Extreme After School Zone

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be doing homework during after school hours? 

Homework assigned from school will NOT be part of The ZONE curriculum. We are not a State licensed After School Program.

What does it mean when you say you are not licensed by the State of Texas?

Here at the ZONE we want to offer your child an opportunity to the end their school day with engaging activities and challenges that revolve around leadership and nutrition lessons, martial arts and gymnastics lessons and much more! Not being licensed by the State of Texas means that we can not have specified homework time, however we will have a short period of time where the kids are allowed to work on any number of activities, including material relating to their school if they choose to do so.

When does the ZONE operate?

The ZONE is operational every regular Comal County I.S.D. calendar school day (Monday - Friday), to 6pm. Early release days are covered for participants who regularly attend those days. However we do not operate over extended school breaks such as spring break, and winter break.

Where is the ZONE located? What schools do we serve?

Our address is 1965 Post Rd Suite #500 New Braunfels Tx, 78130. The ZONE is proud to serve Comal County. For a complete list of schools please Email us at Extremezonenb@gmail.com.

How does checking my child out at the end of the day work?

The designated pick-up time every day will be from 5pm-6pm, and a parent or guardian must be present in order to sign your child out. Please keep in mind that additional charges will be applied for any parents that are more than ten minutes late to regular pick-up. After ten minutes, a fee of a dollar a minute will then be applied on top of that. If you would like to designate another person to pick up your child (Grandma, or babysitter, etc.) we will need their names in advance. Parents, guardians, and anyone else approved to pick up their children at the end of the day will need to be prepared to show identification like a drivers license to confirm identity.

How are the children divided into groups?

Kids will be divided up by age, gender, and size when allowing. Our guided instruction and associated challenges however are applicable to all ages.

What will my child do on a typical day?

Every day your child will participate in guided instruction challenges and engaging activities that will directly relate to the ZONE’S bi-monthly theme. There will be time for crafts, snacks, games, and free time for your child every day!

Do you provide a snack? 

Yes, we provide a healthy snack for children each day. You are welcome to pack an alternative snack for your child if you wish to do so.

How do you handle behavioral problems?

A link to our full behavioral policy can be found on our website, www.newbraunfelsafterschool.com, found under the “Parents” tab. We encourage appropriate language, teamwork, respect to staff and facility, and positive participation in all activities. When serious and/or chronic disciplinary problems occur, suspension from the program may be necessary.

How do you manage medications?

We are able to administer both daily and emergency medications. Please bring all medications at time of sign-up along with a medication form. A link for our medications can be found online at our website, www.newbraunfelsafterschool.com, under the “Parents” tab. Hard copies can be provided at the facility if necessary.

What happens in bad weather?

Since the program consists of indoor training, only the outside activities planned for that day would be affected. In which case we would switch to indoor activities for that bad weather day. If the driving conditions are affected by bad weather, and we are unable to physically get your child’s school to pick them up we will call, text, and email both the parents and school to make sure that everyone involved understands that we are unable to pick up that day. An example would be if all roadways were impassable due to high water or downed power lines making it impossible to get to the school.

How much does it cost? 

Our 2018-2019 pricing $65 (per week) for non members, and $57 (per week) for existing Extreme Martial Arts, Extreme Gymnastics, or Extreme Team Summer Camp members. Typical semesters are on average 20 weeks long.

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