My professional development experience and teaching interests include Game Design, Level Design, 3D modeling, and Programming.

I worked for several years in a variety of positions in the field of information technology and web development. As a Computer Operator, I served as a Data Center Specialist for Macy’s, UPS, and the Federal Reserve. I went on to work as a Webmaster for singer and voice of Chef on South Park Isaac Hayes. Moving on to digital marketing firm Digitas, as a Web Developer for Wolters-Kluwer, Pottery Barn Kids, Tiger Woods American Express, Captain Morgan, and the NBA to name a few.

I followed my dream of becoming a game developer attending The Guildhall @ SMU. During my studies at the Guildhall, I was a sales associate at EB Games and as a marketing representative for Sony Online Entertainment at Wizard World Dallas. I was also a tester for Magnin & Associates, a part of the Level Design Map Pack team for America’s Army, a Level Designer and 3D modeler at N-Fusion Interactive and Gearbox. Titles included: Hour of Victory, Brother in Arms: Hell’s Highway, and Alien Colonial Marines. For my Master’s Thesis, I founded Sungura Games and created my first mobile project. I went on to produce games and applications for Magnin associates which included the IGDA app, Call in Sick, and Zamboni Challenge. As a 2015 Game Developer Conference (GDC) speaker, I discussed Diversity in Games. Sungura Games also created racing game demos for a Toyota sponsored Black Enterprise event and Rapper Flo Rida. I am currently working on independent games, teaching game design at Full Sail University, and pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Central Florida.

My passion for game development makes my commitment to education my priority. Don’t hesitate to ask for help on any aspect of development to which I am well versed. And if you just need some downtime, we can play some multiplayer games online.

My goal is to help future developers become a functional part of the game development community. With this goal, you must be committed to the hard work involved in the development process. Do well.