Official Rules

Dr. Squatch Pro Series - 2019

  1. Series Format and Registration
  1. This 2019 season will be a 20 race season utilizing the ‘Playoff’ format. After race 13 only 16 drivers will be eligible for the Championship. After race 16 only 8 drivers will be eligible for the Championship, and following race 19 only four drivers will be eligible to win the Championship.
  1. Drivers that transfers will be race winners followed by drivers with the highest current points.
  2. There will be a Team Owner’s Championship along with a Driver’s Points Championship.
  1. Only way to start a SESRA Dr. Squatch Pro Series event is to possess a Pro Series Charter, and be an Official SESRA Driver. Only Drivers that have raced that year’s prior SESRA AM Series, or have driven in a prior Pro Series are Officially SESRA Drivers.
  2. To register as a signed driver use this link : (LINK NOT RELEASED UNTIL MARCH 1st)
  3. To apply for purchasing a Charter use this link : (LINK NOT RELEASED UNTIL MARCH 1st)
  1. Official Driver Eligibility
  1. The ONLY drivers eligible to be signed to a SESRA Dr. Squatch Pro Series Charter are drivers that have raced in a prior SESRA Pro Series, or that season’s SESRA AM Series.
  1. To be eligible from the AM Series the driver must have started all 10 races.
  1. Once a driver is signed by a team they must register as a primary driver and pay the $10 driver fee.
  2. A team can only sign one primary driver per Charter/Car, and can only have two (2) backup drivers for the team as a whole. Backup drivers do NOT need to pay the driver fee, but can NOT earn points.
  3. Drivers signed to a team may not leave a team or be picked up by another team unless released by the team owner.
  1. Race Event Procedures
  1. Each race event will have a minimum 50 minute practice session. Followed by a 10 minute single car qualify and drivers meeting via iRacing chat channel.
  2. Individual driver and team chat channels can be on ANY chat app except the iRacing Chat. Server chat will be reserved for driver to admin communication, or, non argumentative in nature, relevant communication between drivers.
  1. Any driver that calls out another driver via iRacing chat and promotes a hostile environment will be temporarily muted by race admin.
  2. Drivers who choose to use profane language towards another driver or admin will receive a black flag 15 second stop and hold penalty at the start of the next points paying race. Drivers serving this penalty will be given an EOL under the pre race pace laps to ensure the possibility of a safe entrance onto pit road to serve the penalty.
  3. Drivers with repeat offenses (2nd time or more) will serve a 1 race suspension for every following offense. Team owners (in the Pro Series only) may opt to allow an eligible reserve driver to compete using the suspended drivers entry for the first suspension. Subsequent suspensions (3rd offense or more) will result in team owners forfeiting the right to field that entry for the one race suspension.
  1. When needed iRacing chat will be disabled by the SESRA admin and enabled after a ‘cool down’ period.
  2. Every SESRA oval race will be started by the GREEN FLAG / LIGHTS
  1. Race Leader can choose top or bottom row for starts and restarts and must announce his choice over iRacing chat no later than receiving the 1 to go signal. After announcing lane choice, no changes will be permitted.
  2. Restarts will be controlled by the race leader after the pace car has pulled off the racing surface or a track specific location. The leader may then make a singular, clear effort to accelerate to racing speeds and the track will be considered green and overtaking will be permitted. There will be no requirement to maintain position until after crossing the start finish line. Black flags as a result of overtaking before the line will be cleared by race admin before being served.
  1. If a caution flag comes out on the last lap Drivers are to continue racing and will be scored how they crossed the finish line completing the total race distance.
  2. During a caution, Drivers will make every effort to collapse the field rapidly and in a safe manner.
  1. A car that cannot keep up with the pace car is to tow immediately to prevent scoring issues within iRacing.
  2. To prevent unnecessary Black Flags each driver is responsible for following commands of the prompt iRacing displays during the caution.
  3. A Driver entering pit road under caution must maintain reasonable speed relative to the pit road speed limit. Excessively slow driving on pit road, in the judgement of the race admin, will result in an immediate EOL and a post race review of the circumstances surrounding the incident and may potentially result in further penalties if it is determined it was deliberate in order to manipulate the outcome of the pit sequence and/or race results.
  1. After the race ALL cars will complete the cool down lap at a reasonably decreasing speed, enter the pits from the pit entrance, park in a pit stall and exit the car to manually disconnect from the race server. Only the RACE WINNER and/or Region/Season Champion may continue past the pit entrance onto the frontstretch for a victory celebration.

  1. Drivers who do not complete the cool down lap in the intended manner, drive erratically, make deliberate contact with another driver, or in any other manner deemed by race admin to intentionally violate the spirit of rule 2.6. will be subjected to a written notice of violation of rule 2.6. An EOL to start the following race will be decided by the board after discussing flagrancy of the offense, prior to notice and submitted with the written warning.
  2. A driver with repeat offenses (2nd or more) will serve a Black Flag 15 second stop and hold penalty at the start of the next points paying race. Drivers serving this penalty will be given an EOL under pre race pace laps to ensure the possibility of a safe entrance onto pit road to serve the penalty.
  1. Driver’s reserve the right to protest any incident via formal email to the league director of competition no earlier than 24 hours, and no later than 48 following the event.  The complaint will then be immediately submitted to the board of directors, reviewed, and unanimously agreed upon a resolve no later than Sunday evening.
  1. SESRA Admins will handle each protest as a case by case basis, and can issue a warning, EOL, Black Flag/Hold, Drive Thru, Race Suspensions, and or Bans from the league at their discretion.
  2. Penalized Drivers will be notified of any punitive actions via email directly from the competition director and have 24 hours from when a penalty is posted to challenge the penalty. In the event a driver's email is not on file, the driver’s team owner will be notified. Any excuse of a driver not having been notified of a penalty will not be accepted.
  1. In the event a penalty is formally challenged, all board members will review the incident a second time and may conduct a more thorough investigation including efforts to informally interview other drivers who could be able to provide an alternate perspective to the incident in question. After which, the board will unanimously agree to uphold or overturn the imposed penalty no later than Wednesday night. This decision will be final and is not subject to further discussion.
  2. Any decisions resulting from a formal protest will be submitted via email to any affected parties. The plaintiff of a protest IS NOT partial to any follow up communication from the competition director or the board and any penalties levied against other drivers will not be disclosed to anyone except the driver penalized.
  1. The amount of tires that can be changed during the race will be announced prior and all Drivers will be notified during the pre race brief.
  1. Any Driver that changes more tires than limited will be penalized 10 points per set used and receive a drive through black flag at the start of the next points paying race. Drivers serving this penalty will be given an EOL by race admin during the pre-race pace laps to ensure the possibility of safe entrance to pit road in order to serve the penalty.
  2. A standard set of racing tires is designed for a specific side of the car. A driver may NOT change one side of the cars tires in an effort to offset the number of maximum allowed changes. Any time a driver changes tires during a pit stop, whether that be 2 or 4 tires, it will be considered an allotted change being expended.
  1. SESRA race admins may at any time deem a drivers actions to be deliberate, negligent, reckless, or in any way detrimental to the SESRA league, and may take deemed appropriate action to include, EOL’s, Black Flags, and or Disqualification from the event. These decisions will be at their discretion and are not subject to secondary approval from any board members.
  2. SESRA Admins will review any event resulting in a participants disqualification and determine any following actions such as; No further action, suspension from upcoming events, or expulsion from the league.
  3. Any actions resulting in expulsion from the league will result in an immediate forfeiture of all monies paid for that season’s driver registration fee. Any additional season fees purchased already by the offender will be refunded within 3 business days of final decision of expulsion. The offender may appeal any decision of expulsion and a meeting will be set up at the earliest convenience for the offender and the SESRA Board to have a meeting in which the offender will have a chance to individually plead their case. After said meeting has concluded SESRA Board will make a final decision. The decision will be final and is not subject to further discussion.
  4. An iRacing incident limit will be set for each race (excluding Superspeedways, and roadcourses). The exact number will be announced prior to the race. Once a driver meets/or exceeds the limit iRacing will immediately disqualify the driver from the race. Drivers that get parked will also be suspended from the next points paying race.
  1. Contingencies and Required Decals
  1. Dr. Squatch Pro Series window banner will be provided to teams prior to start of the season. It is the team and driver’s responsibility to ensure the banner is properly displayed. A car without the banner correctly placed will be parked immediately.
  2. If your cars paint is in poor taste or deemed offensive you will be removed.
  1. Points System
  1. There is no drop weeks or bonus points for SESRA AM Series.
  2. The following driver points will be awarded each race: 1st- 40, 2nd- 39, 3rd- 38, 4th- 37, 5th- 36, 6th- 35, 7th- 34, 8th- 33, 9th- 32, 10th- 31, etc.
  3. The following team points will be awarded each race: 1st - 10, 2nd- 9, 3rd- 8, 4th-7,5th- 6, 6th- 5, 7th- 4, 8th- 3, 9th- 2, 10th- 1
  1. The first finishing car of a team will be the car to earn its team points. Unless they driver is penalized.

 5.        Awards and Payouts

5.1     Cash awards will be paid via PayPal ONLY.

            5.2     Any merchandise awards will be mailed to the winning driver.