TJEd High!

A Sample of The Weekly Checklist

The readings in this checklist are for the Fall A semester, this may not be the current checklist goals, this is a sample to help you prepare for TJEd High!

This checklist is one of the most important parts of your Scholar Phase. If you do the full checklist this week, you are on target for a great Scholar Phase! Please note that this is not a full Scholar Phase, but the weekly checklist is our weekly mentor prompt to develop the habits and skills necessary for the Scholar to obtain a full Scholar Phase. Obviously, there will be a lot more reading, discussing and studies outside of the TJEd High syllabus and curriculum.

The Scholar picks which track he/she will do week by week. This gives them a goal to work towards and a scoreboard to measure themselves against. The goal is to get to the point where the Hardest Track becomes habitual, simple, and natural. Then to go beyond the Hardest Track and read, read, read and discuss a lot more!

Here is a video break down of this Checklist Sample and an explanation of the Checklist Items >>

Pick one of the four following options for this week, and do it. Choose the one that feels best for YOU:

Easiest Track

Easy Track

Hard Track

Hardest Track

Summer Track

Note: This is only available during the Summer months.