Procedures and Practices

September 2018

Start time: 9.05 a.m. - Children are collected from the playground and brought to the classroom. If it raining heavily the entrance doors will be opened at 8.55 a.m.  On arrival at the classroom children go immediately to their places and sit down. Rainbow code of behaviour is to be observed by the children at all times. Children are then asked group by group to hang up coats outside the classroom.

This procedure is also followed after each break-time.

Break-times: 10.50 -11.00 and 12.30 – 1.00 

Children eat their lunches in the classroom before playtime. Children are reminded to go to the toilet before going out to play

Children should have their coats fully closed when going outside. Buddies from second class can assist in this task in the infant classes.

Finish time: Children are brought to the playground by the class teacher at 1.45/2.45. Children do not leave the teacher until they tell teacher that they see the person who is collecting them.

Religious Education: 12.00 – 12.30

Playtime practices: Children are brought to the playground at 10.50 and 12.30. Please await the arrival of the teacher on playtime supervision before you leave the children

The children are collected by the teacher at 11.00 and 1.00

Children may go inside to use the toilet when accompanied by a buddy who will be given a toilet pass.

Playground accidents: Teacher on yard duty will assess the injury and child will come in to First Aid Station if required.

Classroom illnesses and accidents: Please dial 41 staffroom/ 21 Principal or 20 Secretary to inform that assistance is required. Child will then be collected from the classroom.

Procedures for using the toilets – Children ask permission to leave the classroom to use the toilet.  If a child has a toilet accident, assistance is sought as for illnesses and accidents. A child who has a toilet accident, should go to or remain in the toilet so that privacy is maintained. Parents of the child will be contacted to bring a change of clothes.  

Child Protection Procedures

Designated Liaison Person: Mairéad Ryan

Deputy Designated Liaison Person:

All concerns/disclosure involving Child Protection or child welfare will in the first instance be reported to the DLP

Practices in Scoil Maelruain Junior in relation to Child Protection:

Physical contact is always kept to a minimum and only in response to meet the needs of a child. Any physical contact will need explanation in this context. The child’s right to his/her personal space is to be respected.

Visitors / Guest speakers are always accompanied by the class teacher in the presence of the children.

Personnel are assigned to a child with specific toileting/intimate care needs. Protocols regarding these care needs are agreed with parents.

In the event of toileting accidents parents are contacted immediately.

One to one teaching classes are always visible through clear glass on the classroom door.