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Please contribute to the growing collection of open resources, materials, and activities developed by the Equity Unbound community. We will keep this document publicly available on our website for others to benefit … and may integrate some of your ideas in future iterations (with attribution, of course).


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Mahmoud Yehia


An important point to be discussed nowadays because of the advancement of technology is fake videos/audios. I feel that nowadays we are all exposed to a huge amount of videos online This video exposes just how much and how easy it is to fall in these traps.

Yasmin Abdelghany


This activity will require students to use any of their social media accounts to share fake news about themselves on it. Then, they will watch out others reactions and whether they will believe them or not. This activity might make the students think before they believe what they hear from other people which is needed and thus will increase people’s awareness on the fake news phenomenon.