I.        Policy

The following is intended to authorize and encourage individuals, corporations, charitable foundations, and/or businesses to gift, bequest, devise and/or grant monies, goods, services and/or financial consideration to the consideration to the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District (hereinafter the “District”) for the sole and specific purpose of benefiting the welfare of the students and/or staff of the District.

The District shall at all times, conform to its long established and practiced policy of equal opportunity for all persons when overseeing and distributing contributions of monies, goods, services, and/or financial consideration.

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional District School Committee (hereinafter the “School Committee”) must approve any program, project, event and/or activity not funded in the current fiscal year’s budget prior to accepting any monies, goods, services and/or financial consideration from Benefactors (those who contribute).  Therefore, the School Committee may disapprove any proposed program, project, event and/or activity prior to and subsequent to; any monies, goods, services and/or financial consideration being accepted, so long as such disapproval does not violate established District Policies and Regulations.

Benefactors may generally designate, with School Committee approval, a program, project, event and/or activity their contribution(s) may support, but may not designate or detail specific expectations related to those contributions.  Any promotion or advertising associated with a contribution is subject to School Committee approval.

Contributions may be made to those programs, projects, events, and/or activities that have been established and/or those that may be established within a period of time that is mutually agreed upon by the School Committee and Benefactor.

Once contributions are made and the benefactor has properly designated (if appropriate) the program, project, event and/or activity his/her contribution shall be made, the District shall maintain complete control over the said program, project, event and/or activity and shall not delegate control or any portion or thereof to the Benefactor.

Prior to accepting contributions from a Benefactor, the District shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the District’s facilities and administrative support shall not be overtaxed and the District shall ensure that other programs, projects, events, and/or activities shall not suffer as a result of accepting said contributions.

Acceptance of any and all private funding must be done in full and complete compliance with standing District Policies/practices, State and Federal Laws/Statutes and contractual obligations.

All of the questions listed below should be considered before any decision is made in regard to private funding.  Different weight may be given to different questions and/or answers depending upon the attendant circumstances.

However, nothing contained within this Policy is intended to preclude the School Committee from wholly and without condition, rejecting an offer of private funding if the answer to one or more of the below proposed questions or other logical, related and fair minded questions, is contrary to law, a District policy, a District practice, a contractual obligation which may impact the District or is financially and/or educationally disruptive or unsound.


1.        Is acceptance a financially sound decision? Will the District incur acceptable or unacceptable additional financial obligation as a result of the School Committee’s decision?

2.        Is there a positive educational or other program need which is satisfactorily addressed by acceptance?

3.        Is there sufficient participant interest in the program, project, event and/or activity?

4.        Does the District have available or readily available, satisfactory staff and/or supervisory/administrative support?

5.        Has the proposal been review by appropriate administrative personnel, and has that review been communicated to the School Committee?

6.        Does the District have available, or readily available, satisfactory supporting and necessary materials, equipment and/or supplies (i.e. classroom, playing field, books, etc.)?

7.        Can the program, project, event and/or activity be sustained at an educationally sound level for the projected duration and if applicable, thereafter?

8.        Does acceptance violate or conflict with any Federal, State, or Municipal Law, any District Policy, and District Practice, or any District contractual obligation?

9.        Is the proposal submitted in a timely manner, which would not unduly hamper the implementation?

10.        Is acceptance based upon the District’s principles of fairness and equity?

The above does not constitute an exhaustive list of questions to be asked before any decision is to be made in regard to provide funding.

The District greatly appreciated the generosity of Benefactors who are willing to make such selfless contributions solely for the benefit of students and staff in our District and hereby directs the Superintendent to assure that an appropriate expression of thanks is given to all Benefactors.

II.        Policy Review and Revision

This policy and its procedures will be reviewed every two years for compliance with state and Federal law. Review and revision of these policies and procedures shall occur as needed, but at least every two years.

III.        Legal References

M.G.L. c. 71 s. 37A Acceptance of Gifts

M.G.L. C. 44 s. 53A Report of Receipts in Treasury as amended by 2016, 218 Section 85

Adopted: June 12, 2003

Reviewed: September 12, 2018