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Healthy at School In-Person & Remote Learning Plan

Family Communication

We’re excited to welcome students and staff back to in-person and remote learning! This document outlines the preventative practices and enhanced mitigation measures being implemented on campus to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19. Strict adherence to these guidelines is required.

BSHS Leadership Team

Eric Hale, Executive Principal

Heather Zoll Eppley, Academy Coach

Kendall Kearns, EMR Academy Principal

Dana Lawrence, EMR Academy Counselor

Kristy Field, Freshman Academy Principal

Jennifer Berk, Freshman Academy Counselor

Fred Snodgrass, Freshman Academy Principal

Yvette Thompson, Freshman Academy Counselor

Rebecca Shearer, IT Academy Principal

Lorie Daughtery, IT Academy Counselor

Lanisha Hostler, Leadership Academy Principal

Annie Belding, Leadership Academy Counselor

Stacey Middleton, Medical Academy Principal

Brandi Ogden, Medical Academy Counselor

Jami Dailey, Student Support Services Administrator

Jana Walters, MTSS/Intervention Coordinator

Jay Bordas, Dean of Students

Brandy Ashford, College & Career Readiness Coach

Shaleta Jackson, Administrative Assistant to the Principals

Kaci Cohn, School Technology Coordinator and Technology Resource Teacher

Healthy at School In-Person & Remote Learning Plan

Table of Contents

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General Health Procedures and Protocols        4

Masks        4

Clean Hands        4

Social Distancing        4

Healthy Habits        4

Family Assurance of Student Health        5

Cleaning Protocols        6

Sick Room        6

What to do before school and what to bring to school        7

Technology        7

Transportation        8

Arrival        9

Bus        9

Car        9

Walkers        9

Student Badges, Metal Detectors & Bag Checks        10

Bell Schedule        10

Class Transitions        11

Hallway Protocols        11

Restrooms        11

Water Breaks        12

Classrooms        12

Instructional Procedures        12

Meal Service        13

Breakfast Plan        13

Lunch Plan        14

Library/Media Center        14

State Assessments        15

Specialized Push-In and/or Pull-Out Services        15

Dismissal/Student Pick-up        15

Bus        15

Parent Pick-up/Car Dismissal/Walker        16

Athletes, ESS, Tech School        16

Extra-curricular and Co-Curricular Activities        16

FCPS Return to Play Guidelines (in conjunction with the KHSAA and KMEA)        16

Parent Responsibilities        16

Player/Participant Responsibilities:        17

Large Group Gatherings        17

Student Sign-Out (during school day)        17

Visitors        18

Communication and Notification Procedures        18

Staff Communication        20

Employee Assurance of Personal Health        20

Supervision Duty        21

Administrative Spaces        21

Cleaning Protocols:        21

Teacher/Classroom Responsibilities        22

Technology        23

Gymnasium        23

In-Person Instructional Plan        23

Contact Tracing: Infection/Exposure/Quarantine        24

Contact Tracing: Attendance and Tracking        25

Safety Procedures and Expectations        25

General Health Procedures and Protocols

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All students and staff are required to wear a mask (no bandanas or gaiters) at all times while on campus, in the building or on the bus, with the exception of those who have a medical exemption (with the exception of those who have a medical exemption or other documented and approved exemption). All families need to be aware that there could be students in their children’s classroom or on the bus who have a mask exemption. Medical exemptions must be submitted to the school or department head in writing on the official letterhead of the physician, pediatrician or psychologist’s office, and signed by a medical professional. Students and staff should only lower their masks while actively eating or drinking. Masks will be provided for students or staff members who do not have one. The mask must be worn covering the nose and the mouth.

Clean Hands

Frequent hand washing will be expected and encouraged, and hand-cleaning supplies including hand soap, air dryer and hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol will be readily available on buses, in classrooms and throughout the school grounds.

Social Distancing

Stickers are posted on the walkways and hallways to mark a safe distance for transitioning. It is important for all students and staff to practice social distancing while on campus and in the building. The distance we are recommending for campus is 6 feet.

Healthy Habits

Students and staff will be encouraged to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, stay home when sick and cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and sanitize or wash hands.


Family Assurance of Student Health

Cleaning Protocols

Sick Room

What to do before school and what to bring to school 

Students should bring:



Students will be provided a FCPS Chromebook and charging cable when they enroll in BSHS. Unless the Chromebook and charging cable is damaged or lost, no required Chromebook-related fees will be assessed.

For the complete 1:1 Technology Plan for Students and Families, please visit: 

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All families who can transport their children to school are strongly encouraged to do so to help reduce the number of students on each bus.


Anyone who enters the building will have to go through the Thermal Imaging Cameras which will be set up in the 500 area and front foyer.  




Student Badges, Metal Detectors & Bag Checks

Bell Schedule

Class Transitions

Hallway Protocols


Students and staff will maintain a social distance of 6 feet in hallways during arrival, transitions, and dismissal.  Floors will be marked to indicate safe distancing. Student and staff traffic flow will follow directions of floor stickers/arrows. Signs will be posted indicating direction of traffic and social distancing reminders.

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Description automatically generatedRestrooms


Water Breaks

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Instructional Procedures

Meal Service

Breakfast Plan

Lunch Plan

Expectations for students during lunch:

Library/Media Center

State Assessments 

Standardized Testing—State Required and National Assessments (ACT, KPREP, PSAT, ACCESS for EL, etc.)

Specialized Push-In and/or Pull-Out Services

Dismissal/Student Pick-up


Parent Pick-up/Car Dismissal/Walker    

Athletes, ESS, Tech School     


Extra-curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities will be held in accordance with guidelines from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, Kentucky Music Education Association, and other governing bodies or state health guidance.

FCPS Return to Play Guidelines (in conjunction with the KHSAA and KMEA)

Parent Responsibilities 

Player/Participant Responsibilities:

Large Group Gatherings

Student Sign-Out (during school day)

All students signing out for other reasons will wait in classrooms and wait to be called by the attendance clerk/staff. No students will be permitted to wait in the front office/hallway/vestibule.



Communication and Notification Procedures

Healthy at School In-Person & Remote Learning Plan

Staff Communication

Employee Assurance of Personal Health

Social Distancing:

Staff Arrival Procedures:

Supervision Duty

Administrative Spaces

Cleaning Protocols:

Teacher/Classroom Responsibilities


Please see the 1:1 Technology Plan for Teachers and Staff There is also a 1:1 Technology Quick Reference Guide for Teachers and Staff published here:


In-Person Instructional Plan

Office of Academic Services Instructional Guidance for Return to In-Person Learning document (Appendix H).

Office of Academic Services Instructional Guidance for Return to In-Person Learning document (Appendix H)

Contact Tracing: Infection/Exposure/Quarantine

Contact Tracing: Attendance and Tracking

Safety Procedures and Expectations

See the FCPS code of conduct for disciplinary consequences and expectations.