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ETS- Application Team NM course 2023
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 Application Form

Fire, Water, Heat and Hope

Rio Grande Nature Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 25, 26 & 27 2023

Please note:

Applicant Information

Name: Samantha Salazar

Title: Clean Energy Equity Fellow                                        

Agency/Organization: Center for Civic Policy

Address: 3901 Indian School Rd. NE Apt D401


Phone: 480-323-5911

Discussion Questions

We will select applicants based on concise but thorough responses to the following questions. Please limit your responses to a total of two pages or less.

Working with rural communities that have been reliant on fossil fuel production to create an equitable just transition.  Growing community power and amplifying community voices to inform NM’s energy transition and push the state’s decision makers to commit to bold actions on climate, we will be able shape a clean and prosperous present and future led by frontline communities. This will allow us to empower everyday New Mexicans to be part of the emerging regenerative economy.

Interest include just transition, water and environmental justice, rural economic development and solar, hydrogen and geothermal.

                I want to participate in this course because I’m interested in learning more to enhance my work. I’m young and want to soak up as much knowledge I can receive early on in my career. This will help broaden my horizons and allow me to do my job better.

I have 1 year of professional experience in climate work, this is one of the reasons I am applying.

I grew up in Gallup, New Mexico which thrust my interest in climate work. Currently I work with rural communities in the Permian and San Juan Basin.

I will bring this knowledge back to my coworkers and we can apply some of the things I learned at the workshop when we go to the communities and do community engagement. I think a big thing is creating documents that are easy to understand to underserved communities is huge. My theory is that if my grandpa, who was a mine worker, can't understand what I’m explaining to him, that gives me a range of what other people in his community are dealing with.

I would like to work with the Power 4 New Mexico Coalition to give a presentation, this would be approximately 30 people depending if their members join as well.

CVNM and Naeva are involved in climate change and we work closely with them as coalition partners.

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Supervisory approval is required to participate in this course.

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When complete email or send via USPS to:

Peter Lipscomb

Earth to Sky Team New Mexico

Cerrillos Hills State Park

P O Box 460

Cerrillos, NM 87010

Phone: 505-474-0196