Board of Directors Info Submittal

Thank you for considering the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for Lutherwood.

Mission Statement In partnership with Western Washington Lutheran Congregations, Lutherwood Camp and Retreat Center is a year-round outdoor ministry, renewing all in the Holy Spirit through education, adventure, service, and prayer.

The board of directors looks forward to continuing its mission by adding diversity amongst the board members. Lutherwood is seeking new members and member churches who can further develop, advocate, and support the camp’s programs and facilities.

The board must do this work in a fiduciary manner with a responsibility to the member churches. Members of the board must be able to commit time, abilities, and resources to assist in achieving the goals of both the board of directors and Camp Lutherwood. The board seeks members with compassion, motivation, energy, and excitement who can help support the mission of Camp Lutherwood.

All members of the board, and the staff at Lutherwood, pray for you during the application and decision process. We look forward to reviewing your application and we pray for our board members to guide us in electing members of the board who have the time and can meet the expectations of the board and the member congregations of Camp Lutherwood.


Lutherwood Nominating Committee

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About this form...

This form is intended to be completed by persons seeking nomination to the Board of Directors. We have developed the following statements and questions to help you understand the role, expectations, and commitments of this calling. It also serves to collect your contact information, allow the current board to learn about you, and provide ways to see how board members support Camp.

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6. Candidates are elected by a majority vote of the delegates present at the Annual Membership

Meeting * Though not required, candidate attendance at Annual Meeting for vote is highly encouraged. Check all that apply.

I'll be there!

Unable to attend, but still interested in a Board position.

7. Directors shall exercise their duties in good faith and with a view to the interests of the

organization, and consistent with the purposes of the Articles of Incorporation. * Mark only one oval.

I understand.

8. Anyone is welcome at Camp, but bylaws state that the the board consist of Lutheran

congregation members in good standing, for the duration of his or her term in office. To which member synod do you belong? * Lutherwood's board strives to be Pan Lutheran, and you'll be asked to list your congregation in the next section. Check all that apply.

Northwest Washington, ELCA

Northwest District, LCMS


9. Elected members serve for a term of three years, and are eligible to serve no more than two

full terms consecutively. * Mark only one oval.

I understand, and intend to commit to one or more terms.

10. Directors receive no compensation for their service as Directors. *

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11. Directors give their time and voice for monthly regular board meetings, join and are active in

standing and temporary committees, attend the annual auction (second Saturday in November), and attend the annual meeting. If elected, are you willing and able to commit your time and talents toward this ministry? * Check all that apply.

Yes, and I ask God to help me.

12. The Lutherwood Board strives for balanced representation, *

Please check each of the following that apply to you. Check all that apply.


Active Clergy

Retired Clergy

Associate in Ministry



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13. Congregation Name *

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15. How do you feel called to the role of board membership? *

16. Explain what excites you about this opportunity to lead Lutherwood through your board

membership? *

17. Please list non-Lutherwood boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: *

(business, civic, community, fraternal, political, professional, recreational, religious, social)

18. Please list any previous or current Lutherwood board and/or committee involvement: *

Not a requirement.

19. Skills, experience, and interests that you can bring to Board: *

Please check all that apply. Check all that apply.

Finance, accounting

Legal experience

Administration, management

Nonprofit experience

Community service

Policy development

Program evaluation

Public relations, communications

Education, instruction

Special events

Grant writing


Outreach, advocacy

Volunteer organizing


20. Personal References *

Please list THREE references, including their name and contact info.


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21. As a Board member, time spent at Camp is important to be familiar with the site and facilities

and get to know the staff and programs. * Please check all that apply for you - past, present, future. Check all that apply.

Participate in scheduled volunteer opportunities (Make a Difference, Join Hands)

Drop off and/or pick up family members from Camp

Attend Family Camp

Special project individual volunteer

Congregational group volunteer

Attend a Day Camp

Swing by to say Hello


22. Be an Advocate for Camp - Spread the Word! *

Check what you have done and/or could do. Check all that apply.

Encourage (insist) that my church support Lutherwood monitarily in their budget

Encourage (invite) people with expertise to be on committees

Encourage parents and grandparents to send kids to camp

Engage with kids about camp


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23. Thanks for your interest in Lutherwood's Board of Directors, and for taking the time to

complete this form. If you have anything else you'd like to add, please do so here:

Thank You!

Submitted information will be reviewed by the Board, and you will be contacted by a member of the Nominating Committee.