Dear 2020 Craftproducers Exhibitor, 

Welcome to our 2020 season! We look forward to a fun and profitable season with you. This letter contains important information, so read it carefully. You will receive more information about each show closer to the show date. If you need to contact us with any questions or concerns, call 802.316.5019 or email us at We will also have informational updates on our website at, so check it regularly. This document includes the following sections:

For the most current information on any subject please check the exhibitor page of our website.


Invoices: You will only receive one invoice from us this year and it will include all your shows. Invoice line items will indicate booth sizes for each show with separate line items for corners. To ensure you have the correct booth and show assignments, please verify that the information on the invoice is correct. If it is not, contact us immediately.

Discounts: Please see the additional attached document for an explanation of discounts for early payment,

To Pay With a Credit Card: We no longer are allowed to keep credit card information on file. To pay by credit card,  you must complete the attached form and send it to us.  Charges will be done when we receive the form. Due to the high cost of credit card processing fees, a 3% charge will be added for credit cards. A credit card authorization form is attached with this email. Please complete it and mail/email/fax it to us.

Check Debit: We can directly debit your checking account. This is treated exactly like a check. If you would like us to do this, please fill out the attached form and send it to us. Again, we will do the debit when we receive the form..

Cancellation Fee: If you cancel a show, we expect professional courtesy; an email, or a phone call will suffice. As stated on our application, there is a minimum cancellation fee of $150 for each show cancelled. Once the final payment due date for a show has passed and you cancel, there might be a partial refund if we are able to fill your space. No refunds are available within 30 days of a  show.

Finder’s Fee: We are always on the lookout for new exhibitors. Encourage an artist to apply, make sure he or she tells us you are the reason, and we’ll pay you a $50 finder’s fee which we will either apply to your open invoice or, if your invoice is paid, we will issue you a credit for the future.

Responsibility: Although there is much we are responsible for, we are not responsible for the weather, war, acts of God, and so on. If a show is canceled due to events beyond our control, there will be no refunds. If Craftproducers decides to cancel a show, based on a decision we control, refunds will be issued.


Sales Tax: For any NY show, You MUST have a NYS Sales Tax ID. You MUST send a copy of the ID to us via mail.. You MUST display the certificate in your booth. If you need more info on sales tax, contact NYS Dept of Taxation.. There is more info here


For Vermont shows, if you don't already have a Vermont tax number, you need to contact the Vermont Department of Taxes, PO Box 547, Montpelier, VT 05609 or call 802.828.2551.

Camping: Free camping is available at all Vermont shows. At all  Vermont shows, camping is free but without showers or hookups. Hookups are available at the Saratoga Balloon and BBQ Festival. Anyone camping there must pay and post an approved certificate in your windshield. The fees are $10 per night per campsite and $30 per night for a hookup.

Demonstrations: If you wish to demonstrate at a show, we may be able to give you extra space inside the tent at no additional charge. If your demo is outdoors, call for details.

Lodging: For lodging information contact the Chambers of Commerce around the locations of the shows. If you find good deals, let us know so we can tell other exhibitors. Even better, share your finds on our Exhibitor Message Board (link on the Exhibitor Info page of our website). Also, use the Internet services like Priceline, Expedia, etc.

Pets: No pets are allowed in the tents or festival area during show hours. Pets are allowed in the camping area and during setup, breakdown, and outside of show hours. Dogs are not allowed at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds.

Booth Spaces: At our tented Vermont show in Stowe, we use 100’ wide tents. There are six rows, two perimeter and four center rows. While we don’t want to nickel and dime you, if you want to be certain to be on the perimeter, there will be a $50 space guarantee for a perimeter or center space. Obviously there will be plenty of center spaces. However, while we do our best to honor your request,  if you  really want a perimeter space, we advise you to reserve it in advance.

In Bennington this year, we will not provide a  large tent.  All exhibitors will bring their own tents. In Manchester, we are inside Riley Rink. There are No perimeter booths. .

Security: There is security at all shows. However, we wish to remind you that your booth and your work are your responsibility. Upon closing each day, no one will be allowed to reenter the tents or buildings. 

Specialty Food Exhibitors:  VT exhibitors selling wine or spirits need a permit from VT DLC 802-828-2345. NY exhibitors need a Farmers Market permit as we are a designated Farmers Market.


Press Information, Publicity, and the Website. We did a good job last year getting photos of your work and links to your email and website addresses in the ‘Our Artists’ section of the website. We are also collecting short bios and action photos, which we are using to develop the press section on the site. The best material we have will be used for the press releases that we place with newspapers and in the program inserts.

If we do not have a bio and  good action photos of you working in your studio, please try to send them by email so we can use them. If, at any time, you want us to use a different photo of you or your work, please let us know and send us the new photo either by email with a note to replace the photo on the site.

Also on the website this year, show information such as setup and directions will be posted so you can easily look it up when needed.

If you want to use our graphics to put  on your website or postcards, contact us. Believe it or not, contacting your customers before a show will increase the odds of you having a successful show.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 802.316.5019.