Suburban Acres Civic League


Minutes for General Meeting Held on: August 13, 2018

Prepared by:  Peter Beznoska


Meeting called to order by Louis Gabriel, President, at 6:30 PM, followed by Pledge of Allegiance.


Special Announcements:


-Voter Registration forms are available from the civic league.  Deadline to register for the upcoming elections in November is October 15th.


-Ed Haywood, Assoc. Pastor at Tabernacle Church announced the Serve Suburban Park event occuring on Sunday, August 19th at 10:15 AM at Suburban Park Elementary.  Participants will do general maintenance around Suburban Park Elementary with refreshments and pizza to follow at 12:30 PM


-SACL Adopt-a-Spot, Saturday, August 18th at 9AM at Suburban Park Elementary.  Members will focus on the Tinee Giant Adopt-a-Spot area.


-Crock Pot Cook Off is scheduled for the October SACL meeting.


-The November meeting may be cancelled as both school venues will be closed.


-Meeting minutes are posted and updated on the website through the July general meeting.


-All current board members have agreed to return for next year.  Nominating committee being formed for end of the year nominating process.  Vice President position still open.


-Honda of Norfolk is a great place to drop off recyclables.


-President Gabriel encouraged members to sign up for for updates from the civic league and surrounding communities.


-Next meeting is September 10, 2018 at 6:30 at Suburban Park Elementary.  Speaker will be the Chairman from the Norfolk School Board.


Community Resource Officer Report: Given by Officer William Old, Norfolk PD


Incidents to report/Discussion Items:


-Burglary on the 7200 block of Galveston.  Entry code was taken by an old caretaker. Warrants secured for arrest but suspect is out of the city.

-Larcenies from vehicles are down in general.  Overall majority of general larcenies occurring at the ABC Store in the Harris Teeter shopping center

-The Norfolk PD has been putting a special emphasis on curfew violations for youth in the city, with an emphasis on truants, and has seen positive results from this effort in overall crime reduction.

-No further reported bicycle larcenie

-the new PACE bikes have been seen all over the city and the PD will likely have to look into the issue.

-Detachable units broken into at Norfolk Christian, both Upper and Lower Schools.  General vandalism report and Officer Old is getting video footage from the school in an attempt to track down the perpetrator.




-Elaine Luria was scheduled to speak to the members, but was a no show.  The SACL confirmed with Luria’s team that they made a mistake in scheduling and are sorry for the inconvenience.  Luria’s team is still interested in speaking with the SACL.


-Zach Taylor spoke briefly on behalf of US Representative Scott Taylor.  Zach was available for questions after the meeting.


Committee Reports:


Neighborhood Watch: nothing to report.


Wards Corner Task Force: Member Karen Mayne gave an update on discussions with the Wards Corner Task Force.  Items of note discussed by the WCTF:


-The idea to convert the old Kroger and Farm Fresh properties (30 Acres) into a mixed-use space is dependent on the private property owners and their involvement with the plans.  Pete Kotarides, whose company owns the old Kroger property, is on the committee and has shown some interest in the plan.


-City Economic development folks say there is interest in brining more restaurants to the midtown shopping center.


-Light rail update - the Granby and Hampton corridors are not in the plans for Light Rail extensions, however, if Light Rail goes through Military Highway, it is possible that they could conceive of a stop at Wards Corner on the way to the base.


-The city is trying to reestablish the Wards Corner Business Association and has involved the CLAM (Community Landscape Maintenance Committee) to aid in improving landscaping at Wards Corner businesses.


-The Virginia Port Authority, Norfolk International Terminal is asking the state/federal governments for $300M of funds for an underpass on Hampton Boulevard to help with train stoppages and the resulting traffic and inconvenience.


Bike Lane Plan Update on Granby Corridor to OV:  There wasn’t a lot of public input into the city’s 2014 bike lane plan.  Member Karen Maybe introduced the idea of developing a working group with other local civic leagues to generate a coordinated set of feedback for the city on their Granby street plan.




  1. President Louis Gabriel brought forth a motion for the SACL to send 2 representatives  to the committee being formed with neighboring civic leagues to come up with a communication plan to the city on the development of the Bike Lane plans for Granby Street. (MOTION SECONDED).




2)         President Louie Gabriel brought forth a motion regarding the SACL formally asking the city to put Thole Street in the queue for radar speed signs.  President to write a letter from the SACL to the City Council requesting participating in the program (MOTION SECONDED).




Old Business: None


New Business None