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Parent Handbook 2022
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Table of contents

1 - Introduction

2 - Studio Manifesto

3 - Registration

4 - Communication

5 - Important Dates

6 - Code of Conduct

7 - Programs

8 - Safety

9 - Privacy

10 - Competitions

11 - Timetable

12 - Uniform

13 - Fee Structure

14- Fundraising

15 - Attendance

16 - Social Media

17 - Teachers / Faculty

1/ Introduction

It’s our absolute pleasure to warmly welcome you into our family at Stageworks Academy of the Performing Arts, (SWA).  Our team is thrilled to see many familiar faces return to the studio and even more excited to see some new faces join our community. We have created this one-stop handbook to hopefully shed some light on how things will run throughout the year as well as answer a lot of queries you may have before the year begins. While we would love for you to take the time to read this information carefully and keep your handbook in a safe place to refer to as you need, don’t forget that our friendly office staff are always here to help and will happily answer any questions you may have. Nothing is too big or too small, we promise! ☺


Address:  4611 - 44th Street

Mobile / Cell Number:  780-314-8307



General Website

Dance Website

Theatre Website -

Productions Website -

Performer Information: 

Artistic Director:  Darla Lemay

2 / Studio Manifesto

To start us off,  it’s important to us at SWA  that all members of our team share our vision, our purpose and the philosophy that encompasses everything we do both in and outside of our classes. This is a vision that is shared and demonstrated by the directors, teachers and staff members at our studio and it is the driving force behind every interaction with our students and their families.

3/ Registration

Before putting on those jazz shoes, it’s important that all students and/or parents – whether returning or new - ensure all information in the online registration form is accurate.  Please make sure that in the online registration form that you click the email to parents section to ensure you receive information as the year progresses.

Every season we offer an Early Bird Registration for our members only.  Our Early bird registration not only gives members 5% off of tuition, but it also ensures that in the event of classes reaching capacity before Term/Semester kicks off, you will be guaranteed a place in the class/es of your choice.

Early bird Registration for 2022 - 2023 is complete, however next season it will be held from May 8-12, 2023.

We encourage all of our students and families to try a variety of dance styles.  Please consider participating in a Sample Week from September 12 - September 16, 2022 for existing students who are wanting to try something a bit different.  Also, please consider sharing this information with friends and families who may be looking for a dance or theatre family or a really great outlet for stress and activity.  Please fill out the google form:

Referral Program

** REMINDER ** Don’t forget - if you refer a friend or family member to enrol at Stageworks you’ll both receive a $30 credit on your account, so don’t miss this chance to bring your friends.

4/ Communication

By now you have probably noticed that we are BIG on communication here at SWA.  It is our promise to respond to all enquiries within 24-hours (business hours) and we will never leave a query unanswered. Our friendly office staff can be contacted between 10-1, 2-6 (MONDAY - FRIDAY) on mobile/cell number 780-314-8307.  

For convenience, our primary means of communication is via email. You will receive regular newsletters and important information via email so please ensure you have provided the studio with an up-to-date email address that is regularly checked.   Don’t forget to add us to your contacts to prevent our emails from entering the dreaded spam folder.

Also, every Monday, we will have a video sent to each family called, “Minute Monday”.  We will take just a few minutes to share with you what is happening that week. 

We are also proud to provide you information via Band, a communications app. You can download BAND through your app store, or access it on your desktop at To create your profile, download the app or go to the website and just follow the prompts to create an account and you’ll receive alerts as they happen.

BAND is for parents and/or students to be able to connect with their Instructors regarding dance, theatre and classroom related information. Each Instructor has their own profile so we encourage you to join each of your child’s instructors profiles simply by searching their profile names:

Miss Gen: Stageworks - Miss Gen

Miss Andrea: Stageworks - Miss Andrea

Miss Candice: Stageworks - Miss Candice

Miss Taylor: Stageworks - Miss Taylor

Miss Brogan: Stageworks - Miss Brogan

Miss Cecily: Stageworks - Miss Cecily

Miss Danielle: Stageworks - Miss Danielle

Miss Krista: Stageworks - Miss Krista

Miss Teighan: Stageworks - Miss Teighan

When creating your BAND profile, please ensure to use your full name as we want to ensure we are only accepting students and parents onto each profile. If an Instructor is unsure of who you are, you may be asked to answer questions prior to being accepted. If you have any questions regarding BAND, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the infrequent case of urgent information (for example, unexpected class cancellations or performance changes), we will send an SMS and/or telephone to all families.  So, for this reason, please make sure the mobile phone number you have provided to the studio is correct and up-to-date.

Social Media is used to promote our students, our school and our community.  We do not share member information via social media but may share reminders instead.  Please check out our Facebook Page at Stageworks Academy and our Instagram page at stageworksacademyleduc.

5/ Important Dates

We understand wholeheartedly how busy the lives and schedules of our dance families can get as the year rolls on, so we have tried to get all of our important dates organised and ready for you so you can plan other commitments.  Below we have listed some of our most important “Save the Dates” with more information (including times, costumes, requirements, etc.) to be communicated via email as we get closer to the events. Please keep in mind that dates and times are subject to change and we will keep you informed of any changes that may occur.




Who it involves



Aug 22 - Aug 26


A week of team building sessions, technique training, dancer conditioning

Intensive & Company Team Dancers.

Aug 22 - Aug 30

Intensive Solos or duets

Those students who are doing solos and duets to amp up their technical training will learn their pieces.

Those students approved by Stageworks to be on our Intensive Team.

Sept 12

Season Open

Students will return to the studios.


Sept 12-16

Fall Sampler

Students will fill out a form and be welcomed into the studios 


Oct 23-30


Wear costumes and learn some fun Halloween Songs


Nov 13-19

Parent Observing

Parents can come observe classes through the week


Dec 10/11




Dec 17

6:00 PM Call Time

7:00 PM Show Time

A Classic Holiday

Christmas Production at


Specific classes will be announced

Dec 19-23

Bun Week

Decorate your buns


Dec 23- Jan 9

Christmas Break

Closed for the holidays


Jan 9-13

Pj week

Wear your pjs to class


Feb 20

Family Day



Feb 26

Dreamcatcher Showcase

A collection of competitive dances

Junior level and up, Intensive, & company

March 17-19


Dance Debut Festival

Company and intensive dancers

March 20-24

Spring Fling

In house Performance


March 27-31

Spring Break



April 7- 10

Good Friday & Easter Monday


April 20-23


Vivid Dance Festival

Juniors and Up, Company and Intensive Dancers

April 24-29

Last week of Classes

The final preparations to the students' presentations.

Preschool and Core Student

April 28-29

Your Big Show

Pack Your Bags


May 6-7


Class Photos


May 8-14

Last week of Classes

Final Preparations for competitive students last competition

Company and Intensive Students

May 8-14

Early Bird

Sign up for next seasons classes


May 11-14


Heartbeat Dance Festival

Company and Intensive Dancers

May 15


A New Life - Kickstart Program


6/ Code of Conduct

To ensure the smooth, safe running of Stageworks Academy of the Performing Arts (SWA) and an enjoyable experience by all, below you will find our code of conduct. As always we are open to feedback, so if any of the requirements outlined below are unclear or concerning, please give us a call to discuss further. Following a formal meeting, we do reserve the right to dismiss or take disciplinary action on any students or parents who breach our studio’s code of conduct.

Families who do not comply with their fee or costume payment obligations may be charged a late fee, and/or excluded from performances. External debt collection may occur when fees remain overdue and this will be at the expense of the client. Costume expenses are the responsibility of the parent, and costumes will not be issued to students with unpaid class fees.

No classes (including private lessons) or teachers are to be disturbed unless it is an emergency. Parents are not to approach teachers or students during class and if messages or food/drink/medication needs to be passed on to a student, it must be done through a SWA staff member or by one-on-one consultation. Parents are not allowed in the studios at any time.  Appointments will be made available by visiting our website

We are unable to take responsibility for our students before or after their scheduled classes and it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child is picked up and dropped off on time. In the case of an emergency or unavoidable delay, please contact your teacher by privately messaging them on the band app immediately to inform us of the situation so we can keep your child calm and safe until they can be collected. Please note that the office will not be open in the evening.

Any questions or complaints must go through administration – parents and students are not permitted to contact SWA teachers via phone, in person, or via email / social networking with studio issues unless it has been broached with the director first. Personal meetings with the studio director can happily be arranged via Stageworks Academy’s Website.

In the rare case of a parent or student showing disrespect or defamation to any parent, staff member or student, a meeting will be called immediately and dismissal may be considered at the discretion of the director. Physical, mental, emotional or cyber bullying by parents, staff or students will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the studio.

SWA takes no responsibility for any stolen or misplaced property on the studio premises and we encourage our families to avoid bringing valuable items into the studio where possible.

Management reserves the right to change teachers or timetabling when necessary at any time throughout the year.

Choreography, costuming and studio policies remain the intellectual property of SWA and may not be reproduced or sold by any students, parents or staff without permission of the director

7/ Programs

Preschool Classes 

Boppin’ Babies: New to our Stageworks roster is the parent assisted Boppin’ Babies for 1-2 years. Babies will dance with mom, dad, grandma or grandpa to fun songs and tunes. The focus is to experience dance for the first time while developing coordination skills.  This class runs in 4 week intervals.

Twinkle Babies:   For students 2 and 3 years of age.  Twinkle Babies is the first dance class for our little ones.  Ballet technique and creative movement are the foundation for a fun class of movement and musicality.  This is a non-parent class.  Students will dance in our Holiday Show - A Classic Christmas and in our Big Show - Pack Your Bags.

Twinkle Stars: Students who are 3 and 4 years old.  A high impact class incorporating jazz, and tap.  Students will learn from the 2 staples of dance using the latest trends and expertise.  Students will not walk, but run to this program, learning from such songs as: * Tap to the Rhythm * Can You Feel the Love Tonight * Let’s Get Jazzy and so much more.  Students will dance in our Holiday Show - A Classic Christmas and in our Big Show - Pack Your Bags.

Twinkle Ballet: Students who are 3 - 4 years old. A fun and technical ballet class teaching basic ballet technique through the R.A.D. Syllabus.

Show Acro:  As a part of the Showstars Series, Showstars Acro is a 45 minute class introducing the very popular acro program to students.  This program is for students who are 4 - 5 years of age.  A 45 minute dance class for preschool students incorporating dance with acro tricks. Students will work on progressions and dance technique to execute an acro dance routine.

Show Ballet: Show Ballet is a 45 minute class for our preschool students to learn ballet.Following the Royal Academy of Ballet Technique Pre-Primary Level. Students will learn the ballet with the use of props to start their ballet journey.

Show Hiphop:  Showstars Hiphop is a new class for Stageworks this season.  We are offering this beginner class perfect for the little hiphop dancer who loves to mimic the dance moves from TV.  Nothing is cuter than converse runners with hip hop styled moves to great music such as:

* Gummy Bears

* ABC Hiphop Song

* Up and Down

And so much more.

Students will dance in our Holiday Show - A Classic Christmas and in our Big Show - Pack Your Bags.

Showstars:  For those kindergarten aged students we have a jam packed program in Showstars. Combining Ballet, Tap & Jazz students learn a continuation of their technique that allows them to easily move into the formal training at 4-5 years of age.  Students will dance more to the Royal Academy of Ballet Technique and the Al Gilbert Tap Technique.

Learning dances from songs such as:

* Uptown Funk, How Far I'll Go,  Shake Your Body Down to the Ground

And so much more.  Students will dance in our Holiday Show - A Classic Christmas and in our Big Show - Pack Your Bags.

Dance Classes

Acro Dance:  Stageworks offers an acro class for all ages.  Acro dance combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.  Acro has become a highly sought after dance class and is incorporated in many dance styles.

Stageworks Academy offers the following levels:

- Showstars Acro - 4-5 years of age

- Acro 1/2 - starting at 6 years of age, this is a beginner level.

- Acro 3 - junior level training.

- Acro 4 - intermediate level of training.

- Acro 5 - Senior level of training.

Ballet:  At Stageworks Academy we strive to offer the best training we can for ALL of our students whether they choose a core program or intensive -accelerated program.  We offer the following ballet classes for children of all ages.  Stageworks students study from the Royal Academy of Dance.

- Core Beginner Ballet Class is a 1 hour class for beginner ballet students 6 year olds.

- Core Junior Class is a 1 hour class for students 7-10 yrs old.

- Core Intermediate Class is a 1.5 hour class for students 11 +.

- Company Micro Ballet Class is a 1 hour technical class for students 6 - 11 by invitation.

- Company Junior Ballet includes a one hour technique class and 1 hour choreography class.

- Company Intermediate Ballet includes one hour technique class and 1 hour choreography class.

-Company Senior Ballet  includes one hour technique class and 1 hour choreography class.

- Prepointe for those students 12 + to begin to train on pointe.

- Pointe for those students 12 + who have successfully completed Pre Pointe and are ready to dance on pointe.

Contemporary:  Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. As part of our recreation program Stageworks Academy offers:

- Beginner Contemporary/lyrical class for students ages 10 +.

- Company Intermediate Contemporary class.

-Company Senior Contemporary class

Jazz:  In a Jazz class dancers learn many fun and trendy dance steps from all forms of dance. Jazz classes are a wonderful class to get a well rounded variety of dance steps and technique.

Stageworks Academy offers:

- Core Beginner Jazz class for students 6-9 years of age.

- Core Novice Jazz class for students 10+ years of age.

- Company Junior Jazz

- Company Intermediate Jazz

- Company Senior Jazz

Tap:  Tap dance is a form of dance characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion.  Stageworks students study the Al Gilbert Program.

Stageworks offers:

- Core Beginner Tap class for students 6-9 years of age.

- Core Novice Tap for students 10+.

- Company Junior Tap Class

- Company Intermediate Tap Class.

-Company Senior Tap Class

Hiphop:  Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews. Stageworks Dance offers:

- ShowHiphop 4-5 years

- Core Beginner Hiphop 6-8 years

- Core Novice Hiphop 9-12 years

- Core Intermediate Hiphop 13-14 years

Lyrical:  Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques challenging dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion.  Students in Lyrical must take a ballet class to accompany their lyrical training.

Stageworks offers:

- Core Lyrical/Contemporary class for students aged 10+ years.

- Company Intermediate Lyrical

-Company Senior Lyrical

Technical Classes: 

Stageworks offers a number of technical classes for students to develop and improve their dance:

Theatre Classes

Theatre Arts for Kids:  Our Kids Program is a fun and interactive theatre arts class for children 6-8 years old.  Students at this level are just learning how to move and talk and learn to take direction.  Students will learn basic role playing and learn song and dance.

For 2022-2023, students in our theatre arts for kids program will be involved with the Production of Matilda with tweens and teens learning songs such as When I Grow Up and School Song.

Theatre Arts for Tweens:  Students in this level are a little more capable of learning bigger parts and improving.  Although still very young, students 9 - 12 years learn more about character development and how to incorporate characters into roles.

For 2022-2023, students in our theatre arts for tweens program will be involved with the Production of Matilda and take on the support roles required in the show.  They will work alongside the Kids and Teens with an emphasis on music and dancing development.

Theatre Arts for Teens:  Our most advanced students are at this level.  Students 13 + are required to take on bigger responsibilities and explore more character development, stronger improve abilities, and improve of stage presence and a full development of roles

For 2022-2023, students in our theatre arts for teens program will be involved with the Production of Matilda with tweens and kids students.  The teens will play the leads in the production such as:  Matilda, Ms. Trunchbull, Miss Honey, etc.  They will learn what it takes to play lead roles and the responsibilities required to put a whole show together.

Drama:  Stageworks drama class is a great place for students 10 + who want to just learn about drama and not take on musical roles.  Drama is a great class for exploration of vast characters, developing roles and learning how all the roles fit together.  This program helps with personal development and helps to build the self-esteem of our students.  They learn to trust, to work as a team, and respect each other.  They also learn to think on their feet and discover what it takes to be in theatre.

Great class for anyone!

8/ Safety

With the safety of our families being a number one priority, SWA is very serious about upholding Child Protection laws and policies within the studio as well as at public performances and in the online arena (website and social media).

As part of your registration, you have allowed us to proudly use images and video footage of your student for advertising and promotional purposes.

We have 4 CCTV cameras within the studio rehearsal spaces and lobby which is checked by Administration.  All of our teachers and staff members have undergone official checks allowing them to work with children.

The directors and staff at SWA are educated in the negative impact of inappropriate music and costume selection when it comes to performing dance routines and are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring children in all of our dance routines are not subjected to any inappropriate songs or costuming.  

Our staff members have all been trained in first aid. We enforce a nut-free policy at the studio to ensure the safety of any students or parents with allergies to nuts or nut products.  Please note that these same measures may not be in place at competitions, performances, or public events.

SWA takes no responsibility for any stolen or misplaced property on the studio premises and we encourage our families to avoid bringing valuable items into the studio where possible.

All teachers are required, as an agreement to employment at Stageworks to have an updated Police Check on file and be fully vaccinated.

9/ Privacy

When you purchase or hire a product or service with SWA,  the information we may collect from you includes your name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, medical information and perhaps credit card or bank details. It may also include details of the products and services we provide to you as well as the status of your enrollment. We only collect information directly from our students or their parents/guardians primarily for the purpose of providing services and products to you and to administer and manage invoicing and debt collection.

We may occasionally use your information to promote and market to you information which we consider may be of interest to you unless you contact us and tell us not to do so.

We will never sell or pass on any of your information to third parties unless required by government authorities or in the event of debt recovery. Any information passed on will be done so with appropriate privacy and confidentiality protection.

Information is stored securely in paper or electronic form and is accessible only by authorised personnel.

10/ Competitions

As a studio who values the growth and commitment of our dancers from all ages, it’s our pleasure to offer a competitive stream to students in Stageworks  as a part of our Accelerated Program. Stageworks also provides opportunities to our company team or core team to compete solos/duets/small groups in our Intensive Program.

In order to be a part of the program, students are required to:

What happens at a competition.

The students will come to the theatre one  hour before their scheduled performance when performing a solo or 2 hours when performing in a group.

Students will arrive wearing their jackets and wearing black leggings.  (no costume may be worn outside of the performance area).

Students will arrive with all of their costumes, extra tights, makeup, hair supplies, pins, shoes, snack and water bottle.  

Students once checked in will stay with the teacher or in a designated area.

Students will not attempt to find their parents once checked in.

Teachers will take this time to mentally prepare students for the stage.  They will organize their items, they will warm up, they will get costumes on and ensure hair and makeup is adequate, they will go to the rehearsal hall and go through their numbers a few times.  Typically they have to wait their turn to rehearse.  Teachers will go over some key points with the students.

Students will go back to the dressing room and pick up shoes and any accessories necessary to perform.

They will then go backstage and prepare for their performance.

Once complete they could either go back to the dressing room and await adjudication or immediately line up in an order determined by festival staff.

They step back onto the stage in a professional and respectful manner and stand in 5th position quietly waiting for the adjudication.

They may be asked to demonstrate or answer a question.

Dancers don’t take their eyes off the adjudicator.

Once they all receive their awards and are directed off stage, the students go back to their dressing room and await their teacher's comments.  

Dancers DO NOT respond either negatively or positively to their awards in front of the other dancers.

Dancers DO NOT question their placement.

Students go back out to the lobby and await pick up by their parents and ensure they have all their items.  They will grab their checklist and initial again that they have everything.

Once complete they are dismissed.

Individual awards are the property of the dancer.  Group awards are the property of Stageworks.  All students are required to stay the entire time until dismissed by Stageworks.

Teachers will receive the adjudication sheet and discuss items with students at an appropriate time.

Students DO NOT receive an adjudication.

11/ Timetable 

Timetabling our classes is a huge task and we take all care to ensure that children are given classes at an age-appropriate time without long hours that may lead to fatigue or disrupt home / school life.

Please find below our timetable for  2022- 2023 and please contact us if you have any questions at all.  

Those students participating in the Young Studio and Thompson Hall will enter Stageworks via the main entrance.  Those students participating in Mackenzie will enter through the entrance closest to the parking lot.

Stageworks Academy

2022-2023 Schedule






4:00- 5:00

Theatre Arts Kids

Young Studio


5:00- 6:30

Theatre Arts Tweens

Young Studio


6:30- 8:00

Theatre Arts Teens

Young Studio


8:00- 9:00


Young Studio


9:30 - 10:00

Boppin’ Babies

Mackenzie Studio




Young Studio


4:30- 5:30

Beginner Hip Hop

Thomson Hall



Twinkle Stars

Mackenzie Studio



Mini Ballet

Young Studio



Show Hip hop

Thompson Hall


6:15- 6:45

Character Ballet

Young Studio



Beginner Jazz

Thompson Hall



Pre- Pointe

Young Studio



Lyrical/ Contemporary

Young Studio


7:15- 8:15

Novice Hip Hop

Thompson Hall



Intermediate Hip Hop

Thompson Hall



Beginner Ballet Grade 1

Thompson Hall



Show Acro

Young Studio



Twinkle Ballet

Mackenzie Studio



Acro 1/2

Thompson Hall







Novice Jazz

Thompson Hall



Junior Ballet Grade 2

Young Studio



Interm. Ballet Grade 7

Thompson Hall



Acro 5 Tech

Thompson Hall



Mini Stars

Young Studio



Acro 4 Tech

Thompson Hall



Beginner Tap Grade 1

Young Studio



Acro Line

Thompson Hall



Senior Tap Choreo

Young Studio



Acro 3 Tech

Thompson Hall



Advanced Acro

Thompson Hall



Novice Tap Choreo

Young Studio



Grade 4 Tap Tech

Young Studio



Intermediate Progressions

Young Studio



Senior Ballet Grade 5

Thompson Hall



Junior Ballet C.

Young Studio



Grade 5 Tap Tech

Thompson Hall



Junior Ballet T. Grade 3

Young Studio



Intermediate Lyrical

Thompson Hall



Senior Contemporary

Young Studio



Intermediate Ballet 4 Tech

Thompson Hall



Senior Lyrical

Thompson Hall



Intermediate Contemporary

Young Studio



Intermediate Ballet Choreo

Young Studio



Junior Tap

Thompson Hall



Senior Progressions

Young Studio



Junior Jazz

Thompson Hall



Senior Ballet Choreo

Young Studio



Intermediate JTS

Thompson Hall



Senior JTS

Thompson Hall



Intermediate Jazz

Young Studio



Intermediate Tap

Young Studio



Senior Jazz

Thompson Hall


At SWA, we believe that wearing studio uniforms gives students a sense of belonging to our family as well as creating an identity for our studio in the greater community.

Our uniforms also:

• Encourages discipline

• Help students resist peer pressure to buy stylish clothes for class

• Help identify non-students in the studio

• Diminish economic and social barriers between students

• Increase a sense of belonging and school pride

• Improves attendance

Uniforms can be purchased year-round from the studio or from our website For a complete price list, please visit our website.

Please ensure all parts of your child’s uniform are clearly labelled - individual shoes, bags, water’ll be amazed at the amount of lost property we generate!

Specific Uniform

Preschool Uniform - Students in preschool classes differ.  Please take note of your child’s uniform.

Ballet- Ballet students must have a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes which can be purchased from our costume shop.

Jazz and Tap- Students require tan jazz shoes with no laces, beige tights, black leotard and black bicycle shorts.  (no color in any of these items will be allowed) These items are available at our costume shop.

Hip Hop- Students require black pants, plain black t shirt or tank and black and white converse sneakers.

Lyrical/Modern/contemporary- Students can wear beige lyrical shoes, beige convertible tights, black leotard and black jazz shorts.

Acrobatics- Students do not need footwear nor tights for this class. They must wear a black leotard and black bicycle shorts.

13/ Fee Structure

Stageworks offers 2 types of payment contracts:

  1. Pay in Full - when our clients pay in full Stageworks gives them a discount on tuition.
  2. Payment Plan - Stageworks will take your total registration fees and divide them evenly throughout the remaining months between May 2022 - January 2023.

Please find below the fee structure for 2022-2023.   These fees include: Tuition, Membership Fee, Christmas Rental (if applicable), Recital Costume, and competition fees( where applicable).

These fees are not reflective to anyone who goes to competition including the core classes, but is an expectation.  Please note that a separate invoice will be sent out for competition fees for intensive dancers.  As a reminder, our core junior and intermediate levels go to one festival style competition.  Also, this schedule is not for accelerated or intensive students who have received a separate fee schedule that included everything required for the season:

Preschool 30 minutes

Full - $637.00

Choreo Classes 45 minutes

Full - $771.00

Preschool 45 minutes

Full - $711.00

Choreo Classes 60 minutes

Full - $922.00

Technique 30 minutes

Full - $495.00

Theatre 60 minutes

Full - $807.00

Technique 45 minutes

Full - $580.00

Theatre & Dance 90 minutes

Full - $1,112.00- $1142.00

Technique 60 minutes

Full - $615.00

Drama 60 minutes

Full-$ 782.00

Choreo Classes 30 minutes

Full - $620.00


In the event of an NSF on a payment, there will be a $30.00  NSF fee charge added to the account.

Cancellation Policy:

A student can cancel their registration from the time of registration to November 1 with a 4 week notice IN WRITING to SWA.  Once received, Stageworks charges a $50.00 cancellation fee as well as charge for the 4 weeks notice.  Students may attend those 4 weeks you have paid for if they wish.  After this time, Stageworks will not charge your account.   No Cancellations will be accepted after November 1st for any reason.

14/ Fundraising

Stageworks offers a number of ways to earn credits to be placed onto your account for tuition or dance apparel.  Credits cannot be used for 3rd party companies ie. photography, tickets, etc.

Mundare Sausage- We are excited to bring back the ever popular sausage fundraiser.  Starting in September, your sausage orders will be available mid-november.

Purdy’s Chocolate-We are so excited to bring back the Purdy’s fundraiser.  Starting in mid- October you and your family will be able to start ordering your chocolates to arrive just in time for the holidays.

Casino- Stageworks has received a casino opportunity in Camrose for December 11 - 12, 2022.

Popcorn Fundraiser- New to Stageworks, Heritage Popcorn will be working with us in an exciting new fundraiser.  Order Standard popcorn or Caramel popcorn starting in February.

Your Big Show Baskets - Stageworks asks our members to donate an item for $20.00 minimum value to include in themed baskets which will be raffled off at Your BIG Show.

15/ Attendance

Your child’s attendance in class is very important to their peers and our teaching staff. As a member of the team, it is a commitment for you to ensure your child attends their classes on time each week and attends all lessons planned for them. Not only do absences impact the concert routines we create, it also impacts the social and confidence-building principals we work hard to foster in each age group.

If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent due to holidays/vacations, commitments or school trips, please message your teacher privately on band so the class impact is minimal. If your child is too unwell to attend class, we ask that you inform our admin team as soon as you can so they can let the teachers know via Band.

16/ Social Media

SWA’s Social Media Policy refers to all social networking sites, video/photo sharing sites, podcasts, instant messaging and geo-spatial tagging (for example, Facebook check-ins). Please see below for our regulations regarding Social Media and feel free to contact our office staff if you have any questions.

- Please remember that your anonymity on Social Media is never guaranteed and to exercise particular caution when posts, images or videos identify children in your care.

- Remain mindful that your behaviour on Social Media remains in keeping with SWA’s code of conduct as outlined in chapter 6 of this handbook.

- Any comments or posts perceived to be obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful towards SWA’S staff, students or families may subject the owner to disciplinary or legal action.

- Should you wish to engage on Social Media while identifying as a studio volunteer or employee, you may only do so with integrity, respect, and adhere to privacy and confidentiality policy.

- Any content revealing or referring to sensitive studio information is not allowed to be shared online.

- Intellectual property laws (for example, costume design and choreography) must be observed by all studio patrons when posting online.

- While affiliated with our studio, (for example, images of your child in SWA uniform) we will not tolerate any posts that are racially, sexually, physically or religiously offensive.

- All matters pertaining directly to the studio - whether it be fees, scheduling, placements or performance opportunities - may not be communicated via Social Media. We have an open door policy and encourage all communication, complaints and feedback to be communicated to the director directly.

- We discourage parents / students and teachers from becoming ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ on Social Media, unless there is an existing relationship. We consider all studio members to be family and as such feel the obligation to respect and monitor personal boundaries.

- Families found to be engaging in ‘hidden’ or ‘private’ groups formed for the specific purpose of discussing studio matters will be encouraged to join our closed Facebook group for public discussion and warned against discussing Studio matters in their private online groups.

- Photos or Videos taken from performances or rehearsals may NOT be posted online.

- You may not post photographs / videos that feature SWA dancers other than your own online without the proven consent of their parent/guardian.

- Identifying information of any featured minors - including names, ages or location - must be removed when posting on Social Media.

17/ Our Teachers / Faculty

Finally, it’s our pleasure to introduce our hand-picked faculty for 2022! Our enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated teachers are thrilled to be a part of your family’s dance journey this year. We are truly looking forward to growing together to mould this generation of skilled, confident, genuine and unique performers.


Darla Lemay is Stageworks Artistic Director and is in charge of the direction and vision of Stageworks Academy of the Performing Arts.  She has worked with Stageworks for over 30 years and has many years of experience and education to grow and evolve the organisation with the latest trends in the industry.

INSTRUCTOR - Gen Walliser

Returning from Maternity Leave,  Miss Gen will be teaching competitive ballet, tap, and jazz.  Miss Gen is a graduate of the ADAPT program and R.A.D. Intermediate Certification.


Miss Krista is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and teaches contemporary, lyrical and preschool at Stageworks while still performing as a dancer herself and raising 2 small children.

INSTRUCTOR - Candice Fiorentino

Miss Candice will be teaching our theatre program at SWA.  She brings her love of the arts and theatre to our students while also continuing to perform herself and run her own production company.

INSTRUCTOR - Teighan Hauff

Miss Teighan is returning  with the Stageworks family.  Miss Teighan just graduated from Simon Fraser University and is happy to teach ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical to both competitive students and rec.

INSTRUCTOR - Danielle Vandervlugt

Miss Danielle is SWA’s Acro Specialist.  She has many years of experience and works in a number of dance studios in the Edmonton area.  She will be bringing her expertise in silks to Stageworks.

INSTRUCTOR - Cecily Perry  

Welcome Cecily back to Stageworks for your second year.  Cecily will be teaching hiphop and jazz this season and choreographing some competition pieces.

INSTRUCTOR - Taylor Kachmarski

Miss Taylor is back taking on not only our core dancers but also technically training our accelerated dancers.  She has joined our Office team and will be taking care of all our productions throughout the year.

INSTRUCTOR - Andrea Nent

Andrea will be teaching the competitive jazz students and is the comp coordinator this year.  Miss Andrea has worked as a teacher in the dance community for many years and recently completed year 1 of ADAPT.

INSTRUCTOR - Brogan Weber

Back from maternity leave Miss Brogan will teach acro, ballet and lyrical.  Miss Brogan will also lead the large jazz competitive dance group and share her talents with the We Will Rock You Production.