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Article Development


Read websites, articles, fanzones, Daily Mail (!) celebrity gossip, features, newspapers, tweets, social media links.

Key topics for discussion?

What is currently trending, in the news? Ideas to include?

Grace kelly dating B-Lal

Key Terms/Language?

What phrases/slang/genre specific terms might you use to attract your target audience?

 drum machine-backed rhythms

disco era

 dance-inspired beats



Key Questions?

Remember to ask ‘open questions’, although closed ones can serve a purpose too.

  • How did you two meet?
  • Why did you decide to make it official?
  • Would you two ever collaborate in an album?
  • How did your fans react when you made this official?
  • Grace, I’ve heard you like a man that is in touch with his feminine side. How does B match up to that?
  • Have you faced any problems with each other yet? Any bad habits?
  • B, what is your opinion on some of the hate Grace has received over her new music video?

Uses and Pleasures? (Blumler and Katz)

Will your audience be satisfied?  Personal Identity, Social Interaction, Entertainment, Education?


Check your @ word count availability first.


Introduce the issue - sum up, precis what the reader is likely to learn from the article.

Headline and Standfirst.

‘I do believe in love at first sight’

Could this be the new couple of the year, or the century? Or will it be dating gone wrong?

Background - Context

The article is likely to outline a brief past history of the person or event which the article concerns, so that readers are fully aware of the necessary facts and reason why the article has been written and what has led to the current state of affairs.

Paragraph 1.

Here at Cloudnine, we were lucky enough to get an interview with the gorgeous Grace Kelly and her new mystery beau. We will be talking about some embarrassing subjects, but also some touchy ones, so hold tight boys and girls!

Discussion, Q and A or interview.

The article is likely to return to the present-day situation at this point, discussing and giving different viewpoints of the person or event, with details and examples and quotations, and making comparisons with the past or with similar topics. Though the writer’s own viewpoint maybe inferred, alternative views must be given equal weight and other voices heard.  

Paragraph 2 and 3.

‘So Grace, it's lovely to speak to you and B-Lal, thank you for coming along.’

G ‘Thank you for having us.’

‘So how did you two meet?’ 

G ‘We have always been friends, but after the MTV awards, there was a small party and we just ended up hitting it off. This was after sending a few cheeky text messages to each other though.’

‘Why did you decide to make this official?’

G ‘Well, I guess you have to after a while. I'm not one to keep my life a secret. Everything is either on my Instagram or Twitter. I wouldn’t have fallen for B if he was one to keep his love life a secret, that's for sure.’

‘Would you two ever decide to collaborate in an album.’

G ‘To be honest, we have thought about it. I would be honoured to make a collaboration as our voices work well together. I just think it would be a little bit corny for a boyfriend and girlfriend to make a song together. But that's just my opinion.’

‘How did your fans react when you made it official?’

G ‘My fans are lovely people. They have supported me since day one and I doubt that would change because of the person I’m dating.

‘And what about your fans, B?’

B ‘In the nicest way possible, everyone is going to go through change in their lives. If someone isn’t accepting to that than they are obviously not true fans.’

‘Grace, I've heard you like a man that is in touch with his feminine side. How does B match up to that?’

G ‘Oh god, I totally forgot that I said that. I wouldn't say he's feminine as such, but he's very sensitive.’

‘What do you mean by ‘sensitive’?’

G ‘Lets just say, he’s cried to ‘The Notebook’.’

B ‘Babe, you’re not supposed to tell people that.’

‘Have you two faced any problems with each other yet? Any bad habits?’

G ‘Erm, well, B likes to sing Celine Dion in the shower. It was entertaining at first, I just can’t really deal with all of those high notes at 6 in the morning anymore. Sorry babe.’

‘What about you, B?’

B ‘Haha - okay, Grace absolutely adores clothes, fashion and makeup which I think is kinda cute. However, when you walk into our bedroom, it's like a bomb has just hit. Does she clean it up? No. I had to get my carpet replaced last month as she had an ‘accident’ with her nail varnish.

‘B, what is your opinion on some of the hate Grace has received over her new music video?’

B ‘I don't want to upset anybody, but this ‘issue’ that people have with this video is so pathetic. For people that haven’t seen the video ‘Crazy ‘bout You’, one of the amazing back-up dancers in it is a transgender woman. The amount of hate that Grace and this woman have been receiving over this is disgusting. The one thing you need to remember about life is that you really can’t impress everyone and make everyone happy, especially if it involves changing who you are.’

Prediction - Future?

At this point the article may deal with the future developments or predicted outcome of the present situation, e.g. that a person will go on to become even more famous and successful, or that a current predicament will become worse if nothing is done about it.

Paragraph 4.


The article needs a neat conclusion, which may be an ironic reference or humorous comment, or an evaluation of the different viewpoints, or a reference back to the beginning of the article, or a quotation.

Paragraph 5.

There you have it boys and girls!

Now Draft your article together and lay it out on the DPS so that you can see if the word count is appropriate, if it fits and how it looks on the page.