FUN FOR THE SOCIALLY DISTANCING added new items 03/31/2020

Read. One of our neighbors has some books to share; check it out on our Facebook group:

Make some facemasks: See how some of our neighbors do it on our Facebook group.

Brush up on your language skills. Try and all sorts of opportunities on  

Learn something new; take a free online course at 

Take a virtual tour: and

Read. Download free books at

If you have a library card you can download free ebooks and audiobooks from the


If you don’t have a library card, you can get one and access a lot of other stuff here:

Fix up your yard and garden: 

More to come here

Explore some music: 

Nevertheless, we play on… (a free opera every evening; you can play it until late afternoon the next day but be aware that some operas have some R-rated scenes which might require explanation if children ask.)

Watch something new: 

Shakespeare’s plays at (not free)

Lotsa free movies:  (not free) Free shows on Thursdays

Color: free coloring books at 

Lots of stuff:

 Do a jigsaw puzzle.  Politics and Prose Bookstore will mail you one.  Phone 202-364-1919 to order. Or get a virtual one from your app-app.

Exercise: See our separate window on exercise  

Phone an old friend or relative you haven’t seen in a while.