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2018 - 2019 Yearbook Staff Application

A yearbook is an important piece of a school’s history, and creating one is no easy task. Being a member of the yearbook staff requires hard work, dedication, initiative, respect, attention to detail, effective communication, a team-player attitude, an open mind, and the ability to meet deadlines. As the recorders of history and creators of our school yearbook, we expect you to contribute to our fun, productive environment and make a sincere effort to help build a book that represents all students in the best possible collection of printed memories.


The yearbook staff is proud of our positive reputation as a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free group. As a member of our staff you will be expected to commit to such a lifestyle.


The yearbook staff will have the opportunity to attend workshops, camps, and conferences over summer and throughout the year to bond, build skills, and plan out the book. More detailed information will be sent out when events are confirmed.

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for applying to be on the yearbook staff!

List your most recent English classes:







List any experience you have had in the following areas: Photography, graphic design, computer programs, art, school publications (ie. journalism):

Due: April 19th

Please return to Yearbook, Rm. 900,
1 Maverick Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

Digital copy and additional materials can be emailed to

Application process includes:

  • application
  • writing sample
  • photography samples
  • teacher recommendations (3)
  • code of conduct agreement
  • interview (upon receipt of application)

name                                                                    current grade

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email address

street address

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I understand that I will be expected to attend summer workshops out of town and/or on campus to prepare for the year ahead. I understand that if I violate the LCC Code of Conduct (attached), I may be dropped from the class and will not be considered for a position for up to one year.

applicant signature

1. Why do you want to join the Stampede Yearbook staff? What strengths would you bring to the table, and what ideas do you have for next year’s book?

2. How do you work in a group? Do you tend to take the lead or prefer to follow others? Describe a time you had to work with a group accomplish a shared goal.

3. Successfully producing the yearbook depends on regular hours spent covering school activities and sports, working on pages, attending meetings and yearbook-related events after school and on weekends throughout the year. What other commitments do you have that will impact your availability for yearbook, and what kind of time commitment can we depend on you to make?

Work Samples & Teacher Recommendations

Please submit the following three items. This will help guide us to determine your position for the 2018-2019 yearbook staff:

1. Writing Sample: In about 300 words, write a yearbook style article about an event you’ve experienced (sport, performance, amusement park, etc.). Yearbook style is similar to a newspaper or magazine; write from an outsider’s (third person) perspective in the past tense.

2. Photography Sample: Use a camera to take pictures of: candids, close-ups, and/or sports action shots. You can insert them into this application, email them to, or include hard copies with your physical application.

3. Teacher Recommendations: Please make sure we receive recommendations from at least three of your current teachers. One must be from your current English teacher. These can be found at and emailed to your teacher, or printed and filled out by hand and returned to Mrs. MacKenzie’s mail box on campus, or mailed to us at Yearbook - Room 900, 1 Maverick Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

The Stampede

2018 - 2019 CODE OF CONDUCT

We, The Stampede Yearbook staff commit to the following traditional rules:

We understand that, as members of the Stampede Yearbook Staff, we hold ourselves to a high standard of behavior and performance and are accountable for our actions.

We uphold the values of the SDUHSD academic honesty policy:

We uphold the values of the California Education Code:

We uphold the values of the Maverick Ambassador Programs:

We uphold the values of the Stampede Yearbook:

I am aware of the LCC Stampede Code of Conduct. I understand that in order to remain a member of the staff I must adhere to these policies at all times. I recognize that failure to follow these policies may result in being dropped from the class.

Name (print):