MAY 2018

Edited by Rachel Zwerenz

Digital Editors - Nick Michalski, Emma Begnaud

C2E Steam Fair

By: Anvi Rana, Sophia Backstrom, Avery Rey, and Samantha Gherbaz

     The STEAM fair is a C2E school fair that takes place in the gym each year in May, this year on the 14th. All students were welcome to bring in a project showing their knowledge and interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The projects brought in for all to see came in all shapes and sizes, but all showed aspects of steam amazingly.

     A 6th grader, Mary Kozleski, made a diorama that showed forest fires and what they can do. Plus, an 8th grader named Mansi Pahade brought in a marble roller coaster knocking over dominoes while it goes. A popular project was created by a 5th grader named Samantha Harper who brought in Welsh cakes for her heritage project.

C2E CMAS Testing

Written by: Rachel Zwerenz, and Keagan Dipietro

Challenge to Excellence took the Colorado Measures of Academic, or CMAS tests, starting on March 26th, and ending on April 10th. The kids tested for 400 minutes, or 6 ⅔ hours. 3rd through 5th grades took the math and language arts tests from Tuesday, April 3rd to Thursday, April 5th. Middle school took the math tests from Monday, March 26th to Wednesday, March 28th and the Language Arts tests from Monday April 2nd to Wednesday April 4th. 8th grade also took the science test from April 9th to April 10th, and 5th grade took the science tests on Friday, April 6th.

According to the Colorado Department of Education, CMAS is practically the same test as PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). The main difference is that CMAS is only for Colorado students, but CMAS is made in part with PARCC. They use the same template, have the same type of questions, test for the same things, and the CMAS and PARCC tests are accessible through the Pearson TestNav app. Student’s opinions on CMAS vary, but most people understand that the state needs to collect data from us to see how our school is doing.

The students aren’t happy for the prolonged period of testing. Those who opted out are enjoying not having homework, but some lost it. Piper Hartman, for example, started a small “peaceful protest” before the final science test. She lay on the floor of Mrs. Baldermann’s classroom asking for something to tie herself to the desk so she couldn’t take the test. Others joined in, but some were just tired and were trying to get some sleep before the 80 minutes of “torture”. Kids also made up nicknames for the test, like Critical Mental Abuse for Students. Their efforts didn’t impact the testing, but was definitely a cause for laughter, which made the testing easier to bear. The teachers aren’t all fans of the testing, but worked to prepare the students to do their best. The tests are required and our school often gets good scores, helping the school. At the end of the testing the teachers then had “fun days”. For example, Mr. Jones had his 7th and 8th grade students played games, Mrs. Shaffer had a fun, oreo related class, and Mr. Raycraft’s class was laid back.

Gavin from 6th grade said that we should continue doing CMAS “so the teachers can see how good they are doing with their kids.” Andre also from 6th grade agreed, saying, “It determines classes for years later and it helps the school with funding.” Both of them said that they like that they like that the testing in a span of a couple weeks. Gavin said “...you need to take breaks so you can still learn.” Andre said he enjoys not having homework. Neither really felt as if it caused them a lot of stress, though Gavin did say that some of the questions are hard to get through.

I-Ready tests are taken at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to see how the students are progressing.

Time to Say Goodbye

8th Grade Graduation

Written by: Emma Begnaud and Rachel Zwerenz

After almost 9 long years of elementary and middle school, it is time for the eighth grade class of 2018 to continue their journey into high school as they all go their separate ways. While many students haven’t been here since kindergarten, we all called C2E home.  On May 24th, eighth grade had their field trip and graduated that night. For the rest of the school, the last day of school was May 25th.

In the fall, C2E’s graduated eighth grade class of 2018 will likely be in Chaparral or Legend. Others are going to Ponderosa, Grandview, Colorado Early Colleges, Regis, Mountain Vista, or Douglas County High School. So for many eighth graders, this will be the last time they see each other. The eighth graders are either excited or sad to leave. In Language Arts, the eighth graders wrote their graduation speeches, and there were two distinct sections: A sad story about how C2E has been all they know, or a celebration for a new start. For all the eighth graders, this is the start of a new chapter of their lives as they enter high school.

On Thursday, May 24th, eighth grade practiced for graduation with next year’s leadership team starting at 8:15, went to Boondocks at 9:45 am, came back at 12:15 pm, and had Panda Express for lunch at the school. They got to leave early at 1:00 and came back at 5:30 for the graduation ceremony starting at 6:00. It ended at about 7:15 and there was a short cake reception afterwards. At graduation, there were speeches and a video with baby photos, most likely to... photos, and quotes. They didn’t have to come to school on the 25th, as they graduated the night before, but in past years, C2E alumni have come to say “Hi” on the last day of school.

C2E’s Car Rally Scavenger Hunt

By: Isabella Feliciano and Keagan Dipietro  

On April 7th, 2018, the Car Rally Scavenger Hunt started. Many people entered the contest to win fun prizes. Tons of efforts were put into this event by the creators: Karen Dipietro, Cathy Mezo, and Lourdes Santiago. We asked Karen what her inspiration and she told us, “My inspiration is my friends/family in England. Originally I was going to do a different event, but then I realized it wasn’t family friendly. So I remembered my friends in England, and how they put on car rallies, and everyone loved them, so I decided to do one for myself.” We also thank the sponsors who made this event possible, Tonti’s Pizza, Swirls, Axl’s 5, Mile High Home Source, Ramierue Photography, Parker Plumbing and Heating, Rocky Mountain Mortgage, Kaelyn Pediatric Dentistry, and The Parker Shops. At 3:00 PM on the day of the event, the teams left dressed up in their costumes to solve all the clues. At 4:45 PM, the teams started coming in with their answers to be graded. At around 5:15 all the teams were back The after party started and the winners of the event were announced.  The Ramsey family--The Vultures--were victorious. Alex Ramsey explained, “We choose The Vultures because they are the best hunters”. Then, Axl’s 5 started performing live with fonomonal rock and roll songs. Tonti’s pizza was served along with cookies, brownies, cakes, and many more sweet treats. Kids were playing, and people were dancing. Soon the balloon pop started, and Meghan Hemann Won the $1,000 grand prize. Right After the balloon pop ended, Cathy Saiben won the V.I.P carpool Spot. The event ended off well, with the grand total of $10,001!

Middle School Carnival Dance

By: Rachel, Havily, Lillian, and Jasmin

On April 19th, 2018, Middle School participated in a Carnival Dance that took place in the C2E gym. This middle school dance had cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, soda, and water. The cost for admission was $10. The carnival theme included big top entrances, balloons, streamers, lights, giant stars, a DJ, and a photo booth.

The dance started at 6:00 and lasted for a couple hours. Mr. Raycraft, Mrs. DeBever, and Mrs. Marshall attended the dance. Both got down with the students and had fun dancing. Mr. Raycraft only came since it was the eighth grader’s last dance, but there weren't that many students there. There were only about 67 students, and the dance almost had to be cancelled. If that were the case, the school would have lost money and wouldn’t be able to afford both the eighth grade graduation gift--a GaGa Ball pit--and everything for graduation--including the field trip and lunch (more information in the article titled “Time to Say Goodbye 8th Grade Graduation”) But we pulled it together in the end and had a wonderful night. The GaGa Ball pit was built on the 22nd  because of the people that came to the dance.

The Nature and Science Museum

Written by: Lillian Rayburn and Jasmin Martinez

On Wednesday May 2, the sixth graders went on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They left at 9:30 and got back at 2:15. Different groups went to different exhibits, depending on their chaperones. Some groups went to the Passport to the Universe in the Planetarium, Gems and Minerals, Space Odyssey, Health Expedition, Discovery Zone, Konovalenko: Gem Carvings of Russian Folk Life, Prehistoric Journey, various wildlife exhibits, and Egyptian Mummies. Lillian Rayburn said, “It was an amazing experience and I hope that I can go back.”

SHREK JR (Cast Video)

 Click on the image to watch a great video

Red For Ed

By: Keira Willis and Havily Jones

All teachers of douglas county are riled up for a big march on Thursday, April 26 at the capital. Multiple districts in Colorado have already taken school days off, including Douglas County.  

Teachers are marching because they, and many others, think that teachers should earn more money and get more recognition for everything they do. Not only is the red for ed march in Douglas County, it has spread through other states as well. Teachers are fighting for not only their salaries, but for their students as well. Many students help to support the cause. Some students are going down to march at the capitol with the teachers on thursday. The fight is not just for their salaries, but for the educational funding. Teachers hardly get enough money to pay for daily expenses, much less support their families and students. Schools in general are under funded, and schools could put the money towards making their schools better learning environments for their kids.

“Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and most important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of earth”. - Helen Caldicott

What is #red4ed?

Written by: Preston Holt

Red for Ed (or #RED4ED) is a teacher led campaign for better pay. Teachers dedicate so much of their life to teaching our next generations, and are hardly paid enough to pay for daily life expense. Schools are also underfunded, so the teachers have been demanding better pay and more school funding. On Wednesday, C2E had planned to wear red to support the teachers, and most of middle school participated.

Douglas County is one of the lowest funded school districts in the country, so on Thursday, March 26, 2018 Douglas County School District was closed to students since most of the district’s teachers were going to protest at the state capital. Douglas County didn’t have enough subs in the district to cover the dramatic loss of teachers for the day, so while the students didn’t have school, the teachers still had to take a personal day to protest. At the rally, many of the teachers had signs talking about the importance of teachers. Mrs. Zvonek’s sign said “If you can read this thank a teacher.” Mrs. Marshall’s said “Even though they have the summer off they are forced to get a summer job to pay the bills throughout the summer.” Mrs. Shaffer’s read “Without teachers, the world would still be flat.” Mr. Raycraft’s was a fan favorite--a tattered cardboard sign where “I couldn’t afford paper to make this sign” was written in sharpie. Hopefully, over time, teachers and school receive better funding. Neglecting our schools is ignoring the future of our county.


By: Keagan Dipietro and Isabella Feliciano

On the weekend of the 22-23 of April, the c2e GAGA Ball Pit was built. The pit cost $1,100, and it took 2o people 4 hours to make the pit. Ever since, the pit has been crowded with people. Mrs. Baldermann is very excited about the outcome, “I was hoping many students were going to enjoy it, I have been very excited to see how many kids play there every recess.” Kate Emeson also said, “I like the GAGA Ball Pit because everyone plays together, and no one complains about the other equipment”

Here is a short video on the pit:

(Click on the image)


Written by: Kiera Willis and Havily Jones

The 2018 Apple Awards were won by Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Matos on Friday, April 27, 2018. Mrs. Shaffer and Mr. Carmody were also nominated. The Apple Awards are given for teaching excellence and showing leadership honor. Only the most engaged and dedicated teachers are nominated and win. Mrs. Marshall explained, ”It was an honor especially with all the amazing teachers at our school, it was just an honor”. It looks like the Apple Awards have once again been given to the right teachers, and they’ve been given the right recognition for everything they do for their students.


5th Grade Buddy Day

By: Anvi R, Sophia B, Samantha G, and Avery R

        Buddy day is here, and the fifth graders are just ecstatic to spend the day seeing what 6th graders do. As they await the day, they all have different feelings about becoming middle schoolers themselves. Samantha Harper is a 5th grader who believes that middle school will be exciting but challenging. However, another 5th grader named Alecia A. thought that 6th grade would be too hard and wasn’t prepared to enter the middle school world.

        After buddy day, however, Alecia’s opinion changed! She now feels very excited to enter 6th grade and to be a part of the middle school society!



By: Isabella Feliciano

The Girls Soccer Team train hard each day to be ready for the challenging games. From 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm the girls practice and break every drop of sweat they can to be ready. Their first game was on April 15th against Cherry Creek Academy and was their first loss. Following that, they lost the next three games. After those losses, they trained harder to be ready for the next game and won their first game on April 17th! They were so excited, they won their other two games. Sadly, they lost their next game 0n April 26th. Despite these losses, C2E’s Girls’ Soccer Team continues to work hard. C2E is hoping they get to the playoffs! Good Luck!


By: Grant Rhymer, Isabella Feliciano, and Keagan Dipietro

Image result for elitch gardens

Elitches is only a few days away, and everyone is excited for the thrill of the rides. Over one hundred middle school students have given feedback on the event. 88 (76.5%) people are going. 57 (49.6%)people are 10/10 excited, and 43 (37%) people want to go on the Mind Eraser the most. Sadly, on this day it will be raining in the afternoon. With many variety of rides, everyone would be entertained. Hope you would join us at Elitches!Image result for mind eraser

Eighth Grade Chromebooks

Written by: Preston Holt, Amayah Warren, Charleigh Crump

Many of the eighth graders Chromebooks are falling apart. Most of the screen frames easily can easily be pulled off. Many of the Chromebooks are missing pieces such as the hinges, keys, and the sides to their computers. Several of the Chromebook’s top is only attached to the main body by a wire. Half of Carter Wilson’s Chromebook screen stopped working right before CMAS testing started. The eighth grade Chromebooks were designed in 2012, but the Google Chromebook warranty expires after five years, and so most are working at low quality. Most eighth graders have had their Chromebooks since they were in 3rd grade, and haven’t gotten new ones since, while all other grades get newer, higher tech Chromebooks when they don’t need them.

They are charged in Mrs. Baldermans and Mr. Shults room where many of the battery monitors say they are dead all day but they still work. Many of the Eighth graders charge their Chromebooks midway through the day because they are nearly dead, and won’t make it past lunch. Colin Grady says  “I hate it, it doesn’t work well.” and Spencer Kent, a student who maintains his Chromebook, says, ”It’s good, it works well the only problem is the WiFi”. The 8th grade Chromebooks will be given to the Kindergarteners next year or sold to a scrap yard.

Kindergarten Graduation

By Amayah Warren and Charleigh Crump

This year, a new group of kindergarteners entered C2E. Now, the year is over, and it is time for them to graduate into 1st grade. Throughout the year, the kindergarteners have taken their first step into Elementary School. They are about to start a new schedule with a full day of school just like everybody else, and after Summer Break, they will be the ones welcoming the new kindergarteners.

📚   Leadership Teams  📚

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The Most Popular Gaming Picks

Written By: Nick Michalski

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing polls to find the top ten student game picks of 2018. These are the games that I have concluded, in order. Here is a detailed list of the best games and a little about them.

10. World of Goo

World of Goo is a fun and entertaining sandbox game where you can build anything you want. You can play with nearby friends and under certain conditions, friends far away. World of Goo is a great game to pass time for the creative soul.

9. Lego Worlds

Lego worlds is also another great sandbox game. You build with legos and create your own adventures. For $30 I think this is a great game for all ages.

8. Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet 3 is a Puzzle Platform. You get to run around a world of exploration. I love Little Big Planet but I think the $40 you pay for it is not worth it.

7. Subnautica

Subnautica is a survival adventure game based in space. You get to roam around the unknown and see new places. This could easily be higher up in the list but it is still in beta testing so there is a lot of bugs.

6. Forza Horizon 3

Forza is a race car game where you get to drive around Australia and race with bots. This is one of my favorite games that I play for fun. Forza is so fun that I have spent more time playing Forza than any other game.

5. Just Dance 2018

Just dance is a classic game that everyone has played at least once in their life. You dance with music and earn points, you can also play with friends. Just Dance is a great game that is always coming out with new updated and versions.

4. Fifa 18

Fifa 18 is a game loved by many. As the title indicates, Fifa 18 is a soccer game where you can play singleplayer and multiplayer soccer games. You can play as different players and different teams and learn new skills along the way. Fifa 18 is a great game but the only fall back is the price that is why it is not higher in the list.

3. Rocket league

Rocket League is a great game based on soccer with a twist. You drive cars around trying to make goals. There are different modes were you can play soccer and other modes were you can play basketball.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game based around creativity and design. In minecraft you can create anything that you can imagine. My favorite part about the game is that you can modify the game to do anything you want. Minecraft is a great video game.


 The best game of 2018…..

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

I spent weeks asking people what their favorite game was and 80% said Mario Kart. In Mario Kart you drive around and race other bots and people. Overall Mario Kart is a great game that is a good way to spend your time.

Freedom Service Dogs

Written by: Nick Michalski

Freedom Service Dogs is a wonderful foundation that helps so many people. Their main focus is to “improve people’s life through pets”, says Ryan, a volunteer manager at FSD. Freedom Service Dogs trains dogs for veterans and people with disabilities. The dogs are well trained and ready to help out with a variety of tasks, such as picking up credit cards, giving money to a cashier, and opening or closing doors. The volunteers at FSD always focus around the dogs having fun. They train them to work with a wag, which means their training is focused around fun. If the dogs don't love what they are doing, they aren’t forced into it. All of the dogs are from shelters, so Freedom Service Dogs give them a second chance at life and at having a family to care for them. There are many ways you can help this wonderful foundation. They are always looking for volunteers and donations. They even have their own Amazon page, were you can buy food and other items that will automatically ship to Freedom Service Dogs. Kids older than 12 years old are welcome to help if they have taken a short class and have a parent with them. Freedom Service Dogs is a great place that helps people throughout their daily lives.

4th Grade Capitol Trip

Written By: Lillian Rayburn and Jasmin Martinez

This year on April 13th, the 4th graders went on a field trip to the Denver Capitol building. Before the trip, Caylin said,  “Well I am really excited to go to see what they do and to see the Mayor's office, and it will just be fun.” Many of the students enjoyed seeing the Capitol. Student David Kozleski said, “My favorite part of the field trip was the dome, because I got to see Red Rocks and other cool things, and a great view of Denver. I was pretty excited to see it, too!” We hope that in the future, other 4th graders will get to enjoy this as well.

Click the photo for a link to a video on the Capitol trip:

Band and Orchestra Performance

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Digital Creation Movies

By Grant Rhymer

        Lights, Camera, Action! C2E’s digital creation elective has been making movies for about two months. Four groups (30%) are doing a mystery movie. Three groups (23%) are doing a adventure movie. And, six groups (46%) are doing a horror movie. Considering the amount of time we had to film and edit, the movies have a good quality.

Thank you for watching and reading. The 2018 News Media class hopes you enjoyed our stories highlighting what has been going on at C2E. While we have several editors, please forgive any mistakes, omissions, or misspellings.