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Board Member Role - Side by Side Evaluations - SLM
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Scholarship Lifecycle Manager Learning Lab | Board Member - Side by Side Evaluations

Logging In

Once you’ve accessed the logon page, type in the username and password provided to you and click the Log On button.

Edit Profile

Once logged in you land on your Dashboard. If you would like to edit your profile information or password select your name in the upper right hand corner.

Navigation Menu

On the Dashboard your navigation menu includes:

Remember that the HOME icon in the navigation menu will return you to the dashboard from any other page.


Your Evaluations Dashboard

All of the assigned evaluations will be visible on your Dashboard under the “Your Evaluations” tab.

Under the Closed Evaluations tab, Board Members can see any evaluations in the Evaluations Closed status.

Completing Evaluations

When clicked, the “Review” icon will direct you to the Evaluation page. This page houses your evaluation form as well as other important information.


Finally, you can complete the evaluation form. You can scroll through the LOI and/or Application form as needed.

Clicking Next Pending Evaluation will take you to your next assigned evaluation.

Clicking Return to Dashboard will take you back to your dashboard, where evaluation assignments are listed.

Logging out of the system

To logout of the system click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and click “Sign Out”.

Key Points