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This page contains links to articles referenced in my presentations.

Green links denote articles I authored.

Back in the Day …


NBC Frame 1

J Rufus Fears Fellowship

Fears Fellows Driving Change 

Fears Fellows Making a Difference

What Fears Fellows Say About the Program (2 min video)

Oklahoma Legislative Process

Citizens Guide to the Legislature

How To Be an Effective Advocate 

Defining and Measuring the Progress of Legislation

Legislative Football 

Budget Timeline

$2 Billion Savings Prudent

Initiative and Referendum in Oklahoma 

K-12 Education

How Is Your School Doing?  OK Dept of Ed Data

The Research Driven Solution

The Bibliography:  175 Studies 


Free Markets Destroy 

The Seen, The Unseen, and the Unrealized  

The Myth of American Inequality 

Electoral College

Save Our States

The Danger of Attacks on the Electoral College 

David Liep’s Atlas of Presidential Elections 

US Politics

Wilsonian Progressives 

Oklahoma Politics

Dr. Brian Rader

Term Limits in Oklahoma

2004 Partisan Transition in the Oklahoma House and Term Limits

David and Goliath: Media Effects in the 1990 Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Race




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