My professional development experience and teaching interests include Game Design, Level Design, 3D modeling, and Programming.

I worked for several years in a variety of positions in the field of information technology and web development. As a Computer Operator, Derek served as a Data Center Specialist for Macy’s, UPS, and the Federal Reserve. Derek went on to work as a Webmaster for singer and voice of Chef on South Park Isaac Hayes. Moving on to digital marketing firm Digitas, as a Web Developer for Wolters-Kluwer, Pottery Barn Kids, Tiger Woods American Express, and Captain Morgan to name a few.

I followed my dream of becoming a game developer attending The Guildhall @ SMU. During my studies at the Guildhall, I was a sales associate at EB Games and as a marketing representative for Sony Online Entertainment at Wizard World Dallas. I was also a tester for Magnin & Associates, a part of the Level Design Map Pack team for America’s Army, a Level Designer and 3D modeler at N-Fusion Interactive and Gearbox. Titles included: Hour of Victory, Brother in Arms: Hell’s Highway, and Alien Colonial Marines. For my Master’s Thesis, I founded Sungura Games and created my first mobile project. I went on to produce games and applications for Magnin associates which included IGDA app, Call in Sick, and Zamboni Challenge. As a 2015 Game Developer Conference (GDC) speaker, I discussed Diversity in Games. Sungura Games also created racing game demos for a Toyota sponsored Black Enterprise event and Rapper Flo Rida. I am currently working on independent games and research projects.

My passion for game development makes my commitment to your education my priority. Don’t hesitate to ask for help on any aspect of development to which I am well versed. And if you just need some downtime, we can play some multiplayer games online.

My goal is to help you to become a functional part of the game development community. With this goal, you must be committed to the hard work involved in the development process. Do well.