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News at Six May 2023
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Some things mentioned in these notes may get delayed with time and some things may get done quicker than anticipated. In rare cases, we may even need to drop an idea. It is all part of the process and it’s important for us to share it with you.

What is about to come?

That’s not all! Apart from the above, the event itself will feature 4,5,6 star Trash NPCs related to each boss’ location which will give you the opportunity to obtain a new pre-boss tier gear.

This is a sneak peek into our plan for each boss addition in the next few months:

1st month: Dhioutu and Proteus Base/Prime

2nd month: Bloodthorn the Ravenous and Aggragoth

3rd month: Mordris and Efnisien The Necromancer  

4th month: Gelebron and Hrungnir

NOTE: The order in which we release each boss could be subject to change.

Bug fixes

All recently reported issues around the BETA and the new 4.0.1 release:


Mount rebalance - regular mounts will be rebalanced. The goal is to have more options as currently some of the mounts are falling behind others. You probably wonder which mounts we will include in this plan. The answer is - all of them, except for the Hellsteed mount.