Life Groups 

Spring Session 2019-Week 7 (3/17/19) 

Turn Your Broken Dreams Into God Dreams

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My generation has been told that if we dream it, we can have it. You want to be president? You can do it. You want to be a famous actor? You can do it. With enough hard work, you can make all your dreams come true. God does fulfill dreams, just not my dreams. God is in the business of fulfilling his dreams.  How inconsistent, dramatic and chaotic would our life be if God answered every one of “our” dreams?

Growing to be like Christ

  1.  Read 2 Kings 3:6,7-Chasing a God dream will bring you closer to your destiny. King Jehoram’s plan was to muster all of Israel. Has there been a time when you lunged forward with your plan without asking God about it? How did it turn out?

  2. Read Hebrews 11:1-When the vision that you see around you doesn’t match up with what God has spoken inside of you, sometimes you’ve got to close your eyes and hold on to what you’ve heard from God and know that your faith will not fail you. Has there been a time that you felt this way in your life?

  3.  Read 2 Kings 3:9,10-Obviously the army and cattle were in need of water badly. What are some ways that we can turn our dry times over to God?

  4. We see great things that God is doing through a person but we don’t realize that before they ever saw a drop of rain, they dug a lot of ditches. What ditches do you need today for your marriage? Your children? Your career? Your future?

  1. Read 2 Kings 3:15,16-Only God can send the water, but he wants you to dig ditches. If you want to see some water in your life, then dig a ditch. Put your faith into action by digging some ditches. What’s a big vision you have that you need God’s help in accomplishing? What small ditches might you need to dig to begin the process of making that vision a reality?

-Conclude in prayer

“God dreams will always direct you to Him.”