Wednesday TEST

P.1, 2, 3, 5, and 7

  1. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For original (watch timestamps 0:47-1:24):
  2. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For PMJ:
  3. Thriller original (watch timestamps 1:12-1:49):
  4. Thriller PMJ: 
  5. Video Killed the Radio Star original (watch timestamps 0:21-1:36):
  6. Video Killed the Radio Star PMJ:
  7. Super Mario Bros theme song (watch timestamps 0:00-0:21):
  8. Super Mario Bros Medley PMJ:
  9. High Hopes original (watch timestamps 2:01-3:12):
  10. High Hopes PMJ:

        P.1, 3(sop/altos), 5, and 7

                Write in solfege for Stabat Mater for BOTH parts (key of F minor - so altos start on “LA”, sops start on “TI”. Natural signs raise the solfege by a half step (the first one will be “SI”).  The flat sign in the soprano part is “TE”

        P.2, 3(tenor/bass)

                        Voice Parts -

                                Tenor -








                                Baritone -









                                Bass -


                                        Michael C










                                        Michael A


P.6 - Please complete the worksheet based on these videos:


P.1,2,3,5, and 7

                P. 1+2 - Number 2

                P. 3 - Number 6 with the chord progression on the board

                P. 5 - Number 3

                P. 7 - Number 5


Please compile a list of songs you’d like to do for Valentine’s Grams (take about 15-20 min. - the list can be long.)

Keep the list, but vote on one song to come up with an arrangement of today.  Work as a group (doesn’t need to be complex. Bass line, harmonies, VP). Record and send to me.  If you don’t finish, finish tomorrow! :-)