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1.        Purpose

The Board believes that students should participate in the governance of school activities at levels appropriate to their ages and competencies because

  1. As an institution fundamental to the operation of a democratic society, the schools should strive to exemplify the democratic ideal of citizen participation in decision-making.

  1.  As part of their educational development, students should be provided experiences and decision-making roles to prepare them for the future.

  1. Students are a valuable resource whose contributions can aid and benefit the programs of the schools.

2.        Authority

The Board directs that students be invited to participate in activities appropriate to their maturity and competency, leading to administrative decision-making in Comprehensive planning.

Suggestions for improvement may be offered by any student, provided they are of a constructive nature and contribute toward the realization of the District's educational goals.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to implement this policy which:

  1. Provide for submission, consideration, and response to constructive student suggestions.

  1. Ensure that student participation is fairly representational of the whole student body.

  1. Ensure that the student voice and vote in decision-making is fairly balanced with those of faculty, administration and community members.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 510

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