Northeast Ohio Charter League Incorporation (NOCL, Inc.)

League By-Laws Basketball


Rules not specifically referred to in the bylaws shall be regulated under the official guidelines of the Northeast Ohio Charter League. The league advisors have the final say about removal of teams, players or coaches due to unsportsmanlike conduct or physical violence.

All league meetings are mandatory. If a representative from your school does not attend the league meetings, your school will not receive the schedule. If it is a mid-season meeting your team will forfeit the following game.

All coaches and volunteers must obtain a pupil activity permit, or they will not be permitted to coach. All requirements can be found at:

Requirement courses can be found on:

This is a mandatory requirement No exceptions!

Article I: Eligibility of Players


An eligible student must be a regularly enrolled fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grader of a league participating school.


Schools may choose to combine 5th/6th or 7th/8th grades to form teams, therefore students are eligible to participate in a school other than that in which he/she is enrolled, as League participating schools shall deem appropriate. Only if their school does not offer that particular sport.


Students who have been retained a year or more and/or are age 15 or greater before September 30th, are ineligible to play.


The school administration, league President, and Vice President shall have the authority to declare a student ineligible for participation in league activities based on poor sportsmanship, poor citizenship and/or academic eligibility.


Article II: Provisions Governing Contest

2.1 Trophies

Trophies and other awards will be purchased and distributed according to league representative decisions regarding tournaments and league play. All participation awards will be the responsibility of the individual participating schools should they choose to do so.

2.2 Admission to Events

Admission to league games will be $5.00 for adults $2.00 for students and all children five and under to be given free admission. League Tournament admission prices will also be $5.00 for adults $2.00 for students and all children five and under to be given free admission.


Article III: Basketball (Boys and Girls)


Basketball season will begin in the second week of January


Each team is responsible for having a scorekeeper to work the clock.


Each team will be given a ten minute grace period. After the ten minute has passed that team will forfeit the game and the win will automatically go to the opposing team. If the team shows fifteen minutes after the start time they may play only one half, but it will not count. This is so the players may have a chance to play.


A team may start a game with only four players. If a player’s name is not in the book at the start of the game and enters the game that team will be charged with a technical. All players’ names even if they are not there should be entered in the book.


Each team must have a team binder. In the binder you must have the roster, emergency contact forms, physicals, coach’s pupil activity permit, and eligibility forms. You must also have the schools eligibility requirements.  No player shall be allowed to play who does not meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the schools, or who does not have a current physical.


Article IV: General

4.1 Sportsmanship Cheerleading

Cheerleaders and Coaches shall always show cheer etiquette. If a team is cheering the opposite team must wait until the team is finished with their cheer before they start their cheer. Also if you plan on doing a half time cheer you must discuss it with the other team so that a plan is made.  They must also notify the hosting school to make arrangements a week in advance. No half time cheer shall be more than 1 minute 30 seconds.

4.2 Spirit club participants must remain in the bleachers at all athletic events.



 Parent’s participation and support of student athletes is supported for all athletic activities. The league will require that all parents and spectators conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times or they may be required to leave the premises for that particular event.

4.4 Sportsmanship/Coaches

Coaches must demonstrate appropriate leadership in the area of sportsmanship.

·         Do not question the referees during play

·          Read and abide by all by-laws

·         Keep control of players conduct

·         Speak respectfully at all times to referees, teams, coaches and opposing athletic directors

· Avoid derogatory remarks about referees to players

League administration reserves the right to eject, parents, students, players and teams from any game if infractions occur.