numerous records and releases ranging from Techno to Ambient. A few recent releases:

Western Versions - Louisiana Coda 

111 - Paradise

Unheard Records - Stillness is Resistance

Bakah - Morphing XYZ

Dreams - Twisted Karma

Suzanne Kite - Omega

References |

John Baffa | Grammy Award Winning Professional Audio Expert and director of performance spaces for the CalArts music department.

Steve Rusch | Professional Mix and Recording engineer. Formerly head engineer at Westlake Studios, he is now head engineer at Blakeslee Rec.

Dave Ronneberg | Master Fabricator and Aircraft Designer